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Logan Tucker Age Progressed to 16 Years Old

Logan Tucker Age Progressed to 16 Years Old

Logan Tucker

Logan Tucker

Logan Tucker

Date of Birth: April 10, 1996

White Male

Height: 3’6”     Weight: 42 lbs

Hair: Blonde     Eyes: Blue

Missing: June 23, 2002     From: Woodward, OK




Logan Tucker was 6 years old when he disappeared.  He was a little boy who should have been running and playing, giggling in pillow and blanket forts with his little brother.  He should have been running to his Mom when he scraped a knee to get kisses and snuggles, and a Transformers band aid lovingly put on his knee, to a young boy, a badge of war.  Tragically, this was not the life Logan lived, not even close.  Logan lived his life in fear of and hated by his mother.

Katherine Rutan

Katherine Rutan

Prior to Logan’s disappearance, he and his little brother, Justin, were removed from their mother’s care by the Oklahoma DHS after the woman threatened to harm the boys.  The two boys were quickly returned to their mom, Katherine Rutan.  Rutan made claims that she had seen Logan playing with matches and was afraid that Logan would hurt Justin.  She even made comments that Logan had burnt down their previous residence.  Rutan even went so far as to accuse Logan of stabbing Justin.  The social worker who was in charge of Logan and Justin’s file, stated that Logan was a happy, loving, friendly little and was very well mannered and behaved normally.  Three days before Logan disappeared, Rutan called OKDHS and stated that she wanted to give up her parental rights of Logan and Justin.  The agency agreed to take custody of the boys and place them in a residential treatment center, but it would be a few days before they had an opening at the center.  Rutan became infuriated when she was told this and realized that they would not be taking Logan immediately.

Katherine Rutan

Katherine Rutan

The last time Logan was seen was on the evening of June 22, 2002.  Rutan’s roommate, Melody Lennington, claims that she put the children to bed and awoke between 3:00AM and 4:00AM to Logan screaming and crying.  Instead of going to check on the little boy, she rolled over and went back to sleep.  When she awake again at 6:00AM, she asked Rutan where Logan was.  Rutan had stated that Logan was sick and she had placed him in the basement.  Rutan later told Lennington that DHS had taken Logan away, next claiming that Logan was with his father (who in fact had not even seen the little boy since he was a baby), and her fourth explanation of Logan’s sudden disappearance, was claiming that he was in a psychiatric hospital.  Remember here, we are talking about a little 6 year old boy, not the monster Rutan is trying to make everyone believe.  This little boy is sweet and innocent, and to degrade and berate him so much, leaves me seeing red.  Needless to say, Logan was nowhere that Rutan claimed he was.  Witnesses commented that Rutan in fact looked relieved after Logan disappeared and began selling his clothes and belongings.

Katherine Rutan

Katherine Rutan

Rutan told the OKDHS even more excuses as to where Logan was, stating that he was put in another facility, was out camping with her brother (Logan’s uncle stated he had not seen Logan in over a year and fully cooperated with authorities) and/or Logan was with various different relatives.

On July 7, 2002, Logan was reported missing by his grandparents after they had questioned Rutan as to where the little boys was many times, and would only receive evasive answers.  At one point Rutan told the grandparents that Logan was in a residential facility, and when they offered to take custody of Logan, Rutan refused to tell them where the facility was.

When authorities arrived at the apartment to search for Logan, they discovered blood stains and masking tape with hair stuck to it in the basement.  The blood was DNA tested and confirmed that it was in fact Logan’s blood.  Investigators also located plastic sheeting, cotton rapes and drain cleaner in Rutan’s car.  Authorities quickly confirmed that none of the stories Rutan was giving – it was at about separate stories at that time – were all a complete fabrication.  They further discovered that Rutan had actually been calling male acquaintances asking them to call the police and claim to be her brother and stating that Logan is with them.

A month and a half later, on August 22, 2002, Justin spoke up, and told the FBI what happened to Logan.  Justin, who was 4 at the time, stated that on the night Logan disappeared, his mother had taken Logan and himself out to the country.  Just said that Logan was in the backseat of the car sitting up, but was not crying or talking, and his mouth and eyes were taped.  When they finally stopped, Rutan told Justin to stay in the car because there were snakes out there.  When Justin asked why his mother had several pieces of plastic sheeting, she told Justin that it was “to bury Logan”.  Rutan grabbed the plastic, a shovel and Logan and crossed a fence, going into a field.  When Rutan returned later, there was no sign of Logan.

During the four years following Logan’s disappearance, Rutan never once contacted police to inquire as to the status of Logan’s missing person case.  Rutan instead hired an attorney and refused to cooperate in any form with investigation of Logan’s disappearance.  At one point Rutan was arrested and bad check charges, incarcerated for a time and then released.

Katherine Rutan

Katherine Rutan

In February of 2006, Katherine Rutan was arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of her son Logan.  Prosecutors states that Rutan used “unreasonable force” which caused “mortal wounds” to Logan.  Although Logan’s remains had not been recovered, and the case was mainly circumstantial, the evidence and witnesses which were presented, were all the proof needed.  Several of Rutan’s ex-boyfriends testified that Rutan was very vocal about how she felt about Logan.  She often made comments that she wanted him gone, and acted as though Logan was a hindrance.  It was also shown that while Rutan treated Justin well and took care of him, she abused and neglected Logan.  Witnesses testified that they had seen Rutan severely beat Logan and even attempt to abandon the little boy.  One of the ex-boyfriends told the court that Rutan repeatedly told him that she wished there was someone to kill her children and get away with it.  Logan’s little brother, who wasn’t quite so little anymore, Justin, 9, also had the courage to testify at Rutan’s trial, sharing how his mother had murdered his brother.

For Justin – you brother is so very proud of you and grateful that you spoke for him when he couldn’t.  You are an incredible young man, thank you for being strong enough to see to it that your brother receives justice.  No one who reads your brother’s case will ever forget you and Logan, we will carry a piece of each of you in is, and that piece that we carry will makes us stronger and better people.


It took the jury only 2 hours to come back with a verdict.  Rutan was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Logan is presumed to have been murdered the night he went missing, after which his body was buried in the woods or a field in Woodward Country, or had dumped into Fort Supply Lake.  Logan’s remains have never been recovered.  It is time that we bring Logan’s remains home to lay this beautiful little boy to rest properly.  Logan deserves to be found, and we won’t stop advocating for him until he is home.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Logan Tucker, please immediately contact the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:




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2 Responses to “LOGAN TUCKER – ENDANGERED MISSING June 23, 2002 – USMCC000475LTWH – UPDATED 11.10.2013”

  1. Why were they returned? Why? I am so saddened by this. We need to protect the little innocent children better. A dog who was removed for mistreatment wouldn’t be returned why a little person?!!

  2. Logan-
    I pray everyday that you are now in God’s loving arms. You went through so much and never got to see a happy day again. I’m sorry for what your mom did to you. Rest in peace. God bless you.

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