Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

As an advocate for victimized children, I know all too well that time means little.  No matter how much time has passed, a child was still taken from this world, and that child deserves to have their story told, their memory honored and their life celebrated.  So today, I ask all of you amazing people to celebrate the life of Judith Eva Barsi with me.

Judith Eva Barsi made her entrance into this world on June 6, 1978.  A star was born.  This talented little girl began her television career early at the age of 5 when she was discovered at a skating rink.  Members of a crew who were at the skating rink shooting a commercial noticed Judith’s superior skating skills.  With that, she was hired for her first commercial for Donald Duck Orange Juice, and her career took off from there.

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Jozsef and Maria Barsi

Jozsef and Maria Barsi

Judith’s parents were immigrants from Hungary who had met in California.  From the day Judith was born, Maria knew her daughter would be a star.  Judith was a sweet girl with a shining smile.  She loved to eat Mac-N-Cheese and duck.  She was very social and enjoyed spending time with friends, especially a little boy, Kenny, who she had a crush on.

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi



In her acting career, Judith went on to star in over 70 commercials and had many guest appearances on TV shows.  Judith appeared in a commercial for Campbell’s Tomato Soup, and after numerous takes, Judith was left with an aversion to tomato soup, never eating it again.  Judith enjoyed watching the Smurfs, CareBears, Alf, and Who’s the Boss?.  In 1985, Judith was cast in the TV movie, Do You Remember Love?  Sherry Barber’s daughter Andrea, was also cast in the film.

Judith Eva Barsi - JIF PEANUT BUTTER Commercial

Judith Eva Barsi – JIF PEANUT BUTTER Commercial



Sherry speaks of the time spent in a trailer between takes, recalling how Judith and her mother, Maria, would take turns reading from a storybook, their voices soft, sweet and animated.  Judith and Andrea also got along well, telling knock knock jokes, giggling and passing notes under the door.  Judith loved swimming and often played in her best friend’s sprinkler.  She enjoyed playing the game Operation.

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Those who knew Judith described her as smart, adorable and funny.  Judith and Maria were very close.  Judith spoke Hungarian fluently, and when she and Maria were in public, they would often speak in Hungarian so no one would know what they were talking about.  The two were rarely apart from one another with Maria even teaching Judith how to knit.

The one downfall for Judith with all of the acting she was doing, was that she often missed school and told a friend, Lisa Williams, that she “missed being in school because she missed her friends a lot.”

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi and her mother, Maria Agnes Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi and her mother, Maria Agnes Barsi

Her favorite subjects in school were History and Art.  Her not so favorite subjects, math and PE.  Judith seemed to be a normal, happy little girl.  Her favorite colors were pink and purple and her favorite flower was a sunflower.  Judith loved to play with her dolls and ride her bike with her friends.  By the time she was 7 years old, she was making $100,000 a year.  Judith Barsi looked like she had it all, sadly, this was far from the truth.

  Behind closed doors Judith and her mother, Maria Agnes Barsi, were subjected to constant abuse at the hands of Judith’s father, Jozsef Barsi.  As Judith gained more fame with the help of her devoted mother, Jozsef became increasingly abusive, jealous and paranoid.  Before Judith’s career took off, the family had been living on welfare and struggled financially.

Judith and Maria Barsi on Judith's 8th Birthday

Judith and Maria Barsi on Judith’s 8th Birthday

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

The vast improvement Judith’s fame brought to their new lifestyle was not enough to stop Jozsef from abusing Judith and Maria.  Outside of the home Jozsef seemed to adore Judith, calling her “Little One”.  However, as the abuse worsened, it began to spill out in front of neighbors, who described Jozsef as often becoming inexplicably angry with the little girl.  One neighbor recalls an afternoon when Maria had arrived home with a kite for Judith.  As Judith was looking at it, Jozsef snatched it from her.  “You’re going to break it!” Judith cried as her father roughly handled her new toy.  Jozsef turned to Maria and the neighbor and sneered “Look at her!  She’s just a spoiled brat and doesn’t want to share her new toy!”, and then proceeded to break the kite into tiny pieces.

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Jozsef Barsi

Jozsef Barsi

A friend of Jozsef’s, Peter Kivlen, recalls Jozsef saying that he would kill Maria.  When Kivlen asked “If you kill her, what will happen to your Little One?”, to which Jozsef responded, “I gotta kill her too.”

Judith was terrified of her father, and justly so.  When she was cast to be in the movie Jaws IV: The Revenge, her and Maria had to travel to the Bahamas to film the movie on location.  Before they left, Jozsef gave his little girl some words of advice.  With a knife held to her neck, he warned Judith, “If you decide not to come back, I will find you and I will cut your throat.”

Judith Eva Barsi in JAWS IV: REVENGE

Judith Eva Barsi in JAWS IV: REVENGE

When Judith and Maria stopped in New York after filming to visit friends, Judith spoke on the phone with Jozsef and he shouted at her “Remember what I told you before you left!”  Terrified, Judith burst into tears and ran into a bedroom.  When Maria and Judith returned home, the cycle of abuse continued.  Jozsef would rage against his daughter and then apologize profusely buying her gifts to “make up” for his actions.  Once while the family was hosting a party, Jozsef became jealous of all the attention Judith was receiving.  When he was alone with Judith in the kitchen, he pulled her hair in a rage while calling her a ‘damn brat’.  He then went out and bought her a pink television set as an attempt at an apology.

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi Making a guest appearance on the hit TV show, CHEERS.

Judith Eva Barsi Making a guest appearance on the hit TV show, CHEERS.

Jozsef’s reign of terror continued as he constantly threatened to kill himself, Maria and Judith.  He was a raging alcoholic which led to three arrests for DUI.  In December of 1986, Maria finally stepped forward and reported the abuse to police.  Now here is the first thing that really gets to me, after the abuse was originally reported, police stated they found no signs of physical abuse and Maria decided to not press charges against Jozsef.  If only something had been done when Maria had the courage to step forward, I would not need to be writing this story today.  Jozsef allegedly cut back on the drinking after the report was made, but continued with the constant abuse and threats.  He would threaten to cut Judith and Maria’s throats and burn down the house.  At one point, he hid a telegram for Maria telling her that a family member in Hungary passed away in an attempt to keep her and Judith in America.

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

The more severe the abuse became, the more warning signs Judith was showing.  She had confessed to a friend that her father threw pots and pans at her causing a nosebleed.  She also told a couple who were friends with the family, “I’m afraid to go home.  My daddy is miserable.  My daddy is drunk every day and I know he wants to kill my mother.”

Judith’s friends recall the fear they also had of Joszef.  They say that sometimes when they would knock on the door to see if Judith could come outside to play, he would say to them, “Oh that little ass?  She’s not here.”

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith began to put on weight and her behaviour became very disturbing.  This once shining little girl became reclusive and began to self harm.  Judith began plucking out all of her eyelashes and even pulled out all of her cat’s whiskers.  After Judith broke down in front of her agent during a singing audition for All Dogs Go To Heaven, Maria brought her to a child psychologist.  The psychologist quickly identified severe physical and emotional abuse as well as stating that Judith was very verbal about the ongoing abuse, and reported her findings to CPS.

Judith and Maria Barsi

Judith and Maria Barsi

Judith and Maria Barsi

Judith and Maria Barsi

This was another opportunity to get Judith help that was thrown away.  The investigation was dropped when Maria assured the case worker that she was planning on divorcing Jozsef and moving her and Judith into an apartment she had recently rented as a daytime retreat from the abuse at home.  Maria never followed through with her plan to leave.


Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

On July 25, 1988, Jozsef walked into Judith’s room and shot her in the head as she slept.  He then shot Maria as she stood in the hallway.

Jozsef spent the next couple of days wandering around the house with his wife and daughter’s bodies left where he had killed them.  He spoke with Judith’s agent during this time and stated that he intended to move out for good, and he just wanted time “to say goodbye to my little girl”.  He also told the agent that a car had taken his wife and daughter away.  After the conversation, Jozsef doused Judith and Maria’s bodies with gasoline and attempted to set them on fire.  He then went into the garage and shot himself in the head with the same .32 caliber pistol he used to murder his daughter and wife.

Neighbor Eunice Daly states she was shocked by an explosive noise and saw smoke rising from Barsi’s home.  She recalls thinking “He’s done it.  He’s killed them and set a fire in the house”.  By the time fire fighters and first responders arrived, the interior of the home was destroyed.

Judith Eva Barsi's body being removed from the family home.

Judith Eva Barsi’s body being removed from the family home.

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

When asking myself how this horror could have happened, I become outraged, however not surprised, by CPS’ failure to save Judith.  In September of 1988, a county advisory panel stated that the Los Angeles County Department of Children’s Services dropped its investigation into the Barsi family prematurely.  Now for the excuses – DCS’s Director, Robert L. Chaffee defended the department’s actions by stating that Maria Barsi had asked them to close the case.

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

OMG – I am seeing red.  How can anyone with an IQ higher than that of a potato think that is ok?  So if Christy Schaffer asked CPS to close the case, they would, and therefore would not be responsible for the death of Alissa Guernsey?!  The excuses continue as Chaffee stated that the social worker assigned to Judith’s case had a total of 67 cases, 27 more than what is considered a full case load.  I am sorry, but that does not justify closing a case because a parent involved in the matter asked you to.  If anyone is asking themselves how our CPS system became so appalling, THIS is how.  It has been happening for decades, and for decades we have not held anyone responsible for their negligence that has led to the deaths of thousands of children.  We have allowed the system to become what it is, and we need to change this before we lose any more innocent children to these horrific deaths.


Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

The Land Before Time - Judith did the voiceover for Ducky.

The Land Before Time – Judith did the voiceover for Ducky.

Judith’s career continued forward even after her death.  She starred doing voiceovers for The Land Before Time as Ducky and All Dogs Go To Heaven as Anne-Marie, both movies were released after her murder.  Don Bluth, the director of The Land Before Time, was simply enchanted with Judith and the talent she exuded.  He has said that he was intending to use her in his future films, but sadly he never got that chance.  Despite only a handful of movie appearances, Judith left her mark.  Any child who grew up watching The Land Before Time can hear that “Yep! Yep! Yep!” that makes you smile instantly.  My sisters and I loved it so much as children that we named our lovebirds Ducky and Petrie.  Judith’s voice is iconic, and the sweet, soft way she narrated the character Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go To Heaven changed the way every child spoke the name Charley.

All Dogs Go To Heaven - Judith did the voiceover of Anne-Marie.

All Dogs Go To Heaven – Judith did the voiceover of Anne-Marie.

Judith Eva Barsi's Funeral

Judith Eva Barsi’s Funeral

On August 9, 1988, Judith and Maria Barsi were laid to rest in white caskets, in unmarked graves at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles.  The graves went without headstones for 16 years before donations made by the public could purchase the headstones which were placed where mother and daughter lay beside each other.

Judith and Maria Barsi's Headstones

Judith and Maria Barsi’s Headstones

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith’s life was full of some incredible moments, and some moments that spoke of evil.  At the time of her death at 10 years old, Judith had lived and accomplished more than most people will in their entire 80 year lives.  She brought smiles to many who watched her blossom and grow on their TV sets at home.  She captured America’s heart, and she will forever remain in our hearts as that beautiful little girl whose talent seemed endless.

Judith Eva Barsi Memorial Sketch

Judith Eva Barsi Memorial Sketch

This evening, I am going to honor Judith in the best way I know how.  I am going to turn my computer off, shut off the lights in my office and close the door.  I am going to pop a ridiculous amount of popcorn, and I am going to snuggle in with my three boys while we watch All Dogs Go To Heaven.  Each time I hear their giggles, I am going to send a silent thank you up to Judith, for the sound of their laughter, is the most incredible gift I could ever receive, and at that moment, it is Judith who has given me that gift.

Judith Eva Barsi

Judith Eva Barsi


Judith Eva Barsi - Heaven to Home


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  1. The article is amazing. She had an awesome talent that was short lived. Sadily, the autopsy photo you have posted is a fake, believe it or not.

    • why is it fake??????

      • Sadily there are people I know close who knew Judith herself and have confessed that the autopsy photo is a fake. Her ears are much smaller and she burnt severly from the fire as well.

      • I had my questions about the photo – so thank you for confirming them. There has been a lot of talk about it – so I am going to leave the photo as is – but have changed the caption saying that it is a fake.

      • The only movie i saw her in was Jaws The Revenge in ’87. She was so wonderful and adorable in that movie. What a beautiful talented little girl. I just found out about her death yesterday. I found out 26 years after her death! I never knew she had died. I was so shocked and upset to find out she was murdered by her father. This story is so distrubing to me that i have been depressed and thinking about her constantly since yesterday. I am angry that CPS did not protect and save her. How incredibly sad this little girl never got a chance to grow up. She would have been 36 in June. She was born on my mother’s birthday. The only reason i found out about this is jaws 4 was on TV yesterday and i googled her to see what her name is and see what she looked like today as an adult and see hiw old she is , and instead i found out she was murdered at 10. I was so shocked and saddened to read this. I never knew this happened back in 1988 (when i was in college). She would have been an actress and maybe wife and mother today. She already was a great actress. Imagine all the movies she would have made. She did alot in her 10 years. It really is one of the saddest things i have ever heard in my life. I wish i could have had such a beautiful daughter in my life. I’m so glad i found this article, to read more about her short but amazing life. She had an amazing 10 years on this earth. RIP beautiful judith…

      • Because she was set on fire and burned by her father.

      • Because she was set on fire and burned by her father. Thats why the autopsy photo is fake.

      • No its not she really got killed! Her Peice of Shit Dad Killed her and her Mom they didn’t deserve to be killed

      • Her father was an achololic and abusive and Ms.Judith Barsi predicted her own death. Also you might want to take a look on previously on E news channel …Actress Tracey Gold ” Growing Pains” one on one with Tyler Henry who is a medium for the stars.Tracey Gold talked about her .

    • The autopsy photo clearly says fake underneath

    • Judith Barsi was a talented,little girl who was killed by her own father.Its sad that she had to die like this

    • I believe the autopsy photo is real. Her ear shape is almost exactly the same when that photo is compared to other side on photos of Judith when she was alive. This is the best example I can find.

      Remember, skin shrinks after death, that might be why the ear appears smaller compared to photos of Judith while she was still alive.

  2. i remember watching these movies and i still do with my son and he runs around saying yep yep yep and this was truly a horrific thing to read that an angels life on earth was ended so shortly after its beginning

    • Have watched these movies with my children and now grandchildren…always loved Ducky’s “yep, yep, yep” have repeated it for years… all so sad, I never knew…Bless her and her mom!

  3. If Judith was making $100.00 a year, had beautifil white caskets, you mean to say for 16 years they had unmarked graves. The producers of Land before Time and All dogs go to Heaven could not afford to pay for a headstone. Are you serious!!!

    • As strange as it sounds…Maxine…it was true.

    • I thought the same thing. Why didn’t the people who profitted from her work step up and purchase headstones? Land Before Time’s Executive Producers include Steven Spielberg and George Lucas , Kathleen Kennedy who has headed Lucas Films since 2012, and Frank Marshall who founded the Kennedy Marshall Studio. Surely one of these millionaires could have dug into their pockets.

      • I forgot to add Don Bluth to the above list. Shame on all of you for not protecting her when she was alive and ignoring her in death. Sixteen years in an unmarked grave is shameful.

      • Good question, I thought the same thing when I read this. They made PLENTY on this movie and not to donat money for a headstone is inconceivable!

      • Because they were partially responsible for her death

      • @debramn51 @danrose79 – Just no to both of your ignorant comments. The only person to blame for Judith and Maria’s deaths is the man who killed them. Full stop.

        Neither of you know why the producers didn’t “step up” to pay for Judith and Maria’s headstone. For all they knew, there was a headstone or they thought the family (which did and does exist as József had children from another marriage and Maria had family as well) was taking care of that. The producers were under no moral or financial obligation to buy a headstone anyway. Judith wasn’t “used”. She was paid for her work (or her estate was). That’s how jobs work, even in Hollywood.
        Do either of you make it a habit of paying for your coworkers funerals or headstones or following up to see if they have a headstone? Like it or not, everyone that worked with Judith were her coworkers. That relationship doesn’t change just because you’re making movies. It’s still a job.

        What many of you fail to realize – either intentionally or unintentionally – is that domestic abuse was treated very differently by society and law enforcement in the 80s. Many, many people had to die for laws to be changed and these situations still happen with alarmingly regularity. Again, do either of you get involved in the personal lives of your coworkers and their children? Even if the producers “stepped up”, it is well documented that CPS failed at protecting Judith and Maria for a variety of reasons. Maria herself apparently thought she had the situation under control. What more could they have done exactly aside from murdering József? The bottom line here is neither of you knows every detail of this case, but have no problem blathering on arrogantly while gleefully assigning blame to people you don’t even know.

        It’s quite sickening that in 2018, with all we (well, some of us apparently) know about abuse that the majority of people think it perfectly fine to blame the victim(s) or everyone else around them instead of the lunatic who harmed or killed the victim(s). It would behoove many of you to stop using crimes you read about as an opportunity to pass judgment on others in order to stroke your egos and feel superior. The majority of the comments here are sad and sickening. It’s quite obvious most here don’t give a damn about Judith or any victim of such a crime. It’s yet another opportunity for keyboard warriors to express faux outrage while stroking your own egos.

    • The government gets that money and you know it! Come on!

      • We ought to do better protecting children and those who do the crime should be held responsible !

    • Agree.. No Headstone for 16 years? Very strange people around who can’t afford to buy a headstone for the mother and child. Shameful.

  4. this is a really tragic story. its such a pity judith’s mother didnt have the courage to leave her husband and then the little girl would still have her life.

    • Soooooo not true, we will never know what could’ve happened, he probably would have tracked them down and killed them!

  5. Why didn’t all those “friends” and the agent, pursue the matter? If she’s admitting to the abuse and the mother won’t do anything, the other adults in her life should have spoken up and made sure something was done.

    • Someone should have killed the father. I guess that’s just me. I’d have stabbed him a few times then been like “Omg I went to see them and he hit me and fell on the knife when he chased me!”

      What’s really damn sad is they dropped the case when it was SERIOUS yet my mother went to court for “locking” me in a car for 2 minutes in very mild weather. I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t bruised and had no red marks. She just put me there on a time out, I locked myself in and when the cops showed up I jumped out and went ‘tada!’ then got back in and locked the car then got out. The cops wanted to let her go because there was nothing wrong, but the DA came screaming abuse. So she went to jail for a few days, I went to a foster care home where I was ACTUALLY abused then I was sent to live with a family member while my mother was crucified in court.

      I think it’s a sad world when parents who don’t abuse their kids are treated like killers, but people who are terrible parents get away with it.

      • That’s an awful story…I’m really sorry that happened to you and your mother. I hope the both of you are doing better now.

      • I hope counseling has helped you deal with getting your mom in trouble with the law when you were so young.
        I’m surprised you remember the details so clearly. I hope you haven’t forgot what can happen.
        Good luck.
        Now back to the original story.

      • Unfortunately when we are kids we make silly mistakes not knowing our parents can be held accountable for.
        I hope you and your mother are OK and the relationship is strong now.
        No one can judge you as we have all done silly things not knowing the impact it could have.
        Did you report your abusers?

  6. No excuse for this and those who ignored it should be beaten….. YEP YEP YEP

  7. TEARS… from the first paragraph to the last TEARS rolling down my cheeks.

  8. Reblogged this on I am a survivor.

  9. I’m only 17 going on 18 this year… but I will never forget The Land Before Time and little Ducky’s “yep yep yep!” in my head… One of my bestfriend’s two little sisters constantly watch The Land Before Time, they love it! Bless this precious little baby girl.. Taken waaaay too soon.

  10. R.I.P Judith and her mother. The land before time and all dogs go to heaven we’re my 2 movies and still are I am 26 years old and never get tried of seeing now my 3year loves them 2.

    • I couldn’t agree more Roselyn – I am 30 and those were two of my favorite movies growing up, we even named our birds Ducky and Pietry. Now my boys watch those movies, and my youngest use to respond to everything “Yep, Yep, Yep!”. Judith has brought so much joy to so many children, ourselves included, it’s hard to understand why this had to happen at all, let alone to a beautiful, talented little girl.

  11. So sad and disturbing and back in the day it seems it was a common practice that what happened in the home stayed in the home…obviously the mother was abused and conditioned by the abuse and as a formerly abused wife myself I understand it although I left and took my kids with me so that we wouldn’t be hurt anymore…to me she is also responsible for her daughters death for failure to protect Judith…and that is what saddens my heart so much is that so many parents do no leave and get out of the home and then it becomes to late…abusers and the ones who fail to protect their kids should both get in trouble you should never sit by or watch or endure someone harming your babies!!! I speak from living it myself and refusing to allow it my oldest was 4 when we left he’s 16 now and an amazing guy!! His brother and sister are as well and they deserved better!! Judith deserved better!! R.I.P. Sweet baby girl you and I would be about the same age now…I pray your spirit is at rest sweet Angel!!

  12. what a horrible thing abusers to to innocent children … she is in the hands of are all mighty father safe from the world…may we continue to help the abuse be turned into love from above

  13. so sad

  14. Such a shame …and to know it is still going on….It seems they investigate the ones that aren’t a true abuse yet don’t bother with those that are shown to be serious…All need to be checked….but when it shows evidence then follow it up….Thank you for this story….

  15. My daughter and I have been watching The Land Before Time movies today, so I wanted to see the actor of Ducky and I came across this article. Its so sad to see that our system has failed such a beautiful little girl. The system meant to help most certainly fell short. I hope those responsible for this tragic ending, which could have been avoided, never forget her or her mother’s face. I hope their Ghosts haunt them till they take their last breaths. Rest in Peace Judith.

  16. I cant believe father of judith do that to his family .. lets pray judith . We know she is in heaven and her mother with God . I dont think so if her father is in the heaven .

  17. Such a tragedy 😥 Judith, as young as she was, has left her mark on the world.. ❤

  18. How can anybody do that to their child!!! I’m ablsolutely outrages that her father killed Judith. Judith would’ve became one of the most famous people ever

  19. I love how this article tells everything about Judith Barsi’s life. One thing left out about her at the end of the article was the song “Love Survives” from All Dogs Go to Heaven was written to dedicate her. The song was sung by Irene Cara and Freddy Jackson. The song was played during the end credits of All Dogs Go to Heaven. There is also a goodbye scene at the end of the movie that can make any person cry. There is one line in that scene where Charlie says ” Goodbyes aren’t forever” and Anne-Marie’s last lines were “Goodbye Charlie…l love you.” Those are other marks that Judith Barsi made. I’m getting chills just thinking about that scene.

    • Yeah and the song Concrete Angel by Martina McBride was inspired by to make the song for abused children. judith Barci Our Concrete Angel. And also wind beneath my wings.

  20. crying. i cant believe this is true. ):

  21. One more thing I should mention is the tv movie called “A Family Again” in which Judith played a role in was also released after her murder. It aired on television on October 15,1988.

  22. She was so talented. So sad, I can’t believe no one helped. The police just dropped it. Tragic…

  23. Ironically she played Kimberley Macdonald in the Fatal Vision Movie in 1984 that also in that movie was a father murdering his daughters and pregnant wife..That child was so beautiful and my heart and soul are praying and hoping where ever she is she is at peace..and is with the angels 🙂 its too horrific to know what this child endured at the hands of her father..her mother should have left I know the cycle of abuse nothing is as precious as our children and if you do not have the fortitude to save yourself then please save your child..its appauling the mother lied and put her and her child in harms way because the help was there..unfortunately she also died but that was her punishment. I pray for ms. Judith Barsi wherever she is and hope that the angels in heaven keep her safe now.

  24. I had heard something like this had happened but only until now, while my daughter watches Land Before Time, that I searched for this…it would be an understatement to say it makes me sad/mad.
    The signs were there, why wasn’t this prevented?? Also, it baffles me how being a quite popular girl, their graves were left unmarked for almost 20 years? If I were one of those actors or directors, I would’ve given them their gravestone or plaque. Shows how much they’re remembered….it just makes me so sad.
    I’m going to hug my 9 year old a little tighter as we watch Ducky in her adventures with her friends, Little Foot, Petrie, Sarah & adopted brother Spike.
    Thank you little Angel…you brought many smiles & laughs when I was a child…and you will continue to do just that with my children.
    Rest In Peace sweetie 😥

  25. I never knew this happened to her …I never really knew her name ..we was born the same year days apart I was born on May 30th …But now I know And I have kids of my own ..we watch all them movies I can actually relate to it and know it was her ..sad this happened to her then ..I do agree with other’s ..Her mother knew he was abusive why not take that chance and Save your child’s life as well as her’s ..I think he was jealous of the daughter ..I really do I know know you are an angel holding your mom’s hand …as for the FATHER ..Maybe he didn’t make it there FLY HIGH ANGEL ….you will always be remember HERE 2k14 !!

  26. How sad this little girl had to die like this and her own killing . Her mother could of prevented her death she’s first in fault and then CPS . I bet this little girl felt safe with her mom … The demon of her husband was a sick bastard … RIP little angel!

  27. I’m so sad right now, I have no words. It is just horrific.

  28. I don’t know why I didn’t know about this until just now, we watched all the movies she made when my children were young, I feel such a sense of sadness for Judith and such a sense of outrage at Child Protective Services (CPS). The police can only do something if some one files charges, their hands were tied; but CPS had an obligation to investigate and file charges themselves. The child should have been removed from her parents’ care, the father should have been arrested and jailed for abuse, and the mother should have been charged with child endangerment and ideally ordered to get counselling. Sadly an over worked caseworker apparently did not realize that threats to kill children all too frequently end with their murder. RIP Little One.

    • I also want to know why either the executor for the family’s estate (some of the money Judith earned had to be placed in a trust for her) did not order headstones for Judith and her mother, if that was outside of their authority then surely the studios, her agent or someone else who PROFITTED from her work; should have come forward and had the grave stones made. I think I am going to look up who was heading the studios and who the Director and Producers were, if they are still working I think I will write them and ask why they allowed this child to have an unmarked grave for so long, even in death they failed her.

  29. I really wonder how a father would become jealous of his own daughter… Rest in peace Judith and Maria…

  30. I was absolutely shocked when I found out about little Judith…. I would have never known but I was watching all dogs go to heaven and I wanted to know who was the voice of the dogs and Anne Marie.. I can’t believe it. Land before time and all dogs go to heaven have been two of my favorite movies since I was little… Obviously, I’m 27 years old and watching a cartoon movie. Poor baby girl this breaks my heart and I will be thinking of her for a very long time now. I hope this is an eye opener and helps to save other innocent lives in the future. Words can’t describe the anger in my heart about this. Rip sweet baby Judith, you were beautiful and will not be forgotten. You made a mark sweetheart, rest peacefully.

  31. I believe that doing to a criminal the same he/she did to the victim is not corr5ect, just because we become the same as that criminal by doing so. They should be jailed for lifetime, but there is nothing worse to a person than to fir real to realize what he/she has done. A life time will never be enough to regret, and in the loneliness of jail, is really a torture!

    • The problem with that theory is that the people who commit these crimes do not feel emotions the same way. They do not feel regret for murdering a child, but regret for getting caught. Any person capable of harming a child can not be capable of the compassion it would take to have the regret you speak of.

    • Sociopaths are not capable of regret, remorse or empathy. Their ASPD prevents this. They lack moral fiber. They have no moral compass. It is all about how they feel and what makes them feel ‘better’. They’re incredibly selfish and in many cases have a grandiose sense of self importance. Their malignant narcisissm ensures that revenge will prevail.

      So to sum up what you said about “nothing is worse than to for real realize what he/she has done” isn’t exactly true. If you have no conscious and no ability to experience empathy for others, then you cannot feel bad or guilty about what you have done, only feel bad that you got caught.

      Often they feel much better & experience relief anyways after a brutal act. They have satisfied their obsession with ‘winning’ and often ‘winning’ means murder since it is ‘payback’. There is no moment of genuine self reflection with a narcisisst or someone with antisocial personality disorder. They feel ALL of their actions are justified and that THEY were the victim. They dont think they need to change, no, they think they’re right and it’s the rest of the world who needs to change. They’re adroit manipulators and are masters of mimicing genuine emotions.

      Diane Downs is another perfect example of someone with ASPD and narcisissm. Elliot Rodger is another name that comes to mind. He was an extreme malignant narcisisst. Total sociopath’s.

      They’re everywhere. They run rampant. They’re not psychotic and dont suffer from psychosis. They’re not victims! These types are as close to humanistic evil as possible.

      Judith’s father was no exception….

  32. Please United States of America, do not EVER abolish the capital punishment as your last resort.
    Yes, it is very important that no innocent blood should ever be spilled. But this can be easily avoided by adhering to a strict protocol on when judges are to hand out this sentence (if they are not 100% sure – convert to life in prison or x number of years).
    If they evidence is compelling (like caught in the act, massive amount of DNA, no alibi etc) or if you have a confession, there is no question about it.
    We have such clauses anyway, as in first and second degree murder.

    /Heartfelt regards from Sweden

  33. Creepy fact:
    Judith played ‘Kimberly’, a child who was murdered by her father in a film called “Fatal Vision” based off a Joe McGinniss book by the same title. It’s based on Green Beret Captain Dr. Jeffery MacDonald. He has been in prison for 30+ years for murdering his two daughters and wife in 1970, but wasn’t convicted until 1979. Some argue he is innocent. I personally don’t subscribe to that.

    It is just one of those ironic and foretelling stories that is unbelievable and so so sad. Sends chills down my spine.

    Lastly, I wanted to add that I didn’t have time to read the article or comments here in it’s entirety so if I say something that has already been stated, please disregard.

    This is a really sweet tribute page to this child. Take care and be safe everyone.

    • I just don’t understand. Obviously the child told SOMEONE the story about her father holding a knife to her neck; we would know nothing of it otherwise. After that happened, how was this little girl sent back to be around this monster? If that was my child you better believe he would not ever have seen her again in this life. I am so sorry dear sweet Judith, the system and your caretakers utterly failed you. I am so sorry you weren’t protected from that demon. You didn’t deserve to endure that torture, nor leave this world that way. Rest in the eternal peace that escaped you in your lifetime.

  34. This is so sad an I agree that CPS is horrible they have never done anything right I was a baby from 1 year tell I was 5 years old my grate uncle molested me an cps did nothing he also did it to both my sister’s I didn’t say anything when she came out public with it I did not say anything tell I was 22 the day of his funeral an no one bereaved me I do regret it to this day I wish I would have said something but it’s hard when you live with them an they thretin your life so please if you read Judith story an mine I urge you to come out an say something you could change a life so me of us are luckier then others an live through the abuse an some don’t so please help change a life be for its to late an they other become dead or have to live with ptsd it’s not to late to say something untell death happens RIP Judith Eva barsi you are truly loved an missed

  35. A tragic story. You wrote her story lovingly – very nice page. How awful that no one Judith worked with or for had not stepped up to provide headstones for her, for her mother.

  36. Very good article. I had no idea. Thank you for speaking up for those who can not speak.

  37. Thank you for taking the time to make this memorial page for Judith. I had no idea what had become of that sweet young voice and talent until today and am very saddened by this story. I also want to state that even though the CPS and the police failed this child, I doubt that anything could have done to save her or her mother other than send them into deep hiding in an underground shelter. Due to the fathers threats to kill them if they left and his follow through on killing them even though they stayed, he would have stopped at nothing to murder them. Leaving wouldn’t have changed that. Taking the child away wouldn’t have changed that. He would have hunted them down. They would likely have had to change their identity and remain hidden the rest of their lives or had him killed.

  38. R.I.P little Angel, gone in time , but never forgotten, your one of the bright stars in the sky. x

  39. I’m 31 years old and I still adore All Dogs Go To Heaven. I used to watch it all the time as a kid and remember how heart-wrenching parts of the story are but it was wonderful nevertheless, and that little girl’s voice was so sweet and natural. I also remember hearing about Judith’s tragic death, but I didn’t realize the extent of how gruesomely horrible and abusive it was along with everything leading up to it. I’m more upset at the mother for not clueing into the fact that her husband was a deranged, abusive, incredibly sick alcoholic psychopath who should’ve been left to rot to death in prison or perhaps have his head blown off because he deserved it. Maria never realized it (or maybe just didn’t want to admit to it) and it cost both her and her daughter their lives ultimately. From the story, it doesn’t appear that Judith or Maria really depended on Jozsef for any additional support given they were on welfare before Judith was discovered, so cutting him out like the cancer he was shouldn’t have been so difficult. Any one of those prior incidents of abuse should have been met with immediate arrest and it should have been reported as soon as it happened. My god, the poor girl even talked about the abuse as it was happening. What was worth staying with that subhuman disease? I’ll say that if Maria had allowed Jozsef to control the family’s finances knowing who and what he was, then she was a fool (god rest her soul).

    Children can also legally emancipate themselves from one or both parents and that could have been an option since Maria seemed like she loved Judith very much. Unfortunately, it’s really disturbing that it wasn’t enough to make her take herself and her daughter out of a terrible situation. I’m no expert with entertainment agents or studio executives either, but I have the feeling that if Judith was that busy doing commercial work and making additional profits for those studios she was engaged with, had she and/or Maria pleaded with them to help, I imagine they may have been willing to help the two of them relocate somewhere else and get a restraining order on Jozsef. For god’s sake, the man not only held a knife to his child’s throat, but threatened to kill Judith over the phone among other awful things. He also had previous DUI arrests, which would have helped Judith and Maria’s case had they wanted to get away from Jozsef.

    Yes, her agent and those studios benefitting from her artistic ability should have stepped in as well, but it unfortunately wasn’t really up to them unless they had been asked in which case the ball would have been in their court. Her mother had the ability to end that abuse immediately by simply leaving Jozsef despite his threats to kill them should they try. He had the control so long as they remained in that house and in that situation. It would have been harder to make good on his threats if he was no longer holding all the cards. Hell, I would have asked to be moved somewhere with security. I feel horribly for the mother’s equally terrible murder as well, but come on! Use your eyes and a little common sense and at least TRY to find some way out of the situation when there’s still time and do it BEFORE a tragedy like this occurs and at a time when you can try to repair some of the emotional damage before it’s too late. I mean, if Judith and her family were living on welfare before her success, what reason would Maria have had to stay within 10 parsecs of that piece of filth Jozsef? It’s a sad truth that people will stay in relationships for financial security, but that never seemed like the case here given that Jozsef wasn’t the source of the income, Judith was. Judith was the star and from what I read, she and her mom were very close. There were so many warning signs too. Even if it was harder to prove physical abuse (which I seriously doubt in every single case) there were still witnesses (neighbors, friends, etc). The real tragedy is how long this went on and that it was never properly dealt with.

    If Judith had been my daughter, I would never have felt angry or bitter about her success. You want better things for your kids, and I’d be incredibly happy for her but would also want her to know that it’s important to keep things in perspective and do the right thing. I don’t think at her heart, Judith was ever any kind of brat whatsoever and if her father had been the kind of father she really deserved, she would have wanted to help him and see him happy too.

    I’ll also take a minute here to say that I most remember Judith from her voices as Ducky (Land Before Time) and Anne Marie (All Dogs Go To Heaven). I was a bit bigger of a fan of All Dogs Go To Heaven, but her voice was so sweet and angelic regardless. Both films made me cry and I just hope that each time I watch them, she knows there are people on Earth thinking about her and that she’ll never be forgotten.

  40. CHILD PROTECTION is every ones business and playing the blame game is a waste of energy. Domestic violence is so very difficult to work with but support is the key unfortunately lots of people wish not to be involved. Clear example of this was the neighbours reactions on the day of the murder when it was all over…………now you have red this think back to when you have witnessed or known about a child or parent being abused and what did you do……..makes you think…….now put up your hand to who wants to work in child protection??????……I know not many and out of those who do will burn out as they are not suited to do the work……..no easy answers but I do agree more should be done to less the work child protection workers have to do so again I say CHILD PROTECTION is every ones business not just those who work in it….

  41. Its so sad to see that all these kids suffer and die so young! They have no voice to defend them selves! They have no clue why this abuse is happening to them. They didn’t know coming to earth being born they were gonna have to suffer! And the ones who do this to them don’t officaly get what they deserve! I believe they should feel every pain and burn they did to these innocent children of god! They should die of suffering without being able to talk or defend them self’s! Things like this happen and nothing evermakes them stop! More and more innocent children die every year for someone stupid! They never get to see what happy is like or live as you and I are! If it was one of your own you would want to go crazy and kill whoever did anything to your child! Children arent here to be dolls and abuse when you want or just because you feel like it! It’s not right and it hurts to see this! What did they do!!? Not a god damn thing! The world is beautiful but mostly ugly full of sick people!! Speak for children help them! Give them a voice! Don’t let them suffer anymore!

  42. I cried.. i just found out about this, just now. i seen all of her movies.
    im 50 years old.. divorce 4 years ago. i’m married to an abusive man. no surprise that her mother trying to report and trying to run away a few times, buat ending up back to the abusive husband. I did that too. it was a living hell of 15 years of living together. i run away in 1995, but only get my divorce in 2011, but, thank god, now me and my childrens (2 boys and 2 girls) managed to forget all the miserable past. it’s quite difficult though..

  43. I saw Judith in an episode of Punky Brewster about 10 years ago after I started buying the show back on DVD. She was such an incredibly talented actress. However, I didn’t know that she was dead until I read online that she had been murdered at age 10 by her daddy during a double murder-suicide. Words cannot say enough how shocked I was to read this, but I’m pretty sure that Judith is still entertaining the other angels in Heaven. RIP, Judith.

  44. Thank you so much for posting this. I knew the little girl who voiced as Ducky died. But I’m watching the move Jaws The Revenge, and I was looking up to see what else she was in and noticed it was the same girl. I feel so sorry for her. She was so beautiful and very young.

  45. R.I.P you little beautiful girl! Out of all little girls deaths, this one has captured my heart immensley

  46. That is so sad how could any one abuse a baby or child that just shows how cowardly they really are… RIP little ones 😢

  47. This is so sad and yes the system that was so trained should have seen and felt the signs. .one of the most obvious was the mothers story about moving out and divorcing him..they always always defend them from fear..children’s service should have taken her for 90 days while they did an immediate Investigation on his mental well being. .well its is to late and through this story I saw 4 really loud signs. .I am angry the system missed this..busy or not..they would be # 1 on my list to help remove and ask questions later..rip Judith and Maria. .

  48. sad that Judith and her mother was abused and killed over jealousy RIP Judith and Maria Barsi ❤ <3<3

  49. The only movies I’ve seen from her is All Dogs Go to Heaven and probably The Land Before Time. ADGTH was my favorite from her. She indeed left a legacy since her death. A legacy that kids will come to know when they watch her movies. A shining, but dark legacy as well. I was horrified to learn of the evil things that bastard son of a bitch father did to her and her mother. There is no excuse for what he did. I hope he’s rotting in hell. I wonder how her career would have blossomed had her father not murdered her. She’d be in more movies and shows, she would speak about domestic and child abuse that would have inspired women and all the other mothers out there to stand up against abuse. There’s no doubt in all our minds that if Judith Barsi was still alive today, she could be one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses.


  51. He couldn’t stand being showed up by his little girl who was keeping the family out of the poor house, but he sure as Hell could spend her earnings couldn’t he!

  52. Thank u so much for this article! I had NO idea what had happened to little Judith! This is heartbreaking and CPS dropped the ball once again, like they usually do. I unfortunately live in a poor state and we have to see cases like this everyday, mostly kids at my children’s school. But, just like Ben Franklin said, nothing will change until enough people say, its enough! God bless ALL Children of the world!

  53. R.I.P. Judith Barsi and Maria Barsi, you are in heaven. I hope both of you are smiling at each other in heaven. As for the monster who killed his own daughter. he deserves to rot in hell.

  54. There needs to be harsh punishments for child abusers. Shame on CPS WORKERS THAT TURN THEIR BACKS. YOU PIECES OF SHIT SHOULD BE CHARGED FOR NEGLECT!!!!!

  55. My daughter and I were on the set of a Superman Cocoa Mix commercial and I believe it was one of Judith’s first jobs. I have never forgotten the first thing I heard her say and it still makes me chuckle and smile. It was 30 + years ago and I don’t even remember exactly what the scene was, but there two older girls (10 years old) and the little sister (Judith). The older girls were both named Brittany, one black and one white. When Judith was introduced to them she asked “Which one is my big sister?” So sweet, so innocent. 🙂 My daughter was so excited that she got to “be” a big sister to someone, because she had been cast as the little sister in other things she had done. Like Judith, she was small for her age and was usually older than the actors playing her older siblings. The next year Judith and Brittany were cast as sisters once again for an episode of the new “Twilight Zone” series.

    The mom and I spent quite a bit of time talking about our daughters. She was concerned about Judith’s health and size. I could relate to her concerns because of my daughter. I saw things about Judith that made me think that she was having problems with her pituitary. At six my daughter was diagnosed with a tumor and her pituitary was removed. Before the surgery she experienced the same things that the mother had told me about Judith. I encouraged her to take Judith to a doctor and point out the different signs that might point to the pituitary problem. I can’t say for sure if Maria mentioned the father at all. I’m sure had she mentioned the abuse I would have remembered. And I’m pretty sure I would have butted in and given her advice on that too!

    I read somewhere online recently that Judith was receiving growth hormone shots at the time of her death. So I know that the mom did follow through with taking her to the doctor.

    We didn’t see Judith after the “Twilight Zone” shoot. We moved away from California shortly after that and were living in Texas when the news broke about Judith’s horrific death. I remember hearing it on the car radio. Her name was not mentioned, instead it said, “The young star of “Jaws ll” was killed and set afire by her father.” I had not followed Judith’s career and did not know that she had filmed “Jaws ll”, but somehow I knew it was Judith.

    And what lead me to this site is because Judith has been “popping” up to me. A couple of weeks ago I was visiting L.A. and mentioned to a friend that we had known Judith briefly. The other day I happened to think about a commercial my daughter had made and I went to Youtube to see if I could find it and I did, but also, I found a picture of Judith in one of her commercials or movies in the center of the page. In the past 2 weeks she has appeared on the internet or t.v. without me searching for her.

    I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet that darling little girl that made such an impression on me that I still remember the funny thing she said that has always made me smile.

    I am heartbroken that she was taken so early and in such a horrible way, and the only thing I think that was good about her death is that apparently she was living a life in Hell and released to a sweeter place.

  56. Judith’s mother was the only person who could have saved herself and her daughter. She chose not to. There are many loving and wise fathers in the world, Judith’s was neither.

  57. Reblogged this on trinistarrfyre and commented:
    Wow.. Brought me to tears. We could male a difference by paying a little more attention to signs and signals

  58. I loved ducky and just now found out!

  59. My heart is broken. That is all I can say. I did not now while I was watching Land Before Time the voice behind one of the animated characters that captured my heart and the heart of my three girls that I snuggled with while watching was already dead. It would hit my girls even harder if they knew because their half brother was beaten to the brink of death by his mother’s boyfriend in Troy, OH. Part of his skull was removed and we were just waiting to hear when he would pass from all the blood built up on his brain. I wish I could hold Judith right now and let her know life shouldn’t be that way. They same way I wanted to hold Marshall (rabbit) Lipscomb. 😦

  60. Incredibly beautiful article, first and foremost. Appalling. Absolutely crazy. wow. So far I have read half of the comments on here, and I share very similar thoughts as well as feelings over this tragedy. Right before I read the very sentence in the article that unmasked her distorted father as alcoholic if you will, I was assuming the theory myself, that he himself, had to have been some sort of poor-weak minded soul, that had fallen victim to the common conformity (excuse the redundancy), to alcohol abuse. And then it was made clear-that’s exactly what it was. I actually found this article as a result of researching the name in reference to a Facebook post about the young girl with a vague description that identified her as the voice for “Ducky” in the Land Before Time Film, (a film I myself had also cherished watching as a child), followed with a caption that again vaguely explained she was murdered by her very own father, which the caption in it’s self I could not even fathom-being a blessed father myself, of two beautiful kids. My heart goes out to those whose lives were dearly affected the most (those being directly related), as to the author of this article as well as those whom have read, and taken the time to share their condolences-if you will, Thank you, and mind you-Numbers 32:23 makes us exceedingly aware that our sins-each and every one-is closely recorded
    and each one will without a doubt render consequences with a degree of severity measured by the Lord our God, and if you fear God to the degree I myself do-we then share a relevant comprehension of how scary that can be-again depending on what you are held accountable for-as for Jozsef Barsi…God would be the last person I would want to face before being damned to hell for the malicious act of killing an innocent child. It is utterly disgusting. Frankly-it’s bullshit, excuse my french. I myself have had a similar experience with CPS-with my own son, whom I do not have any custody nor rights to even see or talk to him without his mothers exclusive permission, according to particular representatives of the state of Georgia-to be more specific, I once sent an email to the CPS agency informing them of my child’s-mother’s boyfriend’s drug abuse within the household, that me and my mother were keenly aware of. I did not in fact see it with my own eyes, but was made aware of a particular incident where my son almost grabbed a used needle out of the bathroom toilet, and after confronting my son’s mother over the issue, there was not an admittance nor a denial of the incident, only a pathetic assurance that it had been taken care of-due to her kicking him out him being in his thirty’s and unemployed at-least five years consecutively, much less not even willing to look. However the problem is not exactly solved in my opinion when she repeats the process of taking him back in, kicking him back out, and taking him back in, and so on. never the less CPS evidently did not even render this story alarming per say, my guess is they must have considered it quite irrelevant, seeing how a case was never even made. What did I do next? what exactly can you do? The question is not in reference to my issues, but in general, more so in reference to the negligence as well as utter ignorance of CPS. We could go on and on in an endless rant expressing the compelling anger we all share, but what can we orchestrate that would effectively hold this agency responsible for their silence?

  61. 😦

  62. I was just watching The Land Before Time movies 2 days ago. I ended up seeing one of my friends post a thing about her death on Facebook and I never did believe it until I looked it up and came across this article. This is truly sad and it breaks my heart because she was so young and full of life, not only that but Ducky was my favorite character in The Land Before Time movies and I watched them since I was 3 and now I’m 14. I still can’t believe a sweet little girl from my childhood has past so young😭
    R.I.P Judith❤

  63. I never knew. What a magical voice she had. I loved land before time. As mother of two girls (3 years and 3 months), I’m going to go cuddle them up and love them immensely to try and feel some calm after reading this.

  64. he should suffer the same pain and get sentence for life without any parole

  65. So sad my and my kid love watching land before time and all dogs go to heaven when they was young and now I watch them with my grankids and she will always be in are hearts R.I.P little angel xxx


  67. R.I.P you poor beautiful girl live your carrer up in the clouds and im sorry that your daddy was so horrible you did not deserve that to happen to you rest in peace

  68. Great article. They should make this into a biopic. It’s a story that not everyone is aware of, but should be. Ron Howard could direct it, and Don Bluth could produce it.

  69. Disgusting truly it’s a Mess for all the children that’s been Failed by CPS. A overhaul of the Department need’s to be done and dealt with.

  70. oooh what a wicked father is this

  71. All these years I never knew, I loved her “voice” as a child and memories I hold still. This is heartbreaking. The government needs to step right up! And end their lives if u kill!

  72. Why do we allow abuse to continue, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We created a child protection services and then we tie their hands.

  73. I never knew of this…and I am just heartbroken. Ducky has stayed with me my entire life…I still quote that movie to this day and I just adored that character…

    As the care giver of two children who were removed from their homes by CPS for neglect, I am so grateful that CPS did not drop the ball when it came to these two children and that I can provide a loving and caring home for them. I wish someone had done something to save this beautiful little girl and she’d still be with us today….

  74. Nature finds a way, but unfortunately, the system fails to find a way to help out every time something like this happens. It’s not a broken system, it just doesn’t get the attention it needs.

  75. I think people should drink less and respect their children.People who are abusive should maybe go to jail because imagine how that child must be feeling.Children want to know that you wont hurt them and that you only love them for who they are. So parents please dont get jealous of your kids cause that is really childish and stupid.this is for the kids:
    It doesnt matter if your fat or thin or beautiful or ugly it matters whats on the inside and I just want you to know that you beautiful in GOD’S eyes so be who you are be who you wanna be(AS LONG AS ITS NOT MEAN) Be you only you dont try to impress someone its your life. Thanks for listening to my report xoxo ❤ :-* @-}–

  76. Punishments should match the crime.

  77. Bloody psycho idiot of a Dad, RIP little angel you are where you belong, in a better place.

  78. I’m a 200lb 6’2 man and this makes me sick and cry. HELP THE CHILDREN !!! Or get ahold of me and I will! Beware of you hurt any child and I find out !!!

  79. I first heard of this happening only three days ago and realised that this is by far the saddest thing I’ve ever heard, I remember me and my friends watching the ‘The land before time’ as a kid and it felt so innocent and can’t believe the truth about it. I can’t believe she didn’t have a head stone what is wrong with this world, I think the real reason of the headstone is not that the directer didn’t want too put his hands in his pockets because in the same breath she could have probably afforded the headstone herself but I think the real reason is the same reason not many people knew about it and that is because it would send out a bad image on the directors and Hollywood films in general. Also their was a person saying about the autopsy picture being fake I haven’t seen the picture but from how they explained it it sounded real too me because of a few reasons one being that he said the people who knew her said ‘she had small ears’ but when you look at her pictures her ears aren’t that small at all shes just not that tall, then he went on too say ‘plus her body was badly burnt’ well how do we know that because if you read the report it said he TRIED too set them on fire then straight after shot himself sorry but at a moment of madness of killing himself do you think he’s going too be concentrating that hard on setting light too them? No he’s going too be too concerned with killing himself I think their friends who knew her couldn’t handle the fact of the picture being real totally understandable really. So sad I had too look into it and find out as much information for her as possible so I can draw my conclusion. R.I.P Judith let your memory live on!

  80. Great article on an angel plucked to soon from the world, they’re has to be more justice against people who commit crimes against the innocent period! The child welfare system has to be better atv catching arbitration behoove it goes to far.

  81. Great article on an angel plucked to soon from the world, there has to be more justice against people who commit crimes against the innocent period! The child welfare system has to be better at catching abusers before it goes to far.

  82. Punk asses,babies are the most innocent
    …sick depraved asses..draw and quarter child abusers

  83. I am outraged. How can I help?

  84. I grew up in Canoga Park and West Hills and I find this story fascinating b/c I don’t remember it at all and I would have being we were so close in age and would have attended the same schools … But reading this story I get to the part of them being buried in unmarked graves b/c they couldn’t afford to give them headstones, no way. She was making upwards of 100k and was in a movie after she was dead trust me I know Hollywood and that’s not how they take care of their own … Plus to be buried at all in Forrest Lawn is big bucks and they don’t do unmarked graves especially for a young actress that won over everyone’s heart. So this story whether it be true or not has a serious hole in it, I would love to know he truth …

  85. Omg she was in my favorite movie I hope the dad dies In prison

  86. The sad truth is this little girl was being raped and abused by Hollywood executives. When the abuse became so horrific that the little girls mind started to break down and she couldn’t function normally something had to be done so they sent her to their psychologist. Eventually they had the poor girl and her entire family murdered and made it appear it was the father. The father was killed making it look like a suicide then the house was set on fire to cover up any evidence that might point to the contrary. All the “evidence” of the fathers long term abuse in this article is heresay. “This person supposedly said this, this person supposedly said that”. The daughter was in front of a camera or people nearly 24/7. Any abuse would have been known. But, that’s show business. Welcome to Hollywood folks.

  87. RIP Sweet Angel

  88. Call me heartless of you want, but I feel only anger not pity. Why did this little girl’s mother LIE to Children’s Protective Services about leaving her obviously deeply disturbed and very abusive husband?!?!! If he was really so crazy that Ms.Barsi feared for her and Judith’s lives why didn’t she flee out of his reach, like back to Hungary(any child of a Hungarian Citizen is also Hungarian,so Judith was entitled to dual citizenship)?!?!! Why not stay in the Caribbean???!? Call the police and have him removed from the family home?!?? Basically WHY didn’t Ms.Barsi,who was the ONLY ONE who really could do something about it, get her and her daughter to safety long before the situation ever got that far gone and hopeless?!?!! Little Judith, as her father so jealously stated, was earning much more as a child TV star than most of the mass majority of adults will ever see in 10 lifetimes, so lack of funds was no hindrance! Ms. Barsi is just as much guilty as she is a victim.

  89. You forgot to mention that no mother in her right mind would have stayed with a man that was abusing her child. No mother in her right mind would bring her child back into a home to live with the man who has threatened a little girl with a knife. She failed to protect her little girl. There are so many things that woman could have done but cowardly chose not to. In a way, both parents murdered that little girl.

  90. This is one of the resons i dont read this stuff because some of the people involved didnt think they had an opiton she went back becaus she had on where else to go

  91. Sadly when women think there is no other option, they stay. Hoping for a miracle…..monsters parading as normal human beings fool lots of people. We must teach our daughters to run away from these monsters at the first sign of violence.

    • More often than not women have to force police to listen. My mother had to after 11 years in an abusive relationship with my father when it finally seemed he was going to make good on his constant death threats bragging that he’d get away with it too,because she was a minority no one care about and he’d flee the United States back to his home country before he could be arrested. For years police would not listen to her concerns about his violent temper, drug addiction, and threats to either kill us children and make her walk or murder her and abduct us out of the country. Finally when I was 10 and trying like always to defend my mother against his beating with my own body and it seemed like he’d beat us to death, my little sister managed to lock herself in the bathroom and dial 911. When police arrived they tried to downplay the incident despite the obvious bruises and welts on us, so my mother told them “Look here. Only one of two things are about to happen here.Either you’re going to arrest this crazy S.O.B or me and my children are going with ya’ll the Haell AWAY from here!” They saw she was dead serious and arrested him to hold overnight for Family Violence. By the time he was released my mother had packed up her children and we were gone for good. Domestic Violence charges were eventually dropped against him and we have been underground ever since until someone can show us my father dead in his coffin, expecting no protection whatsoever from American UNJustice System.

    • I agree. The criminal justice system has to change. Adults who commit crimes against children must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. We can’t wait until they are hurt or dead… first threat or sign of abuse is the time to ACT.

  92. Anyone interested should look at Tracy Golds reading on the Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. Judith comes forward because apparently she played a young Carol on growing pains and after learning of this tragedy, Tracy paid for their funeral. It’s very interesting and it’s what brought me here tonight. We need to become “noisy” in regards to abuse in our world. Statistics tell us that an abused woman will almost without fail protect her abuser. It takes the observant and concerned community members that surround these families to get noisy and continue to be noisy as advocates for these children who have one abusive parent….and one emotionally crippled one. Join Casa and become a volunteer advocate for these kids. Let’s stop this by shining a big bright light in Judith name.

    • Hollywood with Tyler Henry brought me here too, searching for her name and wanting to read more about her. This is so sad, she would ‘ve grown, probably been married , have kids, had loads of movies but sadly she didn’t live long to happen but am glad she is in a better place.

    • I agree. The criminal justice system has to change. Adults who commit crimes against children must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. We can’t wait until they are hurt or dead… first threat or sign of abuse is the time to ACT.

  93. Man i hate evil parents theyre bunch of motherfuckers.I just want them dead no mercy or evil.If anyone read this spread this to the world and i mean litelarry spread this please,and i promose myself i kill or execute the people that want to commites crime to kids and im not joking not today

  94. I blame the United States Government’s lawmakers for not protecting our children or any of us. Murderers of politicians and police officers are put to death; murderers of the rest of us (the non-inconsequential people) get life which consists of free room and board (for them), 3 meals a day, wonderful health care – the things too many NON-law-breakers cannot afford, AND it’s paid for with OUR dollars! I especially despise the murderers of children and the cowards who kill themselves. However, if the laws in this country, the United States of America, punished those who deserved it in the way they SHOULD be punished, perhaps our crime rate would drop. Murderers are getting younger and younger all the time. DO YOUR FRIGGIN’ JOBS, U.S. LAWMAKERS!!!

  95. this story was great. ..whoever thought that if there r no marks there is no abuse ..no action taken by police …should live the life of a battered wife&or child….who cares when they come forward…help them….take them somewhere safe …

  96. tragic

  97. When i googled Judith Barsi , I had no idea what happen to her & I was shocked . My nephew lives in California and tells me California government is a little different from out east but we as a nation , I agree that if anyone is in a abusive situation and need help . We do need politcians to step up the plate.

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  99. Wow for ever since I was a child I always wondered about the people who played in the land before time. Ducky was one of my favorite characters and I used to watch All Dogs Go To Heaven. When I found out who she was and what happened to her, I was distraught with sadness, anger, disgust and disbelief. No parent mother or father should ever do that to their children. When I read this I cried so hard for her and I felt for her. I’m only 25 and without children but when I have my own, I’m definitely going to be reasonably protective of them. I know God is with Judith and her mother and I know it’s really hard to get away from the grips of abuse. Most abusees feel that it’s their fault so they always go back to the abuser and reject help from people. I personally would have plotted to kill that evil man and say it was self defense or something. Anyways thank you Judith, you were an angel who touched our hearts and made us laugh, cry, and enjoy what you have gave to us. May you rest your little soul in peace. YEP YEP YEP!

  100. Whatever abusive thing an adult does to any kids should be done to them, there is no excuse for what those kids through except their parents need to get it together or they don’t need their kids the kids needs some to depend on and to help them through life not someone who hurts them.

  101. I came across this article just last night,tears were rolling down my cheeks,I just couldn’t believe that a father could be so heartless and insensitive why in the world would you ever murder such a beautiful gift from God such a lovely and adorable little girl who deserved so much love but rather had to live her 10 years on earth with having to face jealously, rage, anger,hatred and abuse from her own father may she and her mother R.I.P and as for him I hope his soul rots in hell

  102. I am so tired of who kids mostly baby’s who losing their lives because of their parents. PLEASE STOP CHILD ABUSE!

  103. Been in tears just don’t understand why these things keep been allowed to happen! Or how ppl have this disgusting behaviour in them against poor beautiful children don’t know how cps n wat we in England call social services can actually sleep at night

  104. God bless these poor souls for the hardships they endured, I cried thru the entire story. What a beautiful child this was, and the Mother that loved her.

  105. This makes me feel so sad. Rest in peace beautiful angel you had a beautiful a soul and you didn’t deserve anything of this.

  106. Such a beautiful and talented little girl. Child abuse however will never stop. Children and animals are the most vulnerable because they have no way to defend themselves. We need better laws and better services to stop this. And when that fails we need to have harsher punishment for those who are evil enough to do this.

  107. cps should be held responsible…them fuckers should die along side with the children they were suppose to protect

  108. I’ve never cried before in my life , i loved that ” land before time”
    Rest in peace my angel ❤ .
    Hope he'll BURN!! in hell

  109. What a beautiful person you are to take the time to do this. It is beyond sad that her life was taken in such a horrific way, especially knowing that it could have been prevented. I just don’t understand what it is going to take for something to change.

  110. I blame her stupid mother! Any mother should immediately take their child away from abuse and she had plenty of opportunities!! She was an idiot!! She got herself and her poor child killed! This makes me sick! There is no excuse to not protect your child!

    • I understand how the last comment but it was unfortunate that the mother was in fact ignorance played a part. Her parents were in fact came from Europe,..I think Hungary.People who do things that are stupid usually don’t educate themselves to know better. Like they say if you know better, you do better. Not to mention around the late 80’s & early 90’s there were not much help available like there i s now.

  111. Such a heartbreaking story. I just saw Tracy Gold speak of her on Hollywood Medium. Judith played young Carol on Growing Pains. It is Tracy Gold & her family who paid for Judith & her moms funeral. Her sister also did the eulogy. The fact that this happened is a shame when the authorities had SO MUCH EVIDENCE. That man should have been put away on the threats alone. RIP little girl, you’ll never be forgotten.

  112. CPS definitely failed this child, so sad. This man should have me charged and arrested the first time it was brought to their attention. The criminal justice system cannot wait until children are hurt or killed, first threat, first strike arrest these adults who commit violent acts or “threats” against children. Sadly, her mother also failed her. The man held a knife to your child’s throats for God’s sake… I don’t care how you leave him, that’s your child, your responsibility to protect her at all and any cost. RIP Judith, you’re an angel now and I’m so sorry adults who were supposed to love and protect you failed so miserably. Rest now sweet girl, you’ll always be remembered.

  113. What a beautiful sentiment to a lovely child. I will forever smile when I hear ducky ‘s, yep, yep, yep as my 6 year old watches and loves it just as much as I do in 2017. Her legacy will forever be remembered!

  114. My heart was truly touched by the life of this young child. I never knew of this. So sad of countless, senseless deaths of innocent children. Thank you for sharing her story.

  115. This was such a nice piece to read as far as the author giving the value this lovely little girl,who should have received all the utmost from her father… Will never understand such insanity, of how a parent could treat the ones they love so horrifically. It should serve also as reminder to never stay silent as a bystander, as well as educating kids that this is not a way of life and they can get help to escape the pain by telling everyone the can till someone listens!

  116. I know this will sound macabre to some, but if I had to die at the hands of a vindictive alcoholic father, then I would want to go as Judith did. She was in her bed asleep, unaware in the situation and not in any way tortured or sexually assaulted prior to death as proven by the fact she was still clad undisturbed in her nightgown and underwear when found. Really not even her mother suffered hardly any prior to death. Maria stumbled out of bed in a groggy daze and made her way to Judith’s bedroom instinctively, just like any other mother who heard a strange sound, but before Maria had the chance to process the situation, it was over. Easy and simple. On the other hand, just the other night I was watching a true crime program about a kid who was brutally murdered by a close family member along with his parents. The kid was in his bed asleep, just like Judith, BUT WAS AWAKENED DELIBERATELY so he would know and suffer needlessly. Not just shaken awake, but dragged out of his bed and stood on his feet before he was shot, bludgeoned, and finally stabbed nearly 100 times!!! Though Judith indeed experienced a difficult and tumultous childhood thanks to Mr. Harddrinking-Can’t-Hold-Down-A-Job-Eastern-Euro, at least she slipped peacefully into her temporary rest.

  117. I just want to thank the person that set up the memorial webpage. My children and I have been avid fans of the Land Before Time and Yep Yep Yep is still a favorite saying. I had no idea she was murdered and had endured so much fear at home. For as much love as the mother gave her- shame on her for not saving her. Even if she was not strong enough they had a circle of influential friends that could have helped. I could tell when Ducky’s voice changed in the movies and was sad then….but this truth is worse than anything. Rest in Peace sweet girl.

  118. I am just crying! There are no words.

  119. i have just finished reading everyone’s comment, what pisses me off the most is that the fear and the threats the mother had from the abuse from the husband were very terrifying, its easy to say that she should have gone and left him, but now this is where i step in, first of all the system stinks to protect you, and second thing is that there is no one out there that would help because then they have fears that the husband would do harm to them as well, its easy to talk and leave comments, but when human beings hear stories of abuse of bashings they run away and only give advise to go to the police. When the mother or daughter talked about the abuse to the agent or friends, they did nothing about it, so how can the mother trust anyone to protect her and her daughter, where was her guidance on how to do it or to go and hide, she needed someone with balls, but this is the world we live in. Its great to say to report it to the police, but don’t forget the police will let him off and he will track them down and kill them. There should be constant advertisements on tv for people out there that if you are in an abuse situation please ring this number and we will protect you. Maybe this kind of system we will save some lives, but the only thing with this, is that a child wouldn’t understand this ad if they were getting the abuse. We are always told to mind our own business even if we see something wrong, and this is what we need to change, if you suspect something you should report it, but it should be annoynomus, no one is to know that is was you, and then they should investigate it, but unfortunately this doesn’t work as well because for some reason the details leaks out and the person stops. so my conclusion is WE NEED SOMEONE WITH BALLS AND STOPS AT NOTHING UNTIL THE SITUATION IS DEALT WITH.

    • I so agree with you !!! It broke my heart when I actually wondered what ever happen to her and when I googled Judith’s name … I cried . Even though we do it now by a lot more knowledge and hotline where you know if there is abuse but it is not enough … We need harsher sentences for people like Judith’s father.!

  120. hi lisa thank you for your reply but i forgot to had one thing, i talked about the children being abused, but the most important thing is why the system doesn’t help the abuser, let me explain, drugs and alcohol are the worst enemy for any mankind and there is no help for them, becuase the stupid system says IF THEY DON’T ASK FOR HELP WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, what a stupid system, he was pullled up 3 times for DUI and then he was reported to the police, even though she withdrew the report, the alarm bells were very strong, and they let it go, if i was in charge of the world, i would take away the abuser from the family home and put them in by force to a detox and help centre and not allowed to leave until they are capable to return home but in a very strict observation system, i would go daily to the home and made sure everything is ok, if he falls off the wagon only once, he goes straight to jail, but this is for mothers as well because they abuse children as well. but then someone will say the obvious, how much would it cost the tax payer, and this is the problem, always excuses, the government spends and makes millions of dollars with collecting fines and so on, but they throw it on crap. today the increase of drugs and alcohol is alarming, and its affecting our children, why ban cigarettes from smoking everywhere but you can go to a shop and buy a bottle of wine for $3, lets protect our children from alcohol, drugs and depression. THIS IS YOUR REAL ANSWER. I WOULD BAN ALCOHOL, alcohol causes death on our streets, deaths caused by the abusers, suicides because they mix prescription drugs with alcohol, why can’t anyone see this, BAN ALCOHOL.

    • Oh , I do know . a friend of mine is an educator , a teacher and she told me and a few other friends ( a bible group) that one of her little students at a elementary school after class session was over . This little girl admitted and whispered in her ear that her father was abusing her while intoxicated . My friend had to alert the authorities, I don’t know where you live but in the state of Georgia is much stricter . I’m glad to hear you advocating on behalf of all children and educating abuse . It is because I have several members of my family are in the education field . 2 relatives had been principles at a school and 2 great uncles served as president at Reinhart collage and one of them founded West Georgia collage We need more people like you ! More power to you and hope to send the message out about abuse . You probably already agree with me some do go on in a silent manner or look the other way . Another friend of mine , an older woman had told me about her niece had been living in denial for a long time and worried about her niece who I also knew very well. Her aunt told me she was molested when she was 5-6 years of age. God bless you and your journey of ending abuse . Thank you for sharing part of your life .

      • Hi Lisa, you sound very special and i thank god there are people like you in this world, i am talking to you from Australia, the legal age for alcohol is 18 years old, which is ridiculous, i find it shocking that there was a program on tv in regards hospitals complaining the amount of people and young generations coming into the hospitals for alcohol abuse, bashings, car accidents, left on the streets sleeping, why doesnt someone take this matter very serious, i am dumb founded by this situation. I WOULD BAN LICENCED VENUES TO SERVE ALCOHOL AFTER 10 PM. I WOULD HAVE STRICT RESTRICTIONS SELLING ALCOHOL. I WOULD CLOSE ALL THE LIQUOR SHOPS AT 8PM AND CLOSE SUNDAYS. A packet of cigarettes in Australia is nearly $40 for 40 cigarettes, why not make alcohol so expensive so it can be very hard to purchase. Remember cigarettes kills the person smoking it but alcohol kills and abuses the world.

  121. I just learned of Judith’s death the other day and so saddened. She seemed like the most wonderful girl in the world. I remember her in Jaws and shocked to find out about what occurred. I began thinking about what could have been done and reached the conclusion that since she was famous other Hollywood celebrities would have heard about her and intervened. I’m referring specifically to Michael Jackson who had tremendous consideration for kids despite some controversy. He could have been notified and he would have secured her at his Ranch where the father could not possibly harm. Perhaps he knew about her. Had he been told he certainly would not have turned her away. He could have hired bodyguards to ensure her safety while she pursued her profession. It’s just an idea yet something that I feel would have kept her safe. Thanks for this webpage honoring her life. I’m so glad others feel the same way. I trust she will always have peace, comfort and joy.

  122. I’m utterly sickened by child abuse.How could human beings hurt tiny ,innocent human beings.As adults it’s our job to protect our precious little ones.Punishment needs to be harsher for child abuse offenders!!!

  123. Bueno…ya estamos en un nivel donde inclusive el abuso infantil va mas allá del núcleo familiar, incluso los medios de comunicación hipersexualizan a los niños, de convertirlos en mercancías y para ponerlos en charola de plata para ser disfrutados en medio de aberraciones sexuales por parte de grupos de élite, Hollywood tan solo rebosa de escándalos de niños sexualmente violentados y lo peor , con el consentimiento de los padres a quienes en muchos casos documentados les pasean frente los dolares, aquí en México tenemos ejemplos bastante conocidos en el mediocre mundo artístico y me refiero a ese miserable pedófilo de Luis de Llano quien tuvo una relación sentimental con una chiquilla (Sasha Sokol, de 15 años en aquel entonces) inclusive S. Sokol resultó embarazada de Luis de Llano y fue el motivo que la hace salir de ese grupo llamado Timbiriche, aun no habia cumplido la mayoría de edad. El abuso, trafico de infantes y otras lindezas esta tan justificado en México y hasta institucionalizado (busquen listas de políticos y gente del clero involucrados en crímenes de trafico de órganos, prostitución infantil, actos de violencia e incluso infanticidios)..Ahí va un link donde solamente es una muestra de lo que en México ocurre dentro de este terreno de la pederastia: http://www.sinembargo.mx/11-02-2016/1618426

    Este es otro caso de trafico de órganos, en la red todas las noticias relacionadas a este infamia ya han sido borradas en casi todos los medios electrónicos …¿y alguna autoridad se pronunció ante los medios sobre el asunto?: http://www.apagalatv.com.mx/2018/02/horripilante-encuentran-cuerpos-de.html

  124. She’s alive…too many things don’t add up & it doesn’t make sense. First Hollywood would never have let continued abuse happen, second it doesn’t make sense where she bought her house (I know the area & she wouldn’t have bought there), third she still would have made royalties even after her death & her being buried (in Forrest Lawn, which is bling) without a headstone is bogus…It costs a lot to be buried there, its not free so she had enough to be buried and not enough for a headstone?…I get it, its a horrible story and I’m guessing something bad did happen but the story is straight from a Hollywood movie script (plot holes in all)…I grew up in the same city and it wasn’t until a few years ago I ever even heard her name much less the story of her death (I even asked my mom and she had never heard it either and you tend to remember things that happen in the same city as you especially if you are a young family with kids of your own)…I know I’m going to get a bunch of haters saying how can I say this but look at the holes in the story and ask yourself does it make sense…then ask yourself if Hollywood could have their own witness protection, she had already filmed a movie where she was killed by her father and whats a little Hollywood magic to make a fake story real…

    • Your comments are exactly what this forum could use. Seems very real to keep certain things hidden from the public for whatsoever the reason. It be great and I’d love to accept that this gem of an individual was spared the trauma of the murder story that was told. No child should have to go through something like that. From what I learned of her, she was a believer in supernatural things such as Heaven and with that would have been miracles. Hopefully, in real life she actually received one. Thanks for your input. Seems terrific that she actually may have avoided this trauma through miraculous deliverance. Heaven willing her mother as well. Also, her father then would not have been able to be so cruel if things got thwarted.

    • Tell that to Tracey Gold the young actress from the show ” Growing Pains ” She knew her very well . Her death was all over the news … Sorry to inform you but her death was a horrible death . Her father was a drunk and abusive long before they came here to America . I research her through obituary from a newspaper and saw about her death . Dig up and do research before you do anything … Sadly , she passed in the late 80’s where were you in the late 80[s ? I know where I was … I was at a friends house and had a small group of friends watching a movie and after the movie the news was on and heard the details of Judith Barsi ‘s death .

      • I didn’t hear about Judith’s death until several months ago. It seems there would be more about it if it were true. There are a lot of spoofs in Hollywood and “fortune teller types” talking about Judith in such a phony way. Who knows how much of it Tracey Gold actually believed. No one knows anything except for those who were inside the home. If it were true, why produce a fake autopsy photo? Where are Mr. Barsi’s remains? There are mysteries to things and I certainly don’t have to know or want to know or could know everything going on in historical and current events. Perhaps and hopefully in the grand scheme of things Judith and everyone are alright.

      • Mr. Barsi had a relative out of the USA claimed his body and was return to his home land Hungary … unfortunately the bodies of Judith and her mother was so burned they were almost not reconizable …and also they did not had a grave for a good long time … It was a help of several people and was started with Tracey Gold’s parents who petitioned for a grave site for these two . However , I have to agree though there were some things that were left undone by the state of California for these two women … I have a friend of mine she lives our in California and had worked on CNN news . she no longer works there and she might help out and in hopes of making sense of everything hopefully . Unfortunately , there are some things out in California in the police force are not the greatest … My brother in law had two nephews and one of his nephews was murdered and has been unsolved for a long time and has been a cold case . Thanks for the invite !!

      • I was told by someone who was very close to Judith and Maria that Mr Barsi was cremated, and then taken back to Arizona by his two adult children from a previous marriage. His remains were scattered in a river near where they lived, is what I was told by said person.

    • I have a page on Facebook dedicated to everything Judith Barsi if you want to join. I just started it several days ago. You may post what you like in regards.

  125. Judith used to sit and wait for her mom Maria at Cal Fed when I worked as a Savings officer. Judith used to pluck her eyelashes out of her own eyes as a nervous tick. She frequently wanted to talk with me her voice would carefully whisper I was in my 20s and I asked around there was talk of strict parenting and. Being raised in a kind of way that I was told was indicative of her parenys FOREIGN roots. I later saw Maria in Woodland Hills at an indoor swapmeet and She couldn’t look me in the eyes it was like she was in a different World. The next day I was working as a Nanny for an actress and it came up on the satellite that Josef had killed them. It haunts me!

    • Wow ! You are not alone about that … I still get haunted which in fact I had kept Jonbennet Ramsey when her family use to live in Georgia prior before leaving to Colorado to live there . Patsy Ramsey offer to hire me as her nanny even though I was working part time at my old church …She decided to go with another woman …The darnest thing though that haunts me is that JonBennet was scared of leaving Georgia and mentioned of being scared that if they do move something bad might happen to her …. ” And she was right !!!!” She was nearing her 3rd birthday but they didn’t move after her 3rd birthday ….. I still have dreams about Jonbennet . It always made me sad and they way the media protrayed the whole family including one of John Ramsey’s daughter who was killed in a car accident which ironically I knew very well and went to my high school !

  126. I lived on the same street as Judith. She was friends with my younger sister and they played together often. Mr Barsi had even come to the house once to fix a broken drain pipe for my dad. I remember the day of the house fire like it was yesterday. I remember the firemen, the police, a lot of us were standing outside watching them take their bodies out of the house. My dad was one of two neighbors who was asked to identify the bodies on scene. Apparently Judith was burned mostly on her lower torso, legs and feet. Dad remembers her face and upper body being unburned. Maria on the other hand was apparently very, very burnt all over. My memory of Judith was of a very shy girl. She and my sister would play with their dolls whenever they could. Even thirty years later, she is missed dearly by all of us.

    • Oh no ! I remembered it happened the night I went out with friends of mine to the movies and came home put on my PJ’s and watched the news and heard about the incident . Horrible !!! We do need to remember her .

  127. What i don’t understand is why didn’t the cast of jaws the ravenge pay 4 judith and her mom’s headstones?

    • Hmmmm….Interesting thought ….I wondered it ,too .sometimes . Unfortunately ,,,,the production company that filmed Jaws 4 just didn’t think of it most likely ! So sad !!

  128. poor little Judith, this case is very sad, bet little Judith didn´t even know she was making so much money, unfortunately, she had awful parents

    • Just her father …He was abusive drunkard bastard …. Her mother was a fine woman but she didn’t know what to do but stayed in a abusive marriage. Judith Barsi predicted her own death .. She knew what her father was like . He used her to get money for his own drunkard pleasure . It was so sad if you got a chance to read the details . When they had died that very day he was really drunk !

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