Yenitze Reyes

Yenitze Reyes

On December 12, 2013, two year old Yenitze Reyes was rushed to the hospital by her mother, Nancy Esmeralda Colomon-Gonzalez.  What doctors found when they began to examine the little girl is horrific and will make your stomach turn.  Yenitze suffered from a fractured skull, hemorrhaging, non-accidental brain injuries and as a result, she has been left blind.  Doctors also found a fracture on her arm which had been healing, confirming that this baby girl was abused for some time, abuse which was heaped upon her by her stepfather, Angel Martinez, 26.  Yentize’s injuries were so severe that she needed to be air lifted to the University of Texas Medical Branch.

When investigators questioned Martinez about Yenitze’s injuries, he admitted that he had “rocked the baby too hard” on several occasions to put her to sleep.  He told detectives that on one incident in September, he had shaken the baby girl so severely that she began having seizures and was vomiting.  Colomon-Gonzalez did take Yenitze to the hospital at that time, but lied about what happened to her daughter.  Later in October, during an argument between Martinez and Colomon-Gonzalez, Martinez grabbed Yenitze’s arm and violently swung her away from him.  The little girl’s arm became swollen and red, and yet she was not taken to receive any medical attention.  I cringe at the pain she must have been in.  I broke my wrist a few months ago, and that freakin’ hurt!  What hurt the most was when it wasn’t stabilized, once the casts were put on, it was an instant improvement.  Yenitze would have been in a ridiculous amount of pain anytime she moved her arm (when you’re 2, you are always moving your arms), and it would have lasted days, if not weeks, where her discomfort would be blatantly obvious.

Angel Martinez

Angel Martinez

When Martinez began talking about the most recent abuse occurring on December 12, he stated that he couldn’t exactly remember how he had hurt Yenitze.  He said he knew he threw her in the air and didn’t catch her on her way down.  During the fall, Yenitze hit her head on a wooden chair.  I have to warn you, this next part was graphic enough to make me sick – Martinez said that when the little girl hit her head on the chair, it caused a big bump on the back of her head.  He then tried to “push the bump back into her head”, and when he couldn’t Colomon-Gonzalez took her daughter to the hospital.  When doctor’s explained Yenitze’s injuries to investigators, they stated that the injuries clearly showed that she would have had to have been slammed on a hard surface followed by someone pushing down on her fractured skull, which then caused bone fragments to penetrate her brain.  I can only imagine what he was ‘pushing back in’.

Nancy Esmeraldo Colomon-Gonzalez

Nancy Esmeraldo Colomon-Gonzalez

Nancy Esmeralda Colomon-Gonzalez has been charged with injury to a child by omission for never stopping the abuse, and for failing to obtain medical assistance when Yenitze so desperately needed it.  Colomon-Gonzalez told authorities that she never stopped or reported the abuse because she did not want to get herself nor Martinez in trouble.

Martinez has been charged with felony injury to a child and is being held on $75,000 bail.

You can be sure we will continue to update you as the case proceeds.




~ by LTWH on January 27, 2014.


  1. How is Yenitize now?
    His parents should be put in prison and with no possibility of parole. How unfortunate that this child or any child in the future, has been, or will be the victim of their evil.
    I hope she can see again someday and somebody kind, and loves her really like a mother and adopts her and keeps her away from these types which are everywhere. I hope she never gets “passed around” like an inconvenient postal package with no real address.

  2. All of this tragedy is too much! How are we as a society looking out for and caring for one another? How are we trying to prevent it from happening again? I worked for Child Protective Services for 7 and 1/2 years, 16 years ago, and my heart is still breaking. Whatever we are doing, it’s not enough. We need to be involved at the neighbor level. Taking care of each other in whatever “village” we find ourselves in, reaching out in support, love, and correction if needed. And we all need to pray a whole lot more than we are doing. Peace, love, unity.

  3. Any updates to this case? It has been over 3 years im sure he pleaded out. I highly doubt he fought this case considering he admitted to some of the abuse going on. I know a lot of these cases and some blow my mind. Ive tried to think of ways to contribute or do something meaningful. I just read this case file on here because I thought how did she go blind. Then to my astonishment what took place I would have never guessed in a million years. I wouldn’t say ive grown thick skin or built up a tolerance to what goes on at all, but I would say I thought I could not be surprised what so ever to the level of abuse that takes place. I was wrong when I read what happened I had to stop and literally take a deep breathe and regain my composure. I am still lost on the fact if he was pushing the big bump on her head to try and conceal what happened or he was doing it to torture and satisfy his sadism and truthfully it does not matter because in the end the level of cruelty and no compassion this sadistic POS took the abuse to is unbelievable. I missed it if he was her bio father or not. Anyways I see this took place in Texas and must have been close to Austin I assume. Also I am wondering what city and maybe I can look up the results to this case. I didn’t even realize she survived until I got in the comments and read the first post about her finding a foster home I guess again nothing was said about relatives. If she is needing anything or what I wish I knew she is ok. I guess ill see what I can dig up on my own luckily i am very resourceful and then ill check back here again. I feel I have to do something maybe even fund raiser or start a foundation that is of her choosing I don’t know I can think straight after reading this one and that has only happened twice. Bless her heart.

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