Khaiden Hockett

Khaiden Hockett

Khaiden Hockett was a beautiful 4 month old baby boy when he received his wings.  Perfect from head to toe, and forced to live a short life of pain and isolation.  Khaiden’s parents, Amy Hockett and Joseph L. Pierson should have been thrilled when Khaiden was born, weighing 8 pounds and 7 ounces and healthy as a horse, but that was far from what they were.

After Hockett and Pierson brought Khaiden home from the hospital, it quickly became apparent that Khaiden was not gaining weight, and was in fact getting smaller and weaker.  He was not healthy and that was easy to see.  When family members raised concern about Khaiden’s health and failure to thrive, Hockett told them that she had been taking the baby boy to see doctors, trying to find a cause for her son’s apparent ‘illness’.  She stated that Khaiden was being tested for diseases such as leukemia, blood disorders, kidney stones and acid reflux among many others.  The truth is, Khaiden only saw a doctor once, one week after his birth, before he died.  Tests done on baby Khaiden after his murder showed that there were NO signs of congenital disease nor natural disease.  He was a healthy baby boy, there was not a single thing wrong with this angel that could have prevented him from eating properly and obtaining nutrients.

On February 5, 2012, Hockett placed a 911 call saying that Khaiden had just stopped breathing and was unresponsive.  Hockett claimed that she had recently fed Khaiden, but he had thrown up right away due to acid reflux.  She says she then put the baby boy down to sleep, and when she checked on him shortly after, he had thrown up again and was choking.  Paramedics and first responders rushed to the scene hoping to save Khaiden’s life.  They waded through the trash and filth and began performing CPR on this baby boy, a fight they knew was lost hours before they arrived.  By the time emergency responders were called, rigor mortis had already set in, indicating that Khaiden was deceased for hours before anyone noticed.

Khaiden Hockett

Khaiden Hockett

Khaiden Hockett died in a home covered in filth and feces weighing a mere 6 pounds, more than 2 pounds shy of his birth weight.  His death was ruled a homicide, with the cause of death cited as dehydration due to starvation.  Video was shown of the home where Khaiden died, revealing piles of clothing, overflowing trash cans, dirty dishes, and rotting food littered throughout the home, if you can call it a home.  There was no food in the fridge, and the room where Khaiden was being kept had feces smeared all over the walls.  This beautiful little man didn’t even have a crib to sleep in, instead being forced to sleep in a swing that was soaked with urine, the swing was so soaked in fact, that the floor below was also wet with urine.  Khaiden was not bathed, he did not have his diapers changed, and he was not fed.  After 4 months of fighting just to stay alive, Khaiden took his final breaths, alone, scared, unloved and covered in excrement that was even caked between his little toes.  Khaiden’s skin was sagging from his body, looking like leather, due to the severe dehydration.

When medical staff at the hospital began to examine Khaiden’s body, they were horrified by the condition of this baby boy.  Open sores covered Khaiden’s body, with a significant open, untreated sore on his tailbone.  His skin that was not covered in sores was peeling and scaly.  Khaiden also had severe positional plagiocephaly, better known by parents as a flat head.  When babies are born their heads plates are not yet fully fused and their bones are soft, this is so that the baby can physically pass through the birth canal free of injury.  If you place your newborn baby resting on the same area often, their skull will begin to begin to become flat.  All you have to do is alternate sides you lay your baby on, make sure you have tummy time, and don’t leave them sitting in any swing, bouncer, high chair etc. for an extended period of time.  Pretty simple stuff, pick your baby up, hold them, love them and spend time with them.  Hockett, without a single ounce of humanity, never did this for Khaiden and the back of the little man’s head was completely flat and bald.  He had lived his entire life in that disgusting swing, not being held or cuddled, not knowing what kind human touch feels like.

Khaiden Hockett's House of Horrors

Khaiden Hockett’s House of Horrors

Now I know you all are wondering how the hell feces ended up smeared on the walls of a 4 month old baby’s hell hole, so let me tell you how.  Hockett and Pierson have THREE other children, a 4 year old boy, a 3 year old boy and a 2 year old girl, and it was they that were smearing feces all over the walls, no one seemed to care that they did this.  These innocent babies were also living amongst the filth, and it has also taken its toll on these children, they may never fully recover emotionally and mentally from the trauma they endured living in that hole.  When they were removed from the home and placed in foster care they were absolutely filthy, smelled horrific and had head lice.  The children have shown extremely disturbing behaviors, eating from trash cans and eating their own feces after dirtying their diaper.  All three of these angels have numerous health and developmental problems, the damage that has been done to them is tragic, and they will never have they life they could have, SHOULD have had.  Hockett and Pierson had charges pressed against them for the neglect of these three children, but have signed plea deals.  Their sentences will run concurrently with the sentences handed out for Khaiden’s murder, so really, the fact that they have done this to three other children doesn’t seem to matter to anyone.

Amy Hockett and Joseph Pierson

Amy Hockett and Joseph Pierson

When Khaiden’s murder trial got under way, Pierson attempted to excuse his role in his son’s murder saying that Hockett had lied to him about Khaiden’s health, and he believed that Khaiden was receiving medical attention.  His attorneys claimed expert testimony showed that Pierson would likely take the facts at face value, lacking the cognitive abilities to investigate the matter for himself.  Here’s where I get so pissed I want to scream.  The lady that lives next to me is mentally disabled.  She is far more disabled than they could EVER claim Pierson is.  Now she lives alone (her parents own the house and visit weekly for a few days at a time), and is able to cook her meals, go out with friends, attend activities within the disabled community, even go to work.  She is an extremely caring lady, and although she is mentally challenged, she still has COMMON SENSE.  I was recently quite ill, and when she heard this, she was checking up on me every day, making sure I didn’t need anything, she was an angel.  I promise you that if she was involved in Khaiden’s life, she would know something was wrong, and she would voice her concerns.  Anyone with an IQ higher than that of a potato would know that a 4 month old baby should NOT weigh less than he did at birth!!!!  My boys knew this as toddlers, when I had my second son, his older brother, who was 2, used to give him food ALL the time so that he could help his brother grow “big and strong”.  IT’S COMMON SENSE.  Pierson was found guilty of reckless homicide, neglect of a dependant resulting in death and neglect of a dependant.  He was found ‘mildly mentally retarded’, but it was made very clear that he did not meet the state’s criteria to be considered ‘insane’ at the time of Khaiden’s death.  Pierson potentially faced 58 years in prison.  He was sentenced to serve 37 years in prison for the murder of Khaiden.

Amy Hockett

Amy Hockett

Hockett was found guilty of murder and neglect of a dependant resulting in death.  She faced a potential 115 years in prison.  She was sentenced to 60 years in prison.  Throughout the entire trial and sentencing, Hockett not once expressed any remorse about what her son had suffered through or about his death, something which was not lost on the judge presiding over the case.  The sentencing judge called Khaiden’s case the most horrific, unimaginable crime in Wayne County history.

There are so many things about this case that are just appalling.  I really have to stop and ask myself, how could this little boy become so thin and sick while those who questioned this were easily placated by a single claim that he was being tested by doctors?  How could they say that this was a good reason for him to be filthy?  How can they believe that this little baby could drop to a weight lower than his birth weight and not be hospitalized to receive the urgent care he would have needed?  If I saw a child soaked in urine and skin and bones, I would have ended that in 10 damn seconds.  Not to mention the three other children in the home, did no one ever care enough to want to get help for them, the help they so desperately needed??  LOOKING THE OTHER WAY IS NOT OKAY.  Ignoring child abuse is as terrible as committing it, and I strongly believe that those relatives that questioned Khaiden’s deterioration and did little more despite the condition this little boy was in, need to be charged and held accountable for their role in Khaiden’s death.  Had they stood up and reported what they were seeing, Khaiden would still be here today.  It’s just heart breaking to know that this could have been prevented.


Thank you so much to Carrie Grant for bringing Khaiden’s case to my attention and advocating for this beautiful little man.  Carrie – it is people like you, people that care enough to not allow a child to be victimized without fighting for them, that is making this world a better place for our children.  It is people like you that will help us win this war against child abuse.

Khaiden Hockett's Grave

Khaiden Hockett’s Grave

Once again I would like to ask all you members of the Lighting Their Way Home family to take a moment and light a candle for Khaiden.  Khaiden may have already followed the light home, but we can still shine our lights bright to show him how much he is loved, and that he will never be forgotten.  Khaiden, spread your wings and fly baby.


Khaiden Hockett - HEAVEN TO HOME



~ by LTWH on March 6, 2014.


  1. Forever praying for you, baby Khaiden. I hope that for eternity, you will only know love and all of the surrounding warm embraces that you were denied here on earth. I’m sorry for the hand you were dealt, and I’m ashamed of the human race that something like this is even possible.

  2. Oh My!!! How is it that this Angel was left in the care of these MONSTERS? as well as his siblings, have neighbors or family members became so blind or could care less that these children were stuck in a situation that resulted in an innocent life. It is my hope (and in my prayers) that the ignorance of his parents shall never again go un-noticed that no more angels be taken from earth because of someone’s ignorance. I hope that our maker takes no mercy upon them and that they suffer in prison at the hands of their peers for this unforgivable act!! DAMNED TO HELL!!!!!

  3. This is a horrific story, but I wanted to point out something here. Now in this case you are completely correct, but I want to make a clear point on plagiocelphely. I have dealt with this with my youngest, and it is the positional diagnoses. It isn’t always caused by the parent failing to change positions. My son had tortacollis in his neck that began his, of course I was made aware of the positional part and they accused me of not trying. They didn’t find the neck problem til he was 4 months old. Now of course once found we began therapy and it has since been improved but he still had to have the shaping helmet. I only bring this up because I as a Mon felt horrible when they said it was me not caring for him properly, and other parents dealing with this need to be aware of the many causes of plagio. Now 2 years old he is almost out of his helmet and is a healthy happy boy!

  4. This baby weighed more than two pounds less at death than at birth and spent his whole life laying in a swing soaked in urine and the main point you take from this is the plagiocelphely?!?!? No one thinks you are a bad parent, but please don’t make Khaden’s memorial page an educational forum about plagiocelphely! Pray for this little angel’s soul, that he is now filled with the love that he wasn’t given here on earth.

  5. When reading about these cases you are wondering, not only it is proven that there people are horrible parents and should have been brought in front of a judge earlier, but also, who are their parents that obviously did not care enough about their grandchildren to take them away from a home filled with feces and rotting decay. Where were they when Khaden needed help? That’s what I want to know.
    In the end I sincerely hope the prison community takes care of these two sub-humans and show them what suffering is truly about.

  6. This is so heartbreaking and so tragic that it angers me that no one would say anything or even question what this poor little man was going through. Did relatives not see the state of the house and other children. I hope that Khaiden is in a better place now and getting the love and attention he deserved right from the start. RIP little man and thank you to carrie and lighting their way for bring peace to this little soul.

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