Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez was a beautiful 8 year old boy.  He deserved a life of love, support and innocence, a life he once had but was ripped from him and shattered.  When Gabriel was a month old, his mother turned over custody of the little boy to her parents, saying that “she did not want Gabriel and had no love for the child.”  For seven years Gabriel lived happily and safely with his loving grandparents.  In October of 2012, Gabriel’s mother enlisted the help of DCFS and regained custody of Gabriel, despite past allegations of abuse and the objections of Gabriel’s grandparents.  Gabriel was placed in his mother’s care despite the lack of a court order.  DCFS had sent Gabriel to his death, the little man was murdered only 7 months after being taken from his grandparents.

Gabriel Fernandez with his Grandparents, Robert and Sandra Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez with his Grandparents, Robert and Sandra Fernandez

It breaks my heart to know that in the last days of Gabriel’s life, he was shown no love, instead he was beaten, abused, tortured, emotionally destroyed and ignored.  This little man spent his final days in fear of when the next blow would come, of when the next humiliation would be forced upon him, all the while hoping and praying for the day that someone would come along and save him from the hell he was living in.  That day never came.

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

On May 22, 2013, emergency medical responders were called to Gabriel’s home, and they found this little man barely breathing.  Gabriel’s injuries were severe, extensive and horrifically unbelievable.  Amongst others, he was suffering a fractured skull, three broken ribs, burns to his skin, skin that was missing, two of his teeth had been knocked out, cigarette burns, and had BB pellets lodged in his lung and groin.  He was covered in bruises and abrasions, and was routinely sent to school with chunks of his hair shaved off, leaving raw sores where the clippers dug into his scalp.

Pearl Fernandez

Pearl Fernandez

Gabriel also had ligature marks on his ankles and wrists.  This beautiful boy was sexually abused as well, talking about being forced to perform oral sex on a relative, continuing to add to the horror.  Gabriel was also tortured with humiliation, forced to wear a girl’s dress and other girls’ clothing to school.

Gabriel fought for 2 days to survive, but his little body had been broken beyond repair, and on May 24, 2013, the angels gave Gabriel his wings and brought him home.

Gabriel’s mother, Pearl Fernandez and his mother’s boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, were arrested and charged each with one count of capital murder with the special circumstances of torture.  Aguirre told police that on the day Gabriel was taken to the hospital, he had hit the little boy at least 10 times for lying and “being dirty”.

Isauro Aguirre

Isauro Aguirre

Gabriel’s maternal grandparents, Sandra and Robert Fernandez, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several Los Angeles County agencies, including the Los Angeles County and its sheriff’s department, the Palmdale Unified School District, LA County Department of Children and Family Services and its director, and the LA County Department of Public Social Services.  Also named in the lawsuit are four social workers, two of which are supervisors, and welfare fraud investigator, Javier Cruz.  One of the social workers stated that they feel no guilt in Gabriel’s death.

Gabriel and Grandma, Sandra Fernandez

Gabriel and Grandma, Sandra Fernandez

Tragically, Sandra, who suffered from a long illness, passed away in January 2014 and joined Gabriel in heaven.  Gabriel’s Aunt, Emily Carranza, stated “It took a toll on her.  After his death, she just gave up.”

The lawsuit alleges that child welfare workers illegally removed Gabriel from his grandparents’ home where he had lived for most of his life and placed him in his mother’s custody.  After ripping Gabriel from the home he knew and throwing him into a living hell, the agency then failed to investigate more than 60 – SIXTY reports of abuse.  These reports were made by numerous people including, Gabriel’s teacher, mothers with children in Gabriel’s class, family members and neighbors.

School Pictures of Gabriel Fernandez showing visible injuries from being beaten.

School Pictures of Gabriel Fernandez showing visible injuries from being beaten.

Attached below is the link for an interview with Gabriel’s teacher, Jennifer Garcia, gave speaking about his abuse, the countless reports and the complete lack of action to save Gabriel.  She speaks of how Gabriel came to school with markings on his face which were later determined to be from a BB gun.  “My first report was from October, and in every single report I made, there was enough information in that report that he should have been removed that first October.”

County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said “The red flags were all over the place.  They were ignored.  It is just inexplicable to me.”  Gabriel’s Grandfather stated “I want to know those people that went to that apartment that were sitting there calling my grandson a liar, that he was just making things up.”  I would like to know who these people are as well.

Gabriel's Neighbor, Claudia Segoviano, and the apartment where Gabriel was ultimately murdered.

Gabriel’s Neighbor, Claudia Segoviano, and the apartment where Gabriel was ultimately murdered.

One of Gabriel’s neighbors, Claudia Segoviano, said that she and other residents in the apartment complex suspected that Gabriel was being abused for months.  “Everybody noticed, because he would come out to take out the trash and wouldn’t talk to anybody.” stated Claudia.  She also went on to say that she had noticed greenish bruises on Gabriel’s face, arms and legs many times while he was taking out the trash.  Claudia says she wanted to report the abuse, but thought the family was already being investigated for possible abuse allegations.  “I wanted to report it, but then when I would want to, I would always see a social worker, so I thought, ‘How can I report it if there’s already somebody involved in it?’.  And I saw like one time the cops came when he was all messed up and they left.  Gabriel stayed there and they left.”  Claudia also spoke of the times where she had witnessed Gabriel wearing a dress and girls’ shoes.  “I saw him dressed up in a girl’s dress two times, my Mom said she saw him three times.”  Claudia witnessed Fernandez ordering Gabriel down the stairs on one of these occasions.  “He was sad, you could tell, like nobody likes to be dressed as the opposite sex.  I asked my brother, ‘what happened to him?’ and my little brother said that was a form of punishment.”

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

On the night before 911 was called reporting Gabriel as unresponsive, neighbors stated they could hear screams and wails, followed by banging sounds coming from the apartment where Gabriel lived.

Now this isn’t just that DCFS failed to act – they did many things that leave Gabriel’s blood directly on their hands.  You see, DCFS had previous run ins with Fernandez in the past.  Eight separate investigations were opened due to possible abuse in the family including two of Gabriel’s siblings, 10 and 12, and Fernandez had in fact already had another child removed from her care due to abuse.  Gabriel’s siblings are now living with their father’s family in Texas.

Gabriel with his biological father and his siblings.

Gabriel with his biological father and his siblings.

DCFS released a 121 page file detailing abuse in the home, interviews with the children done only after Gabriel passed.  One sibling recounted the events that led up to Gabriel’s murder and the prolonged abuse that they had all been suffering.  One portion of the file states “Siblings reported that he and his 12 year old sibling where wrestling and chasing each other when the sibling tripped, fell and hit his left temple on a table in the bedroom.  Mother and boyfriend were reportedly informed of what happened and placed the sibling in the shower to wake him up.”

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

Authorities soon realized exactly how much abuse was being reported, and ignored.  Written in the file were statements from another of Gabriel’s siblings.  “Child informed the caller that his mother hits him with the buckle end of the belt when he can’t finish his homework.  Sometimes bleeds from being hit with the belt buckle.” was scribbled down on October 30, 2013.  “Child informed the caller that he has bruises on his back where his mother hit him.  Child was worried that his mother was going to hit him later today because he didn’t understand his homework.”  The report went on to read that the child demonstrated how to snort cocaine and was being exposed to illicit drugs in the home.

The file also contained information saying that Gabriel’s mother appeared to have confessed to hitting the child with a belt buckle.  Fernandez stated she did not know how else to discipline her son.

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez with his Uncles

Gabriel Fernandez with his Uncles

TIME OUT!  There are a thousands, THOUSANDS of ways to discipline a child without hitting and humiliating a child.  Let’s see, we have the time out method, we have the naughty chair method (I used to use this method and my exceptionally brilliant son, at the time he was 3 year old, decided the best way to get back at me for putting him in the naughty chair was to stay sitting in it for an extra 10 minutes each time, effectively driving me nuts!), we have the taking away of objects method, the taking away of social events, the taking away the phone, computer and TV method, AND the method my father used that was effective on my sisters and I especially in our teenage years, after giving us hell for whatever stupid thing we did he would force us to sit in the living room next to him for 10 minutes, torture for a teenager who wants nothing more but to slam the door to their bedroom and live in their own world … my Dad is a genius in dealing with teenage girls!  OK the point I am making here is that I don’t accept the excuse that this monster had no other way to hurt these tiny, innocent children as discipline, and even further, discipline for things that should never carry a punishment.  If they don’t understand their homework, sit down with them and help them work through it – remember we are educating our children, not forcing them in the ultimatum to be brilliant or get beaten.  If the child was not doing their homework, then I would definitely consider a nonviolent method of discipline – but here’s the thing.  At 8 years old, our precious babies need us to help guide them, this is why we sign their agenda, quiz them on their spelling words and listen to them read.  You will know they are doing their homework every night, because you are doing it with them!  Alright, time to step down from the soap box before I lose my ever loving mind.

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

Back to DCFS and the completely disgusting thing that happened next.  Each time an investigation was opened, DCFS only met with Fernandez, never assessing any of the children for signs of abuse or interviewing them about their home life without their would abusers intimidating them along the way.  Gabriel’s grandparents say that had this been done, they most certainly would have seen the abuse and returned Gabriel to his grandparents.

The Los Angeles County DCFS director Philip Browning stated that the system had in fact failed Gabriel, and more “critical thinking and common sense” are needed to prevent another case like Gabriel’s.  I would say that is the understatement of a lifetime, compassion and humanity would be great things for this agency to have and to use to save children, rather than making excuses after a child is murdered on their watch due to their negligence and laziness.

Pearl Fernandez

Pearl Fernandez

It gets worse.  After Fernandez made allegations that her parents were only using Gabriel for money, Javier Cruz visited the home she lived in, the same home where Gabriel was tortured and murdered, and learnt of injuries Gabriel was suffering from, which included a burn on his foot.  Instead of reporting these injuries and protecting Gabriel as he should have ….. HE ASKED FERNANDEZ ON A DATE ….. The lawsuit alleges that Cruz, who is a mandated reporter with a moral obligation to report suspected abuse is guilty of a “breach of mandatory duties.”  I say lock this guy up and throw away the key before he allows another child to murdered because he is too busy looking for a date instead of doing his job.

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

In honor of Gabriel, a new project called “Gabriel’s House”, is well under way.  Gabriel’s House is a public facility for area youth in Palmdale that gives them a place to learn music, dance, visual arts and photography.  These children can paint and play in a safe and encouraging environment.  On March 1st, 2014, the ribbon was officially cut and the center opened.  A picture of Gabriel hangs on the wall in the house, and his story will be prominently displayed.

Gabriel Fernandez

Gabriel Fernandez

Everything about this case angers and hurts me deeply.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about Gabriel and shedding tears for this little man.  The one thing that completely destroys me and leaves me crumpling to the floor and becoming a sobbing mess is that Gabriel had written about contemplating suicide.  At 8 years old he was in so much pain that he wanted to end his own life.  At 8 years old he lost his hope and believed that he could not win this war.  I can’t think of anything worse than an 8 year old child planning his own death.

Gabriel Fernandez's Memorial

Gabriel Fernandez’s Memorial

While it is true that we will never see equal justice for Gabriel and although there is nothing worth a child’s life, the community is rallying together to do the best thing they can a Gabriel’s memory.  They are providing other children with a beacon of hope, providing a SAFE place where they can gather and hang out with their friends, they can just be kids.  Celebrating Gabriel’s life, and remembering all of the amazing wonder and love that made him himself, is the very best thing we can do.  Use his memory to learn how to further protect children like Gabriel in the hopes of saving another child from suffering the same tragedy.  We want everyone to remember Gabriel and to never forget what he lived through – however, we also want everyone to remember Gabriel as a smiling, active, perfect angel.  This little man is watching over us now, and I know he is helping guide other vulnerable children to see the light, the lights we have blazing every night to Light Their Way Home.

Gabriel Fernandez - Heaven to Home



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    • Oh I will for sure. Gabriel is on my mind everyday, that poor angel deserves the best justice we can deliver.

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      I believe those two child abuser killers will reap there evil seeds they sowed. They did this to them self.

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  10. Exodus 23:7 ESV / 19 helpful votes

    Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked.
    Gabriel I’m sure your much happier now with Jesus. The former things are over Eternity with the father that loves you getting the love you truly deserve SWEET BOY. GOD LESS YOU Gabriel.

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  12. I am a mother of two, a beautiful little girl and boy. My heart cannot comprehend what this sweet little being endured at the hands of his own mother, the one person that should’ve loved him most.
    Like everyone, i am deeply disappointed in the system, in the community, police and ultimately his creul fate. But i was so bothered by the many comments at the end of this article, citing his newfound happiness with Jesus, where he can finally be ‘safe’. [Doubletake]. Logic begs me to ask, where the heck was ‘Jesus’ When this innocent boy was alone and being tortured, terrorized, for several months? Where was your fictional hero-Sitting up in ‘heaven’, waiting for him to slowly die a death NO ONE should ever have to see? Think to yourselves, before you insult this little boys suffering. Because that ‘hero’ was never there.
    No one was there.
    And the only peace Gabriel felt since being placed with those monsters, was in his passing. Rest in peace Gabriel, even after leaving us, you are loved by so many.

    • We live in Satan’s world. All the answers you need to know are written in the bible.
      Jesus will certainly judge every single person who has ever lived in this world. It’s a shame and it personally makes me sick to have to read another horrible thing about what that child endured. People need to take responsibility for their actions. If more people had god and his son Jesus in their lives, it would be a different place.

    • My brothers & sisters and my honorable Father understands what Gabriel went through for Us 7 children were viciously mentally brutally abused by our own biological mother!! We endure daily verbal insults with severe daily beatings and humiliations of shaving all of our female and male heads! Thats what Mommy Dearest did to us 7 children! We all felt suicidal were most of us tried several attempts to commit suicide Example my brother drank drain-o and my other brother tried to hung himself and my sister sit her veins and I took over the counter sleeping pills of extra strength ZZZzzzz. When we all fail to commit suicide we came out with a brilliant plan instead!! We decided and plan to kill the Antichrist Demon our Mommy dearest!!! We all tried to murder her but sadly the Devil protects the evil. Imagine the child abuse was so brutal that our Mommy Dearest made our child thoughts to become killer thoughts. I strongly believe all abuse children should murder their abuse parents with FIRE lock them in with a lock and enjoy their excruciating screams. At least it will be worth going to jail or a mental ward then being beaten daily. My heart goes out to Beautiful Gabriel he has the same sadness of No hope as we all did. God bless him may Gabriel have special accommodations with our good lord. I pray daily for Gabriel since the date he past, I cry every time I see his photos breaks my heart wish I knew before so I could have adopted Gabriel by bribing the crack meth head with check! She would had sold Gabriel to me…..

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    I am gay too, and this could have happenened to any of us. I wish I had a child to love him and take care of him. I wish I could have adopter Gabriel and save him from this horror, give him a home, a shelter, some good care and genuine love as a father.
    I am living in Paris, far from California, but this drama shocked me and make me cry everyday and being so sad.
    If God existed, do you think He would have allowed it? There is no God, unfortunatly, to save the innocents from bullying and death.
    One last word to Gabriel: my dear boy, I will never forget you for the rest of my life. I love you and wish I was there to be a daddy for you. I love you.

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    • I feel the same. Why on earth did those relatives not intervene??? As a grandmother I would have noticed right away and taken that child away even if it meant facing criminal charges myself for going against a court decision. I would have intervened. I hold all of this little guy’s family responsible as well. I want to believe that Gabriel is in heaven now and in peace. I hope these demons who committed these heinous crimes against this innocent child pay everyday for what they did during their incarceration. I do not condone violence but these 2 deserve the same torture that they inflicted on this poor baby.

    • Yes, there is a God, always has been always will be…You need to read the entire article for you to understand the sequence of events regarding Gabriel. There are several individuals, aside from his mother and boyfriend who should be helf accountable for his death. That is, the CPS counselors who neglected to investigate the 60 abuse reports filed eon behalf of Gabriel; it is obvious those ignorant Bastards were intrested in one thing only, and that is a pay check, and to Hell with the children they were being paid to protect. The police that went to the home who summoned, should have notices his bruised face and at talked, in private, to the child, to find out what was going on, as police officers, they are trained to take notice of such things.

  25. Gabriel, our little angel, I am sorry I wasn’t there to help you, you have changed my life, and I promise you that I will not let another case of a torture child happen again. I promise you Gabriel that when I go into the field of social work I will not let history repeat itself. I love you deeply and I wish I could turn time around and I would be telling you this personally. You will never be forgotten Gabriel, I promise. Love you Gabriel always and forever.


  27. This is the saddest story i have ever read in my life. it is beyond horrible that an innocent little child could be treated this way. i am raising my 8 year old granddaughter and would never allow her to go live with her mother or her father. i would fight to my death for her. i’m not sure why the grandparents allowed this without a court order. maybe lack of funds to obtain a lawyer, or simply didn’t know that they could. i’m not here to judge them but to incourage anyone that even thinks a child is be abused to report it, and then fellow up on it !! find out what was done and why. don’t let it rest and assume that social services is taken care up. most likely they aren’t reach out and save any child in danger. it really does take a village to raise a child healthy and whole.

    • It doesn’t take a village to raise the child of loving parents or guardians. It takes a village to raise the child of abusive/drug addicted parents/f buddies of children with no hope. That’s when you need to village.

  28. Just FYI… 4 social workers have been charged in this case for falsifying reports and etc…

  29. I would gladly love to beat those monsters to death..My mom had a boyfriend who was abusive.The day he fucked up.Is when.I walked in and gave him the beaten of a lifetime..I would love to catch these 2…and other worthless pieces of shit..A baseball bat a 12 pack.IT’S ON!

  30. Those a**holes in child services, I hope they lost their jobs and get sued by the grandparents. 60 calls of abuse has to be some kind of sick record. How many do they need? This wasn’t a “slip through the cracks” case, this was criminal incompetence. The blood of that poor child is on their hands.

  31. I’m just speechless for a ten year old girl who was also abused once then loved Again. Rest in peace baby Gabriel also when u die do u stay the same age be cuz he would be 11 now cuz I was born in 2006 he was in 2005

  32. Was in law 30 years. Grandparents should have been allowed to be guardians. But burden of proving mother incapable is upon the court and that is difficult. Mother wanted son back for benefits. Statutes must be enacted where parents/guardians who receive benefits for children are required to appear with children for review/visual inspection of children prior to each benefit payment they receive. Parents who receive benefits must be weekly drug tested. Test positive? No benefits. Children then put in care of well run and safe community homes staffed by college students studying to be doctors, nurses, social workers, psychiatrists, elementary teachers and retirees (back ground checks and many, many cameras in place and no lone carer contact all open spaces) in order to protect our most vulnerable…..our nation’s infants and children. My heart hurts for Gabriel and his teacher, Mrs. Garcia, who tried so hard to protect this precious boy.

  33. We are all mandated reporters when out in the community pay attention to how children look and act if in doubt call authorities your call could save a childs life.

  34. This is horrible. Cps should be held accountable and locked up just like the mother. It is just as much their fault as it is hers. I have read a lot of stories about children being murdered from abuse and in EVERY SINGLE ONE of them cps was notified before the murder happened and yet did nothing to prevent it from happening.

  35. This is such a horrific story. Mother and boyfriend, the social workers and anyone else that didn’t raise a finger to help this boy and his siblings. YES, CPS is overwhelmed and the case sizes are too many,. That does not excuse anything like this from happening. You have to have common sense and trust your gut and give a shit about your job. If you cant do that then they should not be working in that industry. They should be stripped of any credentials they have for human services and NEVER EVER be allowed to work with or for human life EVER again. As for that Mother and her BF………..PRISON for life. This is so disturbing and disgusting. RIP little man. RIP ❤

  36. I pray that those pieces of shit that did this to this innocent child, are put to death. This is a case in where I believe the punishment should be that of the same torture they inflicted on this child. This is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire fucken life!!! This hurts and breaks my heart just reading about this, all that stops the pain is holding my little boy in my arms and love him with all my heart. FUCKEN SAD MAN!!! I wish them to be tortured!!!

  37. These two psycho pigs should be tortured for the same amount of time and the same way for 8 months (I believe it was) and THEN be sentenced to death!!! Force those effers to perform oral s*x on the biggest man in jail, walk around in a dress (for the guy), get punched, shot at in the face with a bb gun endless times, the things I would do to these a-holes!!!! I’m so angry! At the parents! at the frieken guetto *ss system! I mean, really!? What did this poor kid do to deserve any of this?????? If this was destined for him, why couldn’t God take him sooner to avoid this lengthly tragedy!? My only relief, and my God! I hope this is real, that I hope him and his Grandmother are together! I hope and wish that she’s showering him with endless hugs and kisses!! R.I.P. sweetheart and grandmom…

  38. Thank you so much for this blog it helps to know that i am not alone on how i feel about gabriel i too shed countless tears my thoughts are on gabriel and why!! Im sad i cant even be happy i think of him so much i pray for him i wish i knew him i would of escaped with him ibwould have done something crazy like kidnap him from those monsters!!!!! Thank you so much again

  39. Still thinking of you, everyday. I can’t even imagine the hell on earth you lived through in your short life. I pray your soul is at peace. 😢💔👼🙏

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