Andrew Stephen Culpepper

Andrew Stephen Culpepper

Andrew Stephen Culpepper died at the age of 2 after being forgotten in a hot vehicle by his father, Andrew Culpepper, parked in front of their house.

Culpepper had picked Andrew up from his paternal grandparents home after work.  When he arrived at his home after the 15 to 20 minute drive, he forgot that his sleeping son was in the vehicle with him.  He headed into the house, where is fiancé and Andrew’s mom, Lonnie Rene Hecker, and their daughter were also home, he laid down on the couch and fell asleep.  Andrew was not thought of until 3 hours later when his sister woke Culpepper up and asked where her brother was.  Culpepper realized what had happened and ran out to the vehicle.  Andrew was nonresponsive and Culpepper began CPR, but the efforts were far too little, far too late, the heat of the day had reached 93 degrees, temperatures in the car reached as high as 130 degrees or more in the vehicle.  When emergency workers arrived, they pronounced little Andrew dead at the scene.

All the usual excuses were thrown around, Culpepper normally did not pick the boy up, he had worked a long day, he was taking medication for a spider bite that made him drowsy (So my medication for my migraines can make me a little sleepy, does that mean if I forget one of my children after taking the prescribed amount resulting in their death that I am not accountable for what happened, that I should not be held responsible for negligence at the very least??) – all of those sympathetic sentiments whispered absolving a parent from their role in their child’s death – parents who are the SOLE reason that child is dead.

Culpepper was not charged in Andrew’s death.  The prosecutor, Mobley, actually gave his reason for choosing not to prosecute as “Mr. Culpepper and his fiancé are certainly sad about it all, and they would certainly undo it if they could.”  *&@%*$&U@!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sure that a drunk driver who kills a family is certainly sad about what they have done – BUT BEING SAD IS NOT A GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!  I am sorry that this has happened, and I am sorry that Culpepper is in this situation, but he is here by his own doing, and that is an undeniable simple fact.

While Culpepper has many advocates for his innocence, I am here to advocate for Andrew’s justice – and I cannot overlook this beautiful little man’s death simply because his remorseful father forgot.

Andrew Stephen Culpepper's Grave

Andrew Stephen Culpepper’s Grave


~ by LTWH on July 31, 2014.


  1. Leaving children in hot cars seems to be an epidemic. Are parents so scatter brained as to not remember they have a baby/toddler/child in their car? There is no excuse, period, for leaving a child in a hot car.

  2. Seriously I think I’m going to scream if one more parent says but I’m sorry, well shit I’m sorry I walked out of a store and forgot to pay for what I had in my hands! Does that make me any less accountable for my actions because I said I was sorry!!!?? Hell no! And I’m sure as shit I would be charged for theft. We need to see justice in these cases for the victim not the person responsible for this little boys death.
    When is society going to get that we need to seek justice and hold these pieces of shit responsible for there actions! Another little angel taken before his time.

    • Hear, hear, Tanya. Look at all the wannabe baby murderers on here trying to spread the idea that people ‘forget’ and that ‘we can all forget’ that our child is in the back of our car. They are all waiting for their chance to brutally kill their own child, and then claim they ‘forgot’. I bet if the death penalty were used in ALL future cases of this ‘accidental’ death, the number of cases would magically go down! Strange that, isn’t it. Why didn’t this happen in 1950 all the time? People had plenty of cars back then too.

  3. Forgetting is so very different from the horrific cases of murder elsewhere on this site. Humans do not have full control of what we remember and what we forget, memories of something as routine as putting a child in a car seat can simply slip away if we are distracted or tired. This is tragic, but there is no crime and therefore no justice needed. You may think it could never happen to you as you are more diligent, more caring of your children than these parents you read about who lose children this way. I’m pretty sure they would have felt that way once too….

  4. One warm October day when my first son was about 18 months old, I went to the mall to find some clothes for my husband to wear at a wedding. I was going to leave the baby home with his daddy, but at the last minute I ended up taking him along. On the way, he fell asleep in his rear-facing car seat. I parked near a sidewalk sale at a department store and ended up buying a belt. After seeing a relative at the sale and chatting with him a bit, I decided to put my purchase in the car before going inside the indoor mall to shop further for a necktie. When I approached the car, I heard my baby crying. Words can’t describe how I felt when I pulled him out, his skin flushed red and his clothes soaked with sweat. Running the whole way, I carried him all the way inside the department store, over to their escalator on the far side, up to the second floor, then all the way to the restroom so I could splash water on his face and body to cool him off. I still shudder to think what would have happened if I had taken my purchase straight into the mall with me and continued my shopping without returning to my car first.

    Lapses in memory happen. They can happen to ANYONE. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to realize our mistake soon enough. Other times, they are tragic.

    In many cases of children dying in a hot car, it involves parents who didn’t normally (or weren’t planning to) take their child to daycare or bring them home. Those parents loved their child. In some cases, they had even gone to great efforts to have the child via fertility treatments or adoption. They would NEVER have intentionally done something to harm them. They grieve the loss of their child in the most profound way imaginable because they have to live with the guilt. Some of them sink into depression and/or commit suicide. Will locking the grieving parent up be an influencing factor in “preventing them from doing that again?” Of course not! If there are other children and/or a spouse in the family, putting the other parent in prison would punish the rest of the family as well, during a time when they need each other the most.

    Stop thinking this could never happen to you. I would have said the same thing…before it DID happen to me. I’m a very responsible, organized, loving, and protective stay-at-home mother of four. Fortunately, my mistake was discovered in time.

    Read this article if you need help having compassion:

    Andrew Culpepper is one of the cases featured in the article.

    • Well, it could never happen to ME, just because you’re an idiot who can’t even remember that they have their own child in the back of their own car, doesn’t mean everybody else is like you. This is just a typical example of the ‘blame everybody but myself’ attitude of the sort of incompetent morons who murder their own children and then claim they ‘forgot’. I’ve never forgotten my son was in the back of my car, how could you?

    • “Lapses in memory happen. They can happen to ANYONE.” On what FACTS do you base that statement? None at all. You’re trying to excuse your own stupidity, that is all. NOBODY ‘forgets’ their child is in their car.

  5. “he forgot that his sleeping son was in the vehicle with him.”
    You keep saying the word “forgot” as if it is a provable thing, it isn’t. It exists merely on the WORD of the murderer. Of course child murderers are going to say “I forgot”, so what? It means absolutely nothing. The more you repeat this LIE as if it’s true, the more children will die this terrible death.

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