Chase Harrison

Chase Harrison

Chase Harrison was 21 months old when he died a horrific death after being forgotten in a hot vehicle for nine hours by his father, Miles Harrison.

Miles Harrison

Miles Harrison

On the morning of July 8, 2008, Miles Harrison dressed his son Chase, put sunscreen on the little man and strapped him into his car seat to take him to day care. Chase, however, never made it.

On the way to work, Miles Harrison stopped at a dry cleaner, leaving Chase in the vehicle while he ran in. He then headed back out on the road to work. During the drive to work, Harrison made or received 13 calls on his cell phone, in the midst of his distractions with a large work project and problems with his employees, he missed the exit for Chase’s day care, and in doing so, sentenced his son to die strapped into the car seat Harrison had lovingly placed him in less than an hour before. At 7:30AM, Harrison arrived at work and forgot entirely about his son. The heat reached 90 degrees that day, and little Chase stood no chance against the pain and trauma the heat forced upon his body. At 5:00PM some coworkers noticed Chase in the vehicle, but it was far beyond too late, Chase died hours before due to heat stroke.

Miles Harrison

Miles Harrison

Miles Harrison was charged with involuntary manslaughter, and was later acquitted of all charges. Harrison waived his right to a jury trial, so the decision to acquit lay solely with the judge. The proceedings throughout the trial were emotionally charged, Harrison often sobbed and his pain was clearly evident.

Chase Harrison was adopted by Miles and Carol Harrison less than 3 months before his death. Originally from Russia, the couple made three different trips to finally bring their son home from the Russian orphanage. They fought to bring Chase home for a very long time, and honestly folks, that is part of what makes this SO much harder for me to forgive. The simple truth is that the irony of this tragedy will forever remain that little tick in the back of your mind when talking about Chase’s case. A father that fought SO passionately to find his son and bring him home, forgets him a short three months later resulting in the child’s death … it is unsettling. It’s not something one can make sense of, some things just don’t make sense.

Miles and Carol Harrison

Miles and Carol Harrison

There are some Russians who have taken this adoption aspect and drug it to an entirely different level though. Years after Chase’s death and Harrison’s acquittal, the case remains very much alive in Russia. Now before I go further, I want to make it very clearly that I do not agree with how Russia sees this case, nor do I agree with their belief of how this reflects on the Russian people. Russians (not all, but enough) feel that Chase’s death equates to disrespecting Russia and have made and taken some exceptionally irrational, offensive and concerning comments and actions in direct result to Chase’s death.

After Harrison’s acquittal, Russian federal prosecutors opened an investigation into Chase’s death (something they do not have the jurisdiction or authority to do) and called to restrict or end the adoption of Russian children by Americans. Tatyana Yakevleva, the first deputy chief of the pro-Kremlin United Russian party remarked “When we give our children to the West and they die, for some reason the West always tells us it was just an accident. It’s hard to believe.” It gets even crazier and more revolting. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated “Serious doubts arise as to the legitimacy of the practice of transferring our children for adoption to a country where their rights, primarily the right to life, turn out to be unprotected. In the United States punishment is absent for those guilty of such tragedies on, apparently, the sole ground that they are ‘full-fledged’ citizens, whereas their adoptees are not.” (Banging my head into a brick wall here.) At a public hearing in the lower house of Parliament, Speaker Boris Gryzlov declared himself ‘indignant’ (Banging my head harder …) and stated that foreigners want Russian children because they are “genetically smarter and healthier.” I don’t even know where to go with that, so let’s talk about the Dima Yakovlev Law.

Miles and Carol Harrison

Miles and Carol Harrison

The Dima Yakovlev Law (named from Chase’s Russian birth name) is a law in Russia which defines sanctions against American citizens involved in violations of the human rights and freedoms of Russian citizens. What this law has done is created a list of citizens who are banned from entering Russia and banned from adopting children from Russia. It also allows the Russian government to freeze the citizens assets and investments, and suspends the activity of politically active Russian non-profit organizations which receive money from American citizens or organizations.

Miles Harrison

Miles Harrison

First to all Russians that felt this was a symbol of disrespect or taken any less seriously because the child was a Russian citizen, get over yourselves and wake the hell up. This is the death of a child – not a malicious act done to spit in the face of all Russians. Harrison’s acquittal has NOTHING to do with the fact that Chase was born a Russian citizen, and in reality, there are FAR more parents that have done the same thing Harrison did to their American born children that have never even faced charges! I am not even American and I am offended and frustrated with the lack of intelligence and common sense that is being shown. For crying out loud – this world will never change the way we handle these matters when there are adults in power prancing around like monkeys in suits making a child’s death a political weapon and personal attack. How these Russian politicians can believe this is doing anything to honor the memory of the life of a beautiful, perfect little boy is beyond me. If you make the choice to speak in Chase’s name, especially in such a public forum – do it with integrity and love – anything less is unforgivable. (AGAIN, I know that not all Russian’s hold these beliefs and I am not intending to blanket everyone with the statements of a few.)

Miles Harrison

Miles Harrison

I have no question as to whether Miles Harrison loved his son, I can say with complete confidence that he loved him, absolutely adored him. I know that he is hurting and that this will be something he is forced to live with for the rest of his life. However, that does not mean he should be absolved of his negligence that caused Chase’s death. Harrison needs to be held accountable for that negligence and a clear message needed to be sent that we as a society are not willing to accept these deaths as simple accidents. Simply forgetting is not a good enough excuse to explain the brutal end of a child’s life. Being sorry, does not release you of your culpability in a child’s death and being sorry does not change the fact that the death of a child was 100% reckless and preventable. If I were to be in WalMart, picking up a carton of milk, when I received a call from work that took my attention away from why I was in WalMart, and if I were to walk out of that store, missing the checkouts, carrying the milk in plain sight, I would be charged with theft – being sorry for doing it, it being an accident, completely non-intentional, would not make it any less of a crime. If this happens in this world, forgetful folks walking distractedly out of WalMart without paying for that milk being charged with a crime and being found guilty – how the HELL can we forgive the act of forgetting a child in a hot car to essentially cook from the inside out, dying in horrific pain and fear as a simple accident that should not carry any legal ramifications.

A carton of milk worth more than the life of a child. This is what we have come to.

Chase Harrison

Chase Harrison


~ by LTWH on July 31, 2014.


  1. This really makes me mad that parents can forget they even have a child and leave them to die an awful death cooking from the inside out. I am a mother of a 10 month old and not for 1 second do I forget I have a child! When I’m at the traffic lights waiting to go I always look in the back seat to see if my son is ok. When he falls asleep in his car seat I still know he is there because I check on him to make sure he is ok!
    If you are this distracted with other things in life I don’t think you deserve to be a parent as you simply don’t seem to have time for your child. I know this man didn’t do this on purpose, however he is still responsible and should have to pay for his actions. To me this is child abuse as simply forgetting is not an excuse to leave your child to die a horrible death.

    I live in Australia and at the moment it’s summer and it has been quite hot with days reaching 35c +. About a week and a half ago a little boy named Noah Krespanis who was 22 months old was left in a car for over 9 hours while his mother went to work. Now it was 36c this day so you can only imagine how hot it would have been in the car.
    Now this is where I do get angry and upset, the mother and a friend are involved in this case, however police haven’t been able to determine what has happened as the mother and friend won’t talk to police to say who was meant to drop him off at day care! One of these women has forgotten this little angel and he has now paid the price with his young life. What sickens me the most is people in our community say we can’t blame anyone and it’s a terrible accident!

    Accident or not someone has to be held responsible for this little boys death and even though it wasn’t intentional they need to start talking and give police the answers to what happened so this beautiful little soul can be laid to rest. I as a mother still don’t understand how on earth you forget about your child or if your a friend who is meant to drop him off how do you forget to do this?????? I think laws need to change as I would get more time in prison for stealing a car than I would for taking a life, intentional or not. I think society needs to change and laws need to be harsher to send a message that’s it’s not ok to say you simply forgot!

    I do hope this little boy is at peace now and he is somewhere beautiful.

    • I don’t know where you got your information from concerning the tragic passing of little Noah. Please wait until the police report is tabled before passing judgment on this case. The mother has spoken to the police. I am personally very close to this tragedy.

    • Let’s hope the naive author of this article never experiences any kind of tragedy brought upon him, by himself. I sure hope you’ve never talked on your cell phone or texted while driving, as we know those activities frequently cause accidents which frequently cost lives. How high you sit on your throne of judgment and pride, saying YOU would never make such a foolish mistake. YOU would never forget anything. Ever. How easy it is to place judgment on a situation that you obviously know nothing about. Poorly written article by an even poorer person.

      • Hilarious. I’ve never talked on my cell phone nor texted while driving. But doubtless YOU do – as if it’s some kind of ‘accident’ when it happens, right? NOBODY ‘forgets’ their child is in the back of their car. Your laughable ad hominem attacks prove nothing. Miles Harrison is just another example of one of the many evil psychopaths who get away with murdering their own children in the most vile way imaginable.
        NONE of these cases are ‘accidents’, and the more times idiots like YOU repeat this lie, the more children will be killed in this manner by their ‘parents’, because they know they can say “it was an accident”, and some idiot will actually believe them! “I forgot” they whine, and cretins like you believe them!

    • Tanya,
      “If you are this distracted with other things in life I don’t think you deserve to be a parent…”. Wow. Pure genius as no quality parent has ever been distracted with ‘other things’ in life. Seriously? If you’re never distracted by other things in your life then I’d say it’s safe to say that you don’t cook, you don’t clean, you don’t serve others, you don’t talk or text while the kids are awake… Ever. You get a gold star for the most judgmental and ridiculous comment ever written on this subject. Go attempt to cook a meal, clean the house, do some laundry, deliver a meal to someone in need… In other words, go attempt to be ‘distracted in life’ and then come back and make a comment that holds worth. It’s usually those who sit in judgement who think the least of their own self worth.

  2. In response to mandysmcguire: It doesn’t matter. We’re not just talking a couple of hours here. We’re talking NINE. No good parent – regardless of how busy their lives are – could forget about their own two-year-old child sitting in the back of the car for nine hours. Don’t try and pass this off as akin to leaving your child in front of the TV for thirty minutes while you do the laundry. Considering the fact that the child was probably crying in agony at this heat, what were the onlookers doing? Ignoring him? That says something about our society, and people like you who can justify that.

    • There was no justification in regards to this tragedy. It is and always will be just that, a horrible tragedy. This could happen to any parent who is stressed, distracted, or going through life changes. To those who say “oh i would never let that happen”, are just as niave as this post. We are only human and our memory is not perfect. Do you not think this man lives in constant distraught due to his negligence? I could never imagined losing my child, but I will not sit on a pedestal. This same tragedy has happened to a soldier, case worker, rocket scientist, and many different types of people from many different backgrounds. We do not deserve the right to judge with our heads held high. Instead maybe we could find a way to help prevent these horrible events from happening.

      • And I would absolutely, 100% agree with you, if it hadn’t been for the sheer length of time that that poor child had sat in the car. It was indeed such an absolute tragedy, and I can’t fathom the extent to which these parents must have suffered as a result, nor would they ever have wanted it to come to this, but I just don’t understand how the stakeholders could not have done more.

        Firstly, I certainly cannot understand why no single passer by could not have taken a minute out of their hectic lives to step in and rescue this boy from the car. I don’t know exactly where the car had been parked, but if it was outside this extremely busy office then somebody surely must have heard his screams as they walked past the car? Why did he have to suffer in the first place?

        Secondly, why had the day care company not rung the parents to question where the child was, who happened to be in their care on a regular basis? I don’t know much about American legislation, but I know that that day care centre had a duty of care to that child, and from what I know, it seems like they had failed in that duty. If all else fails, they should be brought to justice over their failure to know exactly which child should be in their care, and when.

        The fact that this child was a Russian orphan just makes the whole so-called Dima Yakolev Law even more disgraceful. To use these people – who had tried to give a home to a child most likely let down by Russian people – as a pawn in the East-West political game sickens me. I feel for all of the loving American parents who are no longer able to do the right thing like these parents tried to do.

        Miles Harrison will have to live with this for the rest of his life. The guilt and the pain. What is undoubtable is that he loved the child, and his loss is unimaginable. In the heat of a busy life, I get that things happen. Of course they do. No parent is a ‘super parent’ so I undoubtably accept that this was a terrible mistake. But surely dropping off at day care is a regular routine? How did he not see or hear that poor child as he travelled to work in the car, and even as he got out of the car? I just don’t understand it.

        What disgusts me the most is that the American justice system has not done more to hold the day care company to account as to why they did not follow their duty of care to this child.

    • What you don’t understand is that he didn’t forget – he believed he’d already taken the child to the daycare. It’s fairly common for our brain to fail whenever we face a new routine.
      If I believe I took my child to the daycare, I don’t worry while I’m at work. It’s not like he knew the kid was in the car for 9 hours.
      It’s a terrific accident, no doubt about it. That’s why I believe we should educate everyone, specially the ones who think this wouldn’t happen to them (I was one of these people until I met the website!!), because the kids here are priority.

  3. I feel terrible for this family. I cannot fathom the pain, guilt, and grief that Miles Harrison has to live with every day. I hope that the author never has to deal with this kind of tragedy and then have it put up for public opinion.

    • You don’t have to worry about the “pain, guilt and grief that Miles Harrison has to live with every day”, because he feels NOTHING, because he deliberately MURDERED Dmitry. NOBODY ‘forgets’ they have their child in the back of the car. There just happen to be quite a few ‘parents’ who are evil enough to roast their own children to death, because they don’t want them.
      The problem is that too many people want to deny reality, because you want to convince yourself that your parents loved you, when they probably didn’t. You want to make out that all parents are ‘wonderful’ and ‘kind’, even though clearly they are not. Miles Harrison is clearly an evil psychopath – why isn’t there ONE video of him actually crying tears?

      • This is really upsetting to read. I had a horrible grandmother and fairly bad mother. I’m not a believer that everyone who has children is a nice parent. But I read enough stories of this happening to good parents, and because I’m a good parent I’m taking every security step they tell us to take so this never happens to me.
        And yes, some of these cases do happen to awful parents. But not most.

  4. Everyone who is commenting, and the author of the above post needs to read the following article:

  5. I don’t believe you are right. If the store stopped you and you explained, chances are you wouldn’t be charged with theft at all. Intent does sometimes matter when it comes to committing a crime. A good article I read on this topic stated prosecutors, when decided whether to try these parents are not, need to consider whether justice is being served, or punishment.

  6. People grieve in different ways, any grief counselor will tell you that! There are plenty of accounts and pictures of this father crying. But, what if their Weren’t? What if the grief and guilt so totally overcame him that he became nearly catatonic. I work in and my education is in psychology, I assure you it’s completely plausible and often the case. It does Not make them “sociopathic” or “murderers”. Do some research. Because if you think these kind of accidents only happen to Other people, not people like You, you’re so sadly mistaken.

    • Yes, some people are psychopaths and can’t grieve – that’s why “people grieve in different ways”. There are plenty of ‘accounts’ of this father crying? Well that settles it then! And you claim plenty of PICTURES? Where are they? There isn’t ONE picture or video of this man actually shedding TEARS – you know – what you normally do when you CRY. This was deliberate MURDER, and many more will follow precisely because of idiots like you and ‘Brien McDonough’ who are propagating the idea that anybody can ‘forget’ their child is in their car. It’s patently nonsense.

  7. “This was deliberate murder.” — And you are a definite jackass. This guy steal your girlfriend in high school or something? Reading the ridiculous, obsessive comments you’ve written here would make me far less likely to place an ounce of trust in you over Miles Harrison. You are borderline a psychotic who is either a very lonely troll or just a plain old asshole. Probably a vile combination of both.

    • What a brilliant, insightful rebuttal. Please explain how you are going to PROVE exactly what he was THINKING, all day long, to justify the idea (which you believe) that he ‘forgot’ his son was in the car. You can’t. And if you can’t recognise an evil psychopath blatantly PRETENDING to cry, there is no hope for you.

  8. Miles Harrison isn’t feeling any ‘grief’ or ‘pain’, because he deliberately murdered that baby in a way that he knew he would get away with, precisely because of the idiots on here who propagate the LIE of ‘forgetting my child was in the back of the car’.

  9. Look at this nonsense from the article: “I have no question as to whether Miles Harrison loved his son, I can say with complete confidence that he loved him, absolutely adored him.” HOW? On what evidence? The fact that there exists NO photos or video of Miles Harrison actually crying TEARS? And you think that a man who can’t produce tears when he ‘cries’ isn’t a sociopath?

    • Because something only happened to you if it was photographed or recorded, right? Oh wait not only that, but also showed to YOU. You do know reality as you see is just that, right? It’s not reality per se. You don’t have enough info on this case to be its judge.

      On another note, I’m SO glad so many people in the comments understands this as it is.

      • In other words, you can’t produce ANY videos or even still photographs of Miles Harrison actually producing TEARS. Why is that? Why does he have his entire arm over his face in the sixth photo down? That’s how somebody who hasn’t cried since they were brutalised as a toddler THINKS people cry.
        NOBODY ‘forgets’ their child is in the back seat of their car, nobody. They are ALL murders, and it’s precisely because this meme of “I forgot” has been allowed to take hold (thanks to all the idiots on here, and the author of this article) that hundreds more innocent children will be roasted to death in their parents’ cars – as all the parents know they can just PRETEND to be grief stricken and use the magic words “I forgot”.
        Most people don’t believe them.
        So please direct me to any videos or photographs of Miles Harrison with actual TEARS on his face – shouldn’t be remotely hard to do, should it? Seeing as he isn’t a psychopath, according to you, and is grief stricken at the loss of ‘his’ son. Oh wait – Dmitry wasn’t his son, was he – which is one of the reasons you should suspect Miles Harrison of murder. Step fathers are far more likely to kill their children than natural fathers.

  10. I don’t think this has anything to do with you being able to forgive or not. This case specifically is certainly nothing about you.
    Yes, I know that a kid died in a horrific way but instead of just blaming the parents, go to and educate yourself and learn that our brain works in a way that habit is strongly remembered by it, not new routines.
    It is because people think this will never happen to them that they don’t take simple precautions and this end up happening to many loving parents. About 95% of theses cases did NOT happen to awful parents, but to caring and devoted ones. It doesn’t matter if the person is rich, poor, educated, etc. It has happened to all sorts of people.
    What I’m trying to say here, don’t get me wrong, is not that you shouldn’t feel how you feel about these cases, but that in order to prevent more of these to happen, we need to know the truth and the truth is that this could happen to anyone in a new routine. So preventing, with certain steps, and educating people, is much better to the kids’ safety than parent blaming.
    Also I’m sorry but a carton of milk doesn’t bring you any grieving or feelings of guilty. It is already hard to lose a child, imagine having to deal with the fact and guilt that you lost because of an error of your memory – that has nothing to do with how much you love that kid – and on top of it all, having to deal with being prosecuted when there was obviously no intention of killing said child. I don’t agree that cartons of milk are more important than children’s lives because I think your analysis was too shalow.
    Anyway please just go to the website I mentioned and read and see for yourself what this is truly about.
    God bless us all.

    • It’s because of idiots like you, who believe the obvious LIES of the parents who murder their children via this method, that it will continue year upon year. How can a “caring and devoted” parent leave their child to roast to death in a car? “It has happened to all sorts of people”. Yes – all of them evil, calculating monsters.
      “the truth is that this could happen to anyone in a new routine”. This is complete and utter rubbish, and YOU are directly responsible for yet more children being killed in this way, by spreading this bullshit.
      None of these parents have to “deal with the fact and guilt that you lost because of an error of your memory”, because they ALL planned to kill their children.
      “that has nothing to do with how much you love that kid”, no, of course not. We believe you.

    • By the way, your website is a series of apologies for murderers. Some of the most evil murderers to have ever walked the Earth.
      ALL of these cases rest on you believe what a murderer says, when they claim “I forgot”, and yet all of these cases state “so and so forgot” as if that is in any way a verifiable fact. It is obviously NOT. It can never, ever be proved to be true, in any way, because all we have is the word of an accused murderer. Of course they are going to say “I forgot”, so what? Does that mean it’s true? Yet read all the news reports of parents leaving their children in hot cars to die in agony, sorry – from ‘hyperthermia’, and you will see the same assumption repeated over and over and over again: “So and so forgot that little Jordan was in the back seat of their car”. There is NO evidence in any of these cases that anybody “forgot” anything.


    Tells us all we need to know about this case. I would love to see any video of Miles Harrison’s alleged ‘collapses’ and ‘heart attack’, all acted out, no doubt. I would love to see video of him immediately after he murdered Dmitry, for the week afterwards, to see how ‘upset’ he was about it. No such video exists, because he wasn’t upset, he was just waiting to go through the court case and get acquitted.

  12. This boy is not their son. This is Dima Yakovlev. Dima Yakovlev was born in Russia. Miles Harrison adopted this boy and forgot in a hot car. The Russians adopted a law banning adoption for Americans. They called this law: Dima Yakovlev’s law “In honor of this boy who died in a hot car.Why are the Russians so cruel to Miles Harrison? Because Russian Jews took 2 boys from a Russian grandmother and sold them to Israel and the US Jews sold the Russians boys (brothers) to other Jews in Israel and in the US One of these boys died in the US in a hot car, the American press felt the American adoptive parent, but did not produce words of sympathy for the Russian child and his Russian grandmother. The Russian boy had a very good native grandmother and grandfather, they did not say anything about the grief of these people in the US Dima did not give their homeland! They did not consent to his visit to the US It was a Jewish commercial transaction. They sold 2 Russian brothers and spat at everything Russian laws. “So now the Russians wanted to spit on the tears of this Harrison, they wanted to spit on his tears just as he did not care about the tears of the relatives of this boy.
    Would not the Russian grandmother be able to raise her own grandchildren? She brings up 2 girls and GLORY TO GOD these girls (granddaughters) are alive and HAPPY!
    Maybe Harrison did not know that Dima has good relatives in Russia. But the Jews who sold this boy knew this well.

  13. Why did this so-called father forget the Russian boy in the car? Because this family did not like this child. They adopted him and almost immediately sent to a kindergarten. This family had 2 nannies for this child. The mother (the adopter) does not work but does not want to take care of this child. Why did she adopt this child if the nanny took care of this child? Why did this family adopt this child if the dirty laundry (he did not forget to put dirty laundry in the laundry) and the work was more important for this adopter than the life of this child? Harrison fainted? Heart attack ? It would be better if he broke his legs and could not come to Russia to adopt this boy. Then this boy would still be alive as his sisters are alive and happy.

  14. Seryozha and Dima Yakovlevs. Both brothers were sold to Jewish families in Israel and United States. Dima (the younger brother) was killed in a hot car in US. This is not the first death of a child in United States.
    The Russians were angry because most Russian children died in Jewish families in the United States. Jews most of all shouted that the Russians do not know how to raise children. Jews very much shouted that the Russians supposedly are all alcoholics who are unworthy to raise children. But it was in the Jewish families that most of the adopted Russian children in United States died.
    Russia deprived all private adoption agencies of accreditation. Then Russia completely forbade Americans to adopt Russian children. In Russia, too, there can be a tragedy … But in Russia the killers will surely be punished. In the US, it became possible t o kill Russian children with impunity. Therefore, Russia stopped this disgrace.

  15. In addition, the citizens of Israel received permission to adopt Seryozha Yakovlev (brother of Dima Yakovlev) when Dima died in the United States. Even the death of a Russian child did not stop scoundrels wishing to receive money from the sale of a Russian child. Only the ban on all adoptions for US citizens could stop these people from stopping the sale of Russian children. Only the prohibition of international adoptions could give an opportunity for blood relatives to take the child from an orphanage. Wealth is not a guarantee of happiness. The rich American adopter is no better than the blood relatives of Russia. This должны was to be understood by Russian Jews who for a long time sold Russian children from low-income Russian families.

  16. In addition, these same Jews (Russian and American) intensely disseminated myths about the total inadequacy and inferiority of Russian orphans. They had a great desire to reduce the price of Russian children, as the sales level in the last 10 years fell sharply. Russia systematically tightened the rules of adoption. Foreign adoptive parents had to come to Russia several times. The price of adoption was the highest for Russian children. This incredibly irritated these slavers. Tightening of rules, high prices, bureaucracy and paperwork did not allow raising the level of sales of Russian children. Jewish businessmen fought like a fish about the ice and tried to convince the Russians that these children are a useless burden for Russia. As a result, the irritation of the Russians reached a peak. The Russians frankly did not believe in the good intentions of American adoptive parents. There can not be a scandal and a kind person pouring mud at poor unfortunate children. Very badly smelled of American charity. If Russian orphans are so bad …. then why is Russian adoption so popular in the world? More popular is only cheap Chinese adoption. The Russians suspected a dirty trick and began to monitor the fate of Russian children in the United States. Control over the families of adoptive parents where Russian children lived was almost completely absent in the United States. In addition, Americans perceived Russian children as inadequate non-humans who needed re-education . In addition, the rights of these children were systematically violated in the United States. This disgrace had to be stopped urgently.

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