Aidyn Michael Pine

Aidyn Michael Pine

On August 26, 2014, two year old Aidyn Michael Pine was brought to the Flambeau Medical Center by his mother’s boyfriend, Duane Thomas Amos.  Less than 24 hours later – Aidyn was pronounced deceased.

Duane Thomas Amos

Duane Thomas Amos

On that fateful night, Aidyn’s Mom, Crystal Nordby, put her healthy little boy to bed at 10:15 PM before she left for work, leaving Amos to babysit Aidyn.  After that time, up until Aidyn was brought to the hospital, Amos was the only one with the little boy.  Amos claimed that Aidyn had fallen out of bed, his clothing getting caught up in the bed.  For some reason, Amos felt the need to text Nordby about the fall and she asked him to lie with Aidyn, so Amos brought Aidyn to sleep with him on the recliner for the rest of the night.  The bed, by the way, was measured to be 13 INCHES off the carpeted floor.  A 13 inch fall onto carpet.  Last I checked, that wouldn’t even be bump worthy.  He said that when he woke up the next morning, Aidyn fell off his lap and onto the floor.  Amos then said Aidyn was wheezing and “didn’t look right”, so he took the little boy to the hospital.

Aidyn Michael Pine and Crystal Nordby

Aidyn Michael Pine and Crystal Nordby

Amos told medical staff that Aidyn was wheezing, but what Aidyn really was, was in full cardio-respiratory arrest.  The staff quickly started emergency procedures in hopes of saving the little boy.  The team were able to get Aidyn’s heart beating again, but the little man was neurologically unresponsive and required intubation to help him breathe.

Medical personnel very quickly determined that the injuries Aidyn was suffering from, were the direct result of severe child abuse.  Dr. Thomas Prebble, the attending physician when Aidyn was brought in, said the little boy had “signs of multiple trauma visible from across the room” and evidence of major non-accidental trauma.

Aidyn Michael Pine

Aidyn Michael Pine

Aidyn’s injuries were horrific, he had bruising on his face, his left shoulder, the right side of his forehead and bruises on his back that appeared to be finger marks.  Both of Aidyn’s eyes were bruised and swollen shut.  The little man also had bruises on his ears, consistent with being pinched.  Aidyn had bite marks on his tongue which were consistent with being hit severely.  He suffered TEN broken ribs, a collapsed lung, brain swelling, bleeding in the membrane between the brain and skull, bleeding in the retinas of both eyes and progressive herniation of the brain.  The bruising and bleeding, combines with injuries around Aidyn’s neck, indicated that Aidyn had been strangled.  It also indicated that he had been violently shaken, or had suffered non-accidental blunt force trauma, likely he suffered from both.

Aidyn Michael Pine and Mike Pine

Aidyn Michael Pine and Mike Pine

On top of all of Aidyn’s injuries, the medical examiner confirmed that he had previous injuries in healing stages, including a fractured wrist, that showed Aidyn was very likely abused on more than one occasion.

As a result of these injuries, Aidyn’s little body gave out, and this angel gained his wings.

Amos is being held on a first degree intentional homicide charge and has a bond of $200,000.  He has pled not guilty.

As for the rest of the family, Nordby’s father, Mark Nordby, spoke with media and aired his criticisms for social services in their handling of abuse reports regarding Aidyn prior to his death.

Aidyn Michael Pine

Aidyn Michael Pine

From what I have seen, Mark Nordby has every right to be critical, CPS failed yet another child, this child – his grandson.  Mark stated “If they had been doing their jobs, I am pretty sure we wouldn’t be here today.”  Mark also commented on the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office, specifically mentioning Investigator Tony Williams, thanking them for their help and praising the work they have been doing to help bring justice for Aidyn.  Aidyn was a wonderful, bright little boy that loved to play outside and enjoyed country music, especially Garth Brooks.  He brought smiles to everyone around him with ease.  His loss has devastated his family, but they remain grateful for all of the support the community has shown them.

Aidyn Michael Pine

Aidyn Michael Pine

A benefit is being organized in Aidyn’s honor to raise money for the family to use for funeral expenses, medical expenses and a fund to help other child abuse victims in Aidyn’s name.

The benefit, a spaghetti feed, bake sale and raffle draw, will be held on Sunday, November 2, 2014, from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.  It is being held at the AmericInn in Ashland at 3009 Lakeshore Drive in the Long Island and Sand Island Rooms.

Children 4 and under will walk in free, children 5 – 12 are $7 and 12 and above are $10.  Raffle tickets are $5 each, 5 for $20 or 10 for $35.

To make donations, you can follow the link to the GoFundMe page for Aidyn’s Memorial.

Aidyn Michael Pine - Memorial Benefit

I would like to thank LTWH Family member, Brenda Kay Mattson for being Aidyn’s Angel Advocate.  Thank you Brenda for allowing us to meet Aidyn, and the opportunity to fight together to receive justice for Aidyn.

We will keep everyone posted as the case progresses.

Aidyn Michael Pine - H TO H POSTER




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