In all of my years of working with child abuse on a daily basis, I have never been so disgusted.  The abuse this 16 year old girl allegedly faced is beyond horrific.  In fact, it is so horrific, my mind is trying to convince myself it is not true, that it is in fact all wrong.

CCA0163 GraphicRana Cooper of Avella, Pennsylvania, and her husband, Richard Cooper, adopted the teenage girl in 2008 when she was 10 years old.  The couple had six children of their own as well.  The girl allegedly began being abused not long after she was adopted.  If these allegations are true – Cooper is a monster beyond words.  What she did to her adopted daughter is vile, evil and soulless, to say the very least.

Here’s a list of the abuse the girl says to have experienced (some of which Cooper admitted to while talking with police):

  • The girl was forced to eat dirty cat litter.
  • She was forced to eat half a tube of toothpaste and numerous times.
  • Cooper attempted to sew the girl’s mouth shut with a needle and thread. After the first attempt, Cooper threatened her with having her mouth sewn shut and her tongue cut out.
  • The teenager was forced to scrape her finger around the rim of a toilet bowl and “eat what was on her finger”.
  • She sat on the girl until she was unable to breathe on numerous occasions.
  • When Cooper’s husband left the family, she blamed the girl, grabbed her by the neck, twisted her neck, bit her nose until it bled, threw her to the ground and punched her in the face.
  • Cooper also starved the girl. When she was fed, she was forced to shovel the food quickly into her mouth until she vomited, while telling Cooper that she was eating one of her brothers.
  • After the family dogs would repeatedly bite the girl, Cooper refused to take her to the hospital until she “earned points” by cleaning the house. The teenager also had to earn points to use the bathroom.
  • She jammed the teenager’s left ear with Q-Tips until it bled. The girl now claims she cannot her out of her left ear as well as her right ear.
  • Cooper would strike the girl in the face with a belt buckle.
  • She held the girl’s head under cold water.
  • She spit on the girl.
  • Cooper tried to gouge the girl’s eyes out so viciously that she popped blood vessels in her eyeballs.
  • She was forced to stand barefoot in a corner with drywall screws under her feet.
  • The teenager was beaten with a hair brush.
  • Cooper choked the girl to the point of blacking out.

Richard Cooper may not have doled out the abuse, but he is just as guilty as his wife for allowing it to happen.  The teenager told police that Richard witnessed Cooper choking the girl and told her to stop.  When Cooper ignored him, the girl says he ‘proceeded to just stand there and watch’.

Cooper Home

Cooper Home

The abuse continued on for years, and I can’t understand how the hell it took that long for anyone to notice.  (I hate saying this, but again, a part of me hopes that maybe the abuse wasn’t as bad as it is being alleged at this moment, maybe it wasn’t so obvious.)  The abuse was only brought to light this May when child welfare authorities were investigating an alleged assault at the girl’s school.  There isn’t much more information regarding the alleged assault or how it led to this teenage girl, and the agencies are not currently releasing statements regarding the entire situation.

Cooper’s 24 year old son, Ronnie, claims that none of the abuse took place saying “Nothing, none of that happened.  I’m here every day.  None of these are true.  If anyone around here knows any of us, they would know this isn’t true … Everything will come out later.  But like I said, none of this is true.  So once her court date happens, everybody will see what happened.”

Cooper has been charged with reckless endangerment of another person, simple assault and endangering the welfare of children.  An attorney for Cooper was not listed on court paperwork.  Ronnie Cooper, says however, that his mother is not talking on the advice of her attorney.

The teenager is now living with an older brother and another caretaker, after Cooper voluntarily relinquished custody of the girl.  Now, this next point is what is keeping me from all out rage.  According to police, Cooper was “completely cooperative in all aspects of the investigation” and completed a polygraph examination.  This coupled with the fact that she is not currently in custody is what is keeping me from buying a plane ticket and losing my shit in a manner that requires bail money.  Saying that however, remember that Cooper did confess to some of the allegations, so she is still a waste of skin for abusing this girl.

We will definitely be following this case closely, so stay tuned for updates.




~ by LTWH on October 13, 2014.


  1. And this child is adopted? Whomever screened this whackjob and her husband and cleared them needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY! ! Failures in the Family and Children Court System is why so many precious lives have been lost.

  2. Child Protection Services, Victims Services, Police, Judges, Prosecutors, Government, Law makers are all so flipping stupid and awful and BLIND . how do you just ignore all of this its is so great that yall care so much about our children!!! STOP IGNORING THEM THEY ARE WORTH CARING FOR STUPID LAW ENFORCERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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