This case leaves me with a broken heart and a thirst for justice.  It has taken me a while to even post anything about this case because it just hurts me to my core.  I will warn everybody that the pictures and video below are graphic and do show this baby boy after he was beaten.

Dalishia Salter

Dalishia Salter

Daviere Bryant was 11 months old when his mother, Dalishia Salter, severely beat the little man and left him outside on the porch in frigid temperatures next to the trash.  Daviere was found by his father, David Bryant who actually videotaped finding his son.  In the video you can hear him crying in shock and horror as he sees the condition his baby has been left in.  I’ll let you all watch the video before continuing:


Daviere Salter

Daviere Salter

Pretty heart breaking, I know.  So here is where I begin to really lose my shit.  Salter’s lawyer, Blaine Jones, actually made this statement shortly after the beating took place:

“We maintain that nothing has ever been done at the hands of Dalishia, any type of wrong doing to Daviere.  She loves her son, never been in any type of trouble with her son.  She has no adult convictions, nothing like that.  I mean this is an upstanding young woman.”

Dalishia Salter and Blaine Jones

Dalishia Salter and Blaine Jones

I have never wanted to punch someone in the throat so badly.  Jones – tell me this – does her clearly saying in the video after David confronts her – “I don’t care, I’ll kill him” sound like something an upstanding young woman would so callously state??  And how about the explanation of why the baby was found alone, sobbing in pain on the porch??  Do you sleep well at night knowing you defend monsters that attack tiny, innocent and defenceless children??

The video taken does not lie and clearly shows her true colors.  In the video you can hear the exchange between Salter and David.

Daviere Bryant

Daviere Bryant

“Open the door, yo,” Bryant says in the video, audibly weeping as his son begins to cry. “My son, yo. … Open the door, yo, you hurt my son, yo. Open the door, yo.”

Salter, who is the boy’s mother, opens the door, and she and Bryant argue.

“You beat my son like that, yo? You hit my son like that, yo? What the fuck is wrong with you?” he says.

Salter repeatedly tells Bryant to “get out my crib” and says, “I told you to get him.”

David had hidden his phone recording the exchange in Daviere’s car seat.  When David tells Salter she is being recorded she doesn’t care and heads to the bathroom to retrieve her wig from the toilet (What the ……. ???).

David Bryant

David Bryant

Alright, let’s start at the beginning.  On September 13, 2014, David called 911 and police responded to a domestic abuse and possible child abuse report.  When they arrived, they found Daviere laying on the bed bruised and bloody.

Daviere was brought to the hospital where it was determined that not only was the little man suffering massive bruising, two black eyes, cuts under his nose and a tear inside his mouth caused by an object being shoved in with ‘great force’, – he was also suffering from injuries and bruises in various stages of healing, meaning that this perfect little baby was being abused for some time before the final beating.  Salter attempted to first say that these injuries were the result of the little boy falling or bumping into things, which medical professionals quickly stated was not consistent with the severity of the baby’s injuries.

Daivere and David Bryant

Daivere and David Bryant

Daviere was placed in foster care after he was released from the hospital.  (At this point I am not clear on if he remains in foster care or has been returned to his father – if anyone knows, please do share)

Now Daviere’s father, David, actually turned himself in to police after Salter made accusations that he was the one that caused Daviere’s injuries when the doctors and police weren’t buying her story about Daviere’s injuries being from falling and bumping into things.  A judge quickly dropped all charges against David and he was cleared of any wrong doing in the beating of his baby boy.  Jones (I am coming to despise this man) claimed that “David had broken into her home and had assaulted her.  She is a victim of domestic violence and I’m not just saying that, charges were filed against that other young man.  Dalishia was doing everything in her power that evening to not only protect herself, but to protect her son.”  He went on to say “She’s completely heartbroken about everything that has happened.  It’s a very emotionally charged case.  I mean, that’s her child and she loves him dearly.”  Enough to say “I don’t care, I’ll kill him”, oh the love from a parent.


Daviere Bryant

Daviere Bryant

Salter also claimed that David “has been harassing and stalking” her and “threatened to kill me and anyone I was with”.  She attempted to point the finger at David saying that she and Daviere had been asleep in the bed when David shoved his way in, walked into her room and pushed a flat screen TV off the bedroom dresser, which then struck Daviere.  She then said she had placed Daviere in his car seat and left him outside to pack some things to leave.

You see, what really happened was Salter viciously beat her son, and then sent David a text message telling him to come get his son on the back porch, because she had just beat his son and he was outside on the porch bleeding.  In fact – the text message read:

Dalishia Salter

Dalishia Salter

“Beat df out ya son big ass knot bleedn putn him outside u want dat piece of shit take em cuz bet ima kill em bitch!!!!  He will be outside bitch.  On god! Prob die n too idgaf FUCK YOU AND HIM STG BETTER TAKE HIM TO DA.”

Now I want to be clear here, David has a past of charges that are serious, and while I believe he needs to be held accountable for his actions, I also don’t believe that it is a reason to let Salter beat an innocent baby simply because we don’t like his father’s past.  In April of 2013, a judge ordered that David have no contact with Salter for 3 years after he did not appear at a court hearing.  He also had a warrant from March 2014 for trespassing and disorderly conduct charges and another warrant from April 2014 for charges that include sexual assault and burglary.  I don’t have any information regarding these charges, but will do a little more digging to see if I can’t find more information.

Daviere Bryant

Daviere Bryant

Salter has been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, making terroristic threats, endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment and lying to authorities making false reports.

There are so many things about this case that just make me want to hide in bed and cry.  This beautiful little boy was beaten over a long period of time by his useless bitch of a mother.  She seems to lack any ability to be empathetic and just tries to manipulate a system which so far as seen through her flaky claims and arrogant attitude.  I am so thankful that Daviere is now safe, and that by all accounts will not have any lasting physical effects.  But this story is far from over.

Daviere Bryant

Daviere Bryant

At the current time, the DA is considering a plea bargain with Salter which would leave her only being sentenced to 2 years probation – a deal that is more of a slap in the face to Daviere than justice.  With her current charges she is potentially facing 20 years in prison, and she needs to serve those 20 years.  This wasn’t a onetime situation – this is a onetime caught on video situation after the many months of abuse Daviere suffered.  This little man needs us to be his voice.  He needs us to stand up and say we will not accept anything short of justice, nor will we allow his abuser to get off with beating him and leaving him out in the cold.  So it’s time to rally family and take this little man under our wings.  We won’t allow this little man to walk away forgotten and with no justice, he is now one of our own.



~ by LTWH on May 16, 2015.


  1. Like so many others on this site this case enrages me beyond words. Why? Because it adds fuel to the argument “Black mothers are the worst and are always beating, disciplining, and humiliating their children 24/7/365” that my ex used to justify his kidnapping of my child abroad over 15 years ago. As soon as any court, whether in native his countries(dual national) or my own homeland (United States),found out I was a Black woman,any support instantly vanished and my ex was automatically seen as a damn HERO for what did!!! I heard so much about the effects of “bad Black mothering” in court that I stormed out in tears most of the time. My child was not returned and no one ever considered returning her from the get go I am convinced. Instead courts ordered that she remain where she is until her 21st birthday at which point Interpol with release any flags and freezes. I was such a psycho danger to my child let them tell the story that they effectively imprisoned her abroad. Women like this make it so hard for the Black women trying to do right by their child to be taken seriously and viewed favorably. I hope she rots in Jail and burns in Hell!

    • I’m so sorry that your race changed the way you were treated. It’s not much of a consolation, but please know that you are a member of the LTWH Family and we stand by our own. Being black should in no lead to the assumption that you are a bad mother – in this family you are one of us, and all we care about is the fact to you so passionately pursue our cause. We are always here for you 🙂

    • La nena està bé, gràcies per preguntar. Ella està viva i pròspera, feliç i saludable, que viuen a Amèrica Llatina des de l’any 2000. El seu aniversari número 21 és el mes que ve, però ella no està interessat en tornar als Estats Units i mai va ser segrestat pel seu pare. No hi havia ordres judicials en el lloc a l’abril de 2000 per evitar que el nen de sortir dels Estats Units i volar a la seguretat d’haver crescut en un ambient saludable, amorosa i estable d’Amèrica Llatina. El pare podria proporcionar una llar estable i enriquidor, però la mare no estava interessat en la salut emocional del nen i no proporciona molta estabilitat. El pare va prendre al nen a Amèrica Llatina a les peticions urgents de l’àvia materna de rescatar el nen de la mare. L’Ambaixada dels Estats Units ha conegut des el 17 d’abril de 2000 el parador exacte d’aquest nen. La nena va ser SEMPRE va permetre veure i tenir contacte amb la seva mare, però era normalment molt angoixada i es va negar a veure la seva mare. Tractat de l’Haia va rebutjar la restitució del menor als Estats Units en els anys 2002 i 2004, i després els passaports de l’infant van ser desactivats per evitar una repatriació forçosa. No hi va haver mai cap segrest per part del pare. Comprendre?

      • What language is this????? I thought was an English lingua franca American/Canadian site!

      • It’s Catalan and I can translate it if anyone is interested.

      • Alright,Anonymous ,see the below for English….

        “The (female)child is doing just fine,thanks for asking. She is alive and thriving, happy and in good health, living in Latin America since 2000. Her 21st anniversary (same as birthday) is next month,but she is not interested in a return to the United States and was not kidnapped by her father. In April 2000, there were no court orders being enforced, which stated the child could not depart from the United States to go to Latin America to grow up in a healthy stable environment. The father could provide a nurturing and stable home,but the mother was not concerned about the child’s emotional health and did not provide stability. The father was directly petitioned by the child’s maternal grandmother through letters and phone calls complaining about the child’s mother and encouraged to take the child away, so he took action and brought the child to Latin America. The United States Embassy has known the precise whereabouts of this child since April 17,2000. The child was ALWAYS allowed to have contact and see her mother, but often rejected contact or refused to see her mother,displaying very agitated and distressed behavior. The Hague Convention denied the child’s return to the United States in the years 2002 and 2004,afterwards the child’s passports were deactivated to prevent a forced extrajudicial repatriation. There was never any kidnapping by the child’s father. Understand? “

      • Yes,Sersha,you are correct….there is much safety to grow up in the healthy and stable environment and to be as a happy and contented little child in a genuinely loving family where is looked after by REAL ADULTS that behave responsibly, are in tune with the needs, and maintain the childhood innocence previously torn away by others who were not for the wellbeing of the child. This is regardless of race matters as any race of woman is capable to be a very excellent mother(is not like the father does not already know the race of the mother before the child is created!) regardless of stereotypes. It is when any race of woman becomes feared and harmful to the child,yet refuses to allow the child to know happiness elsewhere, drastic actions are taken. In that circumstance there is not any crime.

      • The language is catalan. And this comment has ZERO to do with what the story is about. Wth?

    • @Sersha,a translation would be nice, honey.

  2. It looks like the plea deal didn’t happen, from what I can see from these web docket sheets. I was disgusted to realize that this case was local to me and quickly looked it up online to see if this disgusting woman had been sentenced yet. A jury trial is scheduled for 8/11/15. I hope she gets maximum time. I’ll try to leave a link to her public court docket sheet if anyone is interested. It will be updated as the case moves along. I pray for justice for that poor baby boy. I can’t stop hearing that awful keening cry in my head. If I saw this woman on the street, I would end up in jail myself, and kudos to the father for not beating the CRAP out of that poor excuse for a human. I don’t know how he kept it together but I’m glad he did.

    • She has Court tomorrow and is being offered a plea deal No Jail Time I wish I was in PA to stand up for this little Baby Daviere and Demand Justice

  3. It’s not a race thing it’s an EPIDEMIC…..of sorry worthless people mating and the children suffer from it…..you see it in all races not just blacks……there’s no excuse clinics give out condoms and birth control basically for free……our system fails these children by not giving these child killers LIFE OR DEATH penalty…..a life is still a life……not all black mothers are bad I AM A BLACK MOTHER WITH A COLLEGE DEGREE A HUSBAND AND WAS RAISED IN A TWO PARENT HOME……not all of us are worthless………it’s worthless tramps like this horrible excuse of a mother that gives all black women a stigma…..if a white mother kills her child the race is never thrown in A BAD PARENT IS A BAD PARENT NO MATTER THE RACE……it’s time to protest at my state court house to protect these little angels venting about it won’t help………it takes a cause to get an affect………will it change anything maybe not but I’ll feel better knowing I’m doing something…….if I kicked these peoples behinds (I’m being as nice as possible) i’ll get more time than they get for harming and killing a child………AND THEY WOULD DESERVE IT…….

  4. Absolutely disgusting story. I hope the little boy is placed into a loving home soon and his mother is buried under the jail. Sickening story.

  5. Think mother should get fixed so she cant have no more kids to collect a welfare check for drugs and put posters of her and what she did to her son all over the town where she is from.

  6. This is one ugly ass kid! Your gushing over some of these little Trolls is revolting. And please stop calling the boys Litte Men. They are a long way from being Men. Perhaps then someone can take you seriously.

    • Bitch… I bet you are uglier!!! Your spirit and soul is ugly to sit up and talk about a child. Sick pervert. You are no better than the sick piece of shit who abused him!!! And he’s adorable!!!!

      • Now that you’ve seen the hideous creature I’m sure you can agree. Mostly, anyway

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      • Again, calling this ugly little Turd Little Man, as if it’s a Midget. Then Perfect Baby, Oh Plz , clearly your idea of perfection differs widely from most of the populace. And the fawning over what’s clearly a mentally challenged man (Turd’s Sperm Donor?)
        Poor thing keeps calling anyone / anything “Yo”

      • LOL Yeah, keep on with that same old refrain. Perhaps one day you’ll realize just repeating something doesn’t make it a fact. This creature should have been put down some time back. Not that it matters what ur opinion of Yours Truly could possibly be, seems you are chomping at the bit to know what my state of mind could be, desperate to believe I must surely be mired in misery. Sorry to burst that delusion but in fact I’m pretty satisfied at the moment. And while nothing’s perfect, I must admit life’s been good to me. Really shouldn’t complain as I’ve had it pretty damned good. Which allows me to clearly state the truth in most matters, such as calling that ugly ass kid “unfortunate” he instead of trying to sound righteous with all that false PC Bullshit. Oh and re: my looks- I must admit The Good Lord Showed Favor there as well. I’m truly Blessed! Now you can kiss my Curvy Ass

    • you disgusting pathetic excuse for a human being, I really hope if you have or ever have a child that this never happens to you. you should really think about what you say before writing it as it just shows whatr kind of person you are A SICK CUNT!!! AND KARMA IS REAL!!! SO YOUR FUCKED NOW !!!!

      • LOL! Now THATS FUNNY! Go find something constructive / worthwhile to do. Like Volenteering at the local Animal Shelter, where the truly deserving are. And hand out Condoms to these low lifes in hopes of halting the rampant breeding.


    • U’re a fucking asshole. Just as stupid as the fucking mother.

      • Oh, Fuck You and Your Mother! Now, feel better poor lil Asswipe?? Sorry 😐 you had to get all Butt hurt over a fake incident that doesn’t involve you in any way. I suggest you find another/different cause to get Wacky over. This one just doesn’t seem to be a good fit. Please, Let us help you. You CAN recover from this. All up to You. Now Go Fuck a Duck

  7. So to me it looks like her jury trial is set for November 16, 2015??? I hope she has a great birthday in jail and gets the present of her life!!! A lil jail house justice….

  8. I want this bitch of. Monster in prison… She deserves prison time and beaten to the pulp!!! I hate people like her. How could you abuse a child? She is sick and deserves to rot in prison. God bless little Deviere Bryant!!!

  9. some one please update, where is the child now? is he in good care?

  10. Found this FB page yesterday which provides updates on this case:


    Since the incident, Daviere has been in foster care with his siblings (Salter has 3 kids in total, 2 with David including Daviere). He is reportedly being loved and well taken care of by this foster family.
    Salter’s trial is set to being Tuesday, December 15, 2015 in Pittsburgh. All court info is posted on the page encouraging supporters to attend the hearing(s).

    As far as the father, David, he is no longer being supported by this page. Apparently he went back to Salter some time last year, despite of everything that has happened. The page also reports that he failed to follow up with Child Protective Services and follow the necessary procedure to help Daviere in this case. He is also serving some time in jail for unrelated charges (I believe 11-23 months). Not sure on whether he will be subpoenaed to testify in the case, although Daviere’s supporters fear he might now want to defend Salter. Terrible.

    Salter currently receives supervised CPS visits with all her children and I believe David receives the same visit in jail, once a month.

    After the trial, the page will establish a foundation in Daviere’s name to assist with other abused children. You can find all this and more information at the link I provided.

    • That’s one Ugly Ass Kid

      Sent from my iPhone


    • Really one Ugly Ass Kid, this one. No reason to kick his ass but doesn’t exactly stir up loving feelings either. And that “Dad” kept talking to someone/something called “Yo”, just proves that besides ugliness, some Nuttiness runs in the family as well…


      • What a Comedian! Bet you’re munching on a crunchy turd as you struggle to type, struggling through your fake indignity. Personally, I’d keep you around just for comedic value, as it’s doubtful there’s anything more. Now move that Obese Self of yours on towards the kitchen, eat some more & try very hard to stay out of the poor cat’s litter box…

      • I just saw a dog get his ass shaved. OOPS SORRY SCARLETT THAT WAS YOUR MOTHER FACE ☺

      • Wow. You just suck. Maybe YOU should so something “constructive and worthwhile” by taking an English class where you could learn to spell properly, write properly, use correct grammar and maybe even learn the rules about sentence structure. You know; all those things the rest of us learned in elementary school? You emphasize your own ignorance. Shitbag.

  11. Isn’t this the lawyer you are talking about? https://www.facebook.com/blaine.jones.5686/?fref=ts

  12. What a beautiful little boy! Is there an update? I’m actually afraid to ask for fear that it’s not what I hope to hear!

  13. @ scarlet… Do this world a favor. Make it a better place for all of us and find a creative way to kill yourself. Honestly. I already know that you won’t care but I’m going to write it anyway..and when you sit down read it outloud. And then read this again. And again. And again. Kill yourself. You are not loved by anyone. Im sure your mother and father considered killing themselves after they gave birth to you. Thats why you’re speaking about this little boy the way you are. Since you are not loved by anyone. Not even liked. Kill yourself. Don’t worry you’ll go straight to hell. No God would waste there time giving you the luxury of a judgement day. You are worthless, useless, I wouldn’t spit your way. Imagine if something terrible happened to you. Hypothetically a rape…you are such a piece of shit scumbag can you imagine people crossing the street to avoid it and not helping you because you are scarlet. And guess what no one cares about you. I mean after all you a worthless piece of shit walking the planet and everyone is trying to figure out why…so reread this. And reread it. I could care less about everyone on this blog. This message is for you. Please. Burn in hell. Forever. You must already know that you are going to hell. Why prolong the inevitable??? Its not like anyone will care. Its not like you will be missed.

    • How sad, poor ole liar. So that’s what it’s been like for you? Well, it’s been said you get the life you’ve earned. So I don’t suppose there’s much anyone can do for you by now. However if this little hissy fit rant of yours helps you, then please bring it on
      It’s been quite amusing for us, yet I do feel almost guilty at having a few chuckles at your expense.
      Almost… But please understand that there’s no malice here, no one is trying to hurt you. So help me help you.

  14. This b#$&! Makes me crazy!!!! How could you do such a thing you nasty stupid uneducated worthless ugly nappy ass hood rat………how could you!!!!! This precious baby…..and u fucked him up!!!! Wow u strong u bad u can whoop some ass …..eh? Really ? ON A FUCKING 11 MONTH OLD CHILD ????? YOU COWARD YOU BITCH YOU FUCKIN WASTE !!! I HATE YOU!!!! I HATE YOU FOR THIS CHILD!!! !

  15. Daviere has been adopted I’ve read and I believe he belongs with the father. The father loves him and should be worked with. The mom wouldn’t give him his boy but she didn’t want him. Now they’ve probably separated him from his brothers and sisters. I heard he had siblings

    • Wow,nvm just read the updates the father spazzed out. I hope the best for little Daviere and his new family. I myself hated the foster system

  16. UPDATE: as of November 30th 2016 his mother was convicted and sentenced to 7.5 – 15 years in prison and isn’t eligible for any early release until she’s served at least her 7.5 years.

  17. Why hasn’t admin on this site removed the disgraceful posts above. This is no place for that sort of behaviour. People need to stop responding to these trolls.

    • Yes, Why haven’t they, indeed…Why, it’s just Disgraceful the things these common people say.
      Something must be done and done NOW!

  18. Poor kid probably has a better chance now.

  19. I read from a news article that’s the dad plead guilty to domestic violence and endangering the child which sounds like he didn’t have proper representation because idk who wouldn’t hit the person that beat their child, clearly temporary insanity, be glad she survived. But he lost custody as well and all the kids ended up in foster care 😢

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