Christopher Raymundo Martinez

Christopher Raymundo Martinez

A family member brought this case to my attention the other day and the more I read, the sicker I felt.  Although it’s hard to do, I know this LTWH family will not look the other way and I know that together we can advocate for him and demand justice.

Crime Scene - Christopher Raymundo Martinez

Crime Scene – Christopher Raymundo Martinez

Christopher Raymundo Martinez was a beautiful 6 year old boy living in Chihuahua, Mexico, when he was kidnapped and brutally attacked.  A group of monsters lured Christopher away from his home by inviting him to collect firewood at a waste ground near his home.  When they reached the waste grounds, they tied Christopher to a tree and began beating him with a thorn covered stick.  They stoned him, strangled him with a bar and then stabbed him in the 27 times in the back.  They also removed his eyes.

Christopher’s attackers were an 11 year old boy, two 13 year old girls and two 15 year old boys.

After they murdered Christopher, they threw him in a shallow grave face down, and covered him with leaves and a dead animal.

When Christopher was reported missing by his family – the little boys’ killers actually participated in the search for the little boy. SICK SICK SICK

Now Christopher’s Mom, Tania, clearly belongs in the LTWH family.  She has clearly stated “What I want is justice.  If justice isn’t done, we’ll make sure it’s done with our own hands.  I, as a mom, demand justice.  How are they going to set these children free?  They haven’t done these horrible things to a dog, they’ve done them to a child!”

Christopher’s body was only discovered after the mother of one of the 15 year old boys called police to tell them her son had taken part in a murder.

Christopher Raymundo Martinez

Christopher Raymundo Martinez

So this is where the excuses follow – and this one is actually a first for me.  Christopher’s killers stated that they were simply a “game of kidnap”.  State Prosecutor Serge Almaraz stated “While they were playing, one of the 15 year old boys suggested to the others that they should kill Christopher.  It wasn’t planned.  It was the condition of the game they played.”

SOAP BOX TIME – A game of kidnap and murder?????  Seriously????  A game?  Children do not play games of kidnap and murder.  They do play some made up strange games, and I know this well.  My 8 year old is the master of creating intricate games with too many details for me to even hope of remembering.  The latest game involves an army of skeleton bad guys that he can fight as either the chocolate ice cream man, the vanilla ice cream man, the strawberry ice cream man, and the bubble ice cream man.   They each have their own weapons and the one he was using while trying to explain the game to me was the bubble ice cream man – this dude had an advantage because he turned my son’s play pistol into a double barrel pistol that only takes one shot to kill a skeleton.  And that barely scratches the details of the game.  Children DO NOT play games of kidnap and murder, ‘playing a game’ – is NEVER an excuse.

The two 15 year old boys are facing criminal charges.  The 13 year old girls and 11 year old boy were handed over to the juvenile authorities as they are too young to be tried under local laws.  A spokesman for the prosecution service said “Because they are minors and very young, they have very specific rights which are stipulated by law.  All five children will undergo psychological and sociological studies to determine their family environments.”

As far as I am concerned there will never be enough justice in this world for what was done to Christopher, and these ‘children’ are old enough to know better, you don’t HARM OR MURDER ANYONE OR ANYTHING!!!!  This isn’t a foreign concept, this isn’t difficult.  If you maliciously take the life of another human being, especially one so young and innocent, you have given up your right to life.

This is far from over and we will be following up with the story as it develops.

A special thank you to TS Islas for advocating for Christopher.  You are an angel!

Christopher Raymundo Martinez Heaven and Home




~ by LTWH on May 21, 2015.


  1. This has to be one of the most evil things I have ever read. For kids or young adults to participate in something as callous as killing an innocent child and in one of the most horrific ways just begs belief. My son is one and when I tell him not to do something he will look at me and give me a cheeky smile so I know he knows that he understands! So if your 11, 13 and 15 you know what your doing and you know right from wrong!

    I think these kids don’t have a soul and are sociopaths that can’t participate in society anymore as I think they should lose that right after what they have done. I don’t believe in rehabilitation and think they should be tried as adults and sentenced that way. If they go into juvenile detention they will be out by the time they are 18 to go and do this to another innocent child again. I say they should burn in hell and be punished the same way that they hurt this little angel.

    They deliberately lured him away with the intent of doing this and they knew what they were doing. Some may not agree with me and think they can be rehabilitated but in reality I don’t think monsters can be anything but and really do we want these people walking among us with the knowledge that next time it could be your child?

    I say bring back hangings on the courtroom lawn and teach these offenders a lesson and those that may be thinking of doing something as evil as this. My heart goes out to the family and hope that Christopher is in a better place now.

    • I agree – my boys are almost 12, 10 and almost 9 and there is no way in hell that they would ever hurt another child!! I have cousins that are 15 and 13 and they sure as hell would never harm another human being either! My kids aren’t perfect (well to me they are!), they do some dumbass shit and telling them not to do something twice happens, a lot. HOWEVER, they understand the ramnifications of ALL thier actions and they never think of hurting someone. This is just one of the worst things I have seen in the 10 years I have been doing this work, Christopher deserves justice!

  2. Children are the products of their parents (or primary guardian, as the case may be). To commit murder at those ages (especially the younger ones)… who’s to say those children couldn’t have appeared on your list of abused kids before this happened?

    No one comes out of the womb evil. “Evil” isn’t even a real thing, it’s just a word we use to describe instances of negativity that we cannot understand logically.

    I have no doubt that at least one of the abused kids featured on this website will grow up to abuse others. That is how this kind of thing happens. Human minds don’t come out-of-the-box ready, we come out as base hardware and need to be programmed. Childhood is when our brains are programming themselves for the world (in fact, if babies don’t learn a form of language, the brain fails to program itself properly at all) and what they learn in those formative years is how their brain interacts with everything for the rest of their lives.

    Those kids don’t need prison, they need therapy. No one was ever cured of antisocial behavior by locking them in a box and telling them to think really hard about what they’ve done until they apologize and promise not to do it again. It’s asinine that in this day and age we actually still use this failed-from-the-start system to deal with people who commit crime.
    People do what they do for a reason, even if others might not understand or agree with that reason, and only when we bother to learn and understand the reason will we have a chance to stop the behavior.

    If society wants to end crime, as opposed to just satiating our personal need for revenge, we need to finally start fixing the problem at the SOURCE, instead of just hoping to scare people out of doing it with negative consequences that they can just rationalize risking.

    • Are you really for real? Maybe if this was YOUR son who was tormented and murdered you would have a different attitude. Stop blaming the parents because good religious people have had children who has murdered. Oh sure lets give them therapy so some wack job doctor can say that they are cured and can be placed back into society. I’m sorry but its people like you that is the downfall of American justice. Why don’t you look into the eyes of that mother and tell her that her sons murderers need therapy not prison. And STOP with the child abuse bull crap because those kids are just pure evil. Do you know if any of them was abused? No? Stop looking for excuses for those evil kids. Until children are made to be held accountable for their actions then things like this will continue. How else can you make them understand the punishment if all we do is smack them on the wrist as you have pretty much suggested? It’s a good thing that it wasn’t my child this was done to because every single one of them that committed this crime would also have their families attending their funerals. What they did was horrible & they must pay for their evil actions.

      • I am with you…. They would all be attending funerals…. Their kids are serial killers in the making…. how could they even want them to come back into their homes knowing what they did as a GAME!!!! OMG I just can’t even believe that… If they were here in the USA they wouldn’t get off so easy that is so ridiculous… My heart hurts for his mother I would be inconsolable….. Lord please Protect the children of today’s generation PLEASE LORD THEY ARE SO INNOCENT TO THE EVILS OF THIS WORLD….. 😥

  3. We are all born evil, and it is only through time and practice that we grow into the clean, upright, and decent people that we show ourselves off as; But deep down inside of all our hearts is this same evil, we could all commit these same acts if it weren’t for a learnt disposition.

    These children, whom committed to murder, were obviously left to indulge and wallow in some sort of unrestricted ideas; Such ideas must also have a source, foreign, or domestic, but they must have a source that perverted their judgement to an equal, or greater level than the acts committed.

    This goes for all murders of this sort; It begins with one, or more unrestricted ideas that are left to take refuge in the mind, only to grow over time and eventually become realized through enacting them.

    Oh! that this only was not in any way true! Alas, we are bound by a cursed nature, and therefore must always be ready for such things, that we may not suffer so great a singular grief, but rather share the grief, and seek out to find solutions to the situations, appropriately, as they arise.

    I cannot express well my daily grief as I go out into the world and see this long-suffering people; I keep in mind that, though the world may seem so awful, that it is always becoming a better place to live in.

  4. Disgusting!
    Here in the UK children can be legally responsible at the age of either 8 or 10, can’t remember which one but it’s because they know right from wrong at the certain age.
    This law came about after the Mary Bell case who killed 2 or 3 children as a an abused child herself and the James Bulger murder, which I am sure many people have researched.

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