I have chosen to include these photos for two reasons.  One, because Gracie Mae was ripped away from this world before more than 1 photo could even be taken.  Second, because I truly believe that they show what a beautiful angel she now is.

Gracie Mae Fuller

Gracie Mae Fuller

Kelli Noelle Smith-Durham

Kelli Noelle Smith-Durham

Gracie Mae Fuller was 2 days old when she was killed by her parents, Kelli Noelle Smith-Durham and Shane Ray Fuller.  Toxicology reports showed that Gracie Mae died from a methamphetamine overdose.  The baby girl was born with the methamphetamine in her system and was given a significant amount more after her birth but before her death based on the initial testing of the placenta and Gracie Mae’s blood.  Smith-Durham and Fuller also tested positive for methamphetamine

Shane Ray Fuller

Shane Ray Fuller

Deputies were called to the home after a report was made that an infant had passed.  Gracie was taken to the Pediatric Emergency Room at Greenville Memorial Hospital but it was far too late to save the baby girl’s life.  The mobile home where the family was living was absolutely horrific and filthy.  The home had no power and Smith-Durham and Fuller were using propane heaters to heat the home.

Gracie Mae's Siblings

Gracie Mae’s Siblings

Gracie Mae was not the only child living in the deplorable home, also living there were two little girls and 1 little boy aged 2, 3 and 7.  The children were removed from the home by County DSS and were placed with an alternative care giver.  Warrants also show that within the home they did not have enough supplies for “health and safety of the infant”.

Gracie Mae Fuller

Gracie Mae Fuller

Smith-Durham actually received no prenatal care and gave birth to little Gracie at the home.  Investigators located a pair of bloody scissors on the floor and the placenta in a trash bag.  Gracie’s autopsy also showed that she was born with a serious birth defect, hypoplastic left heart syndrome.  Had Gracie’s heart condition been left untreated in a timely manner, it would have been fatal for the little girl, but played no role in her death from the overdose.

Gracie Mae Fuller

Gracie Mae Fuller

Gracie Mae didn’t have a chance, her very existence was only known as a result of her death.

Smith-Durham has been charged with homicide by child abuse and 4 counts of unlawful conduct towards a child. Fuller has also been charged with 4 counts of unlawful conduct toward a child.

On May 26, 2015, Judge Leila Foster determined that the couples’ charges will be presented to a grand jury after hearing the testimony from two Sheriff’s Office investigators.  The two remain in jail, but we will follow this case as it develops.

Gracie Mae Fuller's Funeral

Gracie Mae Fuller’s Funeral

 I’m angry for Gracie Mae, but I think I am more heart broken that I can’t tell you the type of little girl she was.  She never had a chance to pick her favorite color or favorite food.  She never even had the chance to giggle, and maybe that giggle was too beautiful for our ears, but the world was still robbed of that.  She never spoke, but we did hear her soul.

Gracie Mae Fuller

Gracie Mae Fuller

She never smiled, but we still saw her beauty.  Gracie Mae was with us for a mere 48 hours, but we can say this – that those 48 hours have changed every one of us, because they filled our hearts with Gracie Mae’s story, it filled our hearts with her innocent love, and filled them so fiercely that we will stand at every chance we get to fight for Gracie Mae’s justice.

We will share her story, and we will share those 48 beautiful hours, and while she was not treated with love and care by her parents in those 48 hours, we can seek small comforts that she does have extended family that do love her, that miss her and that need our support and strength to demand justice – a task not much more difficult when the justice is being served on their child, sibling, relative.


11.17.2014 ~ 11.19.2014

Gracie Mae Fuller

Gracie Mae Fuller

I want to thank Shawn-Jessica Davis for advocating for Gracie Mae.  You are a true angel advocate!!



BIRTHDAY 11.17.2014



~ by LTWH on May 28, 2015.


  1. Fucking junkies. They don’t deserve to have kids.

  2. Where was the father of this child during all this

  3. Rest easy, dear soul.

  4. All babies go to heaven, regardless of their parents sins; For these souls are innocent in the eyes of the Lord. They will grow up never knowing this world and it’s evil done to them.

    Rest easy my beloved child.

  5. Who the fk would snap photos of a dead infant with their iphones. Sure, they think it would send a message but it still is way fking disrepectful for the dead, no matter the age.

  6. May you fly high with all of the other angels who have left us too soon, baby Gracie Mae. You will always live on in my heart, and you will never be forgotten. May you rest in God’s Eternal Love, Joy, & Peace. Sending you lots of love & hugs up to Heaven, baby girl!

  7. Why were they even allowed to take the baby home to begin with? I know of a woman who was subject to investigation after someone advised Social Services that she was addicted to very strong psychotropic and narcotics pills as well as alcohol. She was tested before the delivery, the baby was tested at birth, and as soon as the tests came back positive hospital staff did not let her get anywhere the newborn. Normally mothers were expected to keep their babies in portable bassinnetts in their hospital rooms and start looking after the baby themselves immediately, but the only way she could see her baby was through the glass down at the Nursery/NICU. She begged to see and hold her baby girl, but was refused. She went home alone and the baby to a foster mother, who watched her like a hawk doing the limited supervised visitation to insure she did not try to harm the baby or get any bright ideas about running off with her. To even have that small amount of time with her baby she had to pass weekly drug tests as well as jump through all sorts of other humiliating hoops. I don’t understand how this couple was allowed to just waltz on out of the hospital with their meth addicted baby.

  8. Anony, Gracie Mae wasn’t born in a hospital. More than likely, her “mother” never sought pre-natal care of any kind, fearing that the baby would be taken from her right at birth, like what happened to your friend, or she feared she would be jailed.

    • Do I even want to know how the Hell these two junkies managed to deliver a baby in that filthy hovel that they called a home?! I am surprised that the sorry excuse for a Mama didn’t need medical treatment herself after giving birth in such repulsive conditions! This should have never been allowed to happen. Why is it that Child Protective Services NEVER seems to investigate the people that are total wrecks 100% unfit until AFTER a child is seriously injured or killed?! Before little Gracie Mae was ever conceived there were 3 very young children including a baby who lived in these horrifically unsanitary and neglectful circumstances, but there is not any mention of CPS knocking on the door to find out why the mother couldn’t get off of her lazy behind and take decent care of the 3 children she laid down to create with a string of bums. In my experience it is always that way. CPS harassing decent and hardworking parents while completely ignoring the junkies and welfare queens!

  9. Truly heart breaking, for someone who has lost a child in pregnancy due to a life saving operation as I have, I would of done anything I could to protect this little girl and protect her from the cold hard world.
    Crying reading these but they have to be seen.

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