Missing Child Email Hoax

Over the past year you may have received a false missing child report about Ashley Flores. Usually a helpless family member is pleading for your help to find the missing 13 year old girl.

The message will also include a photo of the victim which tempts you to hastily forward the message to others without verifying whether the case is true. Despite our hopes of a quick child recovery, the email lacks vital and imperative information concerning missing children.

Such vital information consists of; Date of birth, Ethnicity, Height, Weight, Hair color, Eye color, Law enforcement contact information, Place last seen, and Clothing description.

The Ashley Flores internet hoax is not unique. The email joins a list of other false emails such as Penny Brown, Christopher Mineo, Evan Trembley, and Kelsey Jones.

Sometimes a missing person’s message will contain the words “Amber Alert”. To be considered for an AMBER Alert the case must fit into specific criteria.
1. There is reasonable belief by law enforcement that an abduction has occurred.
2. The abduction is of a child aged 17 years or younger.
3. The law-enforcement agency believes that the child is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death.
4. There is enough descriptive information about the victim and the abduction for law enforcement to believe that the public will be able to assist in the recovery of the child.

Ashley Flores’ email is not an AMBER Alert. As a resource, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) contains an archive of all the open and closed missing children’s cases in America.

If you receive a missing child email, please utilize these resources before you forward it:
• Visit the city’s local news channel sites to find a report or an article
• Google the child’s name or visit http://www.snopes.com
• Visit AmberAlert.com
• Visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

If your searches cannot verify the email, it is most likely untrue. Please delete false missing person emails and discourage the sender from forwarding them onto others. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

48 Responses to “FAKE MISSING CHILDREN REPORTS – What You Need To Know”

  1. Muchas Gracias! por la info.

  2. You have a fake missing child report on your website right now. Paul Rogers is not now and has not been “missing” or “abducted” by his mother, Merrie. She has had sole custody of Paul all of his life. Mark Rogers, the father of Paul, is a domestic violence offender and child molester. He has fooled a lot of people on the internet to stalk his victims online. Please verify with NCMEC that Paul Rogers is not a missing child and remove him from your website.

  3. Go to the sources. Mark Rogers has fabricated and written all that. His Facebook pages are not proof of anything.

    • He didn’t fabricate an NCIC entry for his son, since only LE can do that.

      • There is no NCIC entry. There was no crime committed. A mother with sole custody has a legal right to move. You are lying for a child molester.

    • Melanie-how can an accused child molester fabricate an NCIC entry? GET A GRIP. You have lost focus and most likely forgotten your original fight. TAKE UP YOUR OWN LIFE and LET YOUR SISTER live HERS. This is her private issue. Why are you PUBLICLY making your sister look as though she is related to someone who has mental issues? Your rants are ridiculous-your actions are dangerous and you are extremely close to a very sharp edge. And BECAUSE you TAKE UP for YOUR sister? You are bringing her right along with you.

      Get your own life.

  4. Yes there was an NCIC entry. I had him looked up myself, as I don’t put up family abduction cases from the US without them. All of that paperwork is fake? Please provide proof.

  5. What you need to know is that Lighting Their Way Home is a front for pedophiles, and the children are their victims.

    • Is this your way of saying you don’t have any evidence so you’ll just throw out unsupported accusations?

      • Annie,
        Thank you. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do for missing and abducted children. You are a true inspiration. You provide many people with support and understanding that is rare to find these days, and I hope you know what an impact you make daily on many people’s lives.

  6. Nadine, I am very sorry your wonderful page and all the good you do for the Missing is being harassed by this toxic person. Since she could not harm me by spewing her lies to LE and the Courts, she is throwing tantrums and spewing them on the internet now, attacking anyone and everyone who will not agree to give her, her way. There are 2 Restraining Orders against her, one protecting me, and a new one Protecting Paulie. These can be verified by any Law Enforcement Agency. Paulie has been located and taken from his Abductor. Sadly because of these lies and 3 years of isolation and programming, Paulie was placed in a Foster home until a FOURTH State, Michigan, can unravel the vicious lies of these people. I am nearby now to help. If I had fabricated anything or done any of what she says, I would be in jail. Paulie’s Abductor has been let off the hook due to election season Politics in Orlando. Perhaps that will change now. Thank you Annie for sharing the facts in this case. Everything posted by us on Paulie’s Missing pages regarding Paulie is Factual, Public record, and can be verified by Law Enforcement. “Fake” cases do not get picked up by NCMEC and placed on the FBI administered NCIC. This Stalker and Harasser simply spreads poisonous lies trying to get people to believe them. She is Toxic and Harmful to Paulie and the informed Courts agree, that is why she is legally restrained from any contact with him. She is no “Aunt” and had no part in his life until this crisis began 3 years ago, and she is the principal cause of most of what he has been through. Her passion in life is simply to menace people with her vile delusions. As you are aware, these people, on your pages using fake names, tried to falsely claim Paulie was in Miami when LE and CPS have determined Paulie was in Colorado, after also being dragged though Florida, Michigan, Arkansas and back to Michigan under a fake name “Luke Jackson”. This is as much as I need to say, as I believe her vile nature and propensity to attack anyone who won’t buy into her garbage speaks for itself. Nadine, God Bless you, your pages and all who assist you, for Lightingtheirwayhome. Help is coming Paulie, hang in there, we’re “One Day Closer son : ) Sincerely, Paulie’s dad, Mark

    PS – pursuant to Court Orders Affirmed by the 5th District Court of Appeals in Florida, with the Florida Supreme Court refusing to overturn them, I have current sole legal rights to Child Custody of Paul, and his Abductor’s contact rights have been suspended. The Certified Court Orders can be viewed on Paulie’s Missing pages, posted due to this malicious Stalkers lies, that she posts using more than a dozen fake accounts and aliases on Facebook, including “male”, where she lurks in the shadows harassing Paule’s page, me, and anyone she can get a Facebook or regular Email address for. Law Enforcement and NCMEC are fed up with her, and Karma will catch up with her.

  7. You do not provide a way here to attach documents. Mark Rogers is a pathological liar. There has never been any warrant for Merrie, and she has never been found in contempt of any court order. This is only a custody fight waged by a child molester who has never had custody of Paul. Contact the Florida State Attorney, where Mark tried to get them to issue a warrant for the felony of interference with custody based on his ex parte invalid custody reversal based only on his lies.

  8. Dear Nadine,

    This is not a “Custody Fight”, Paul’s mother has had her contact with Paul suspended by the Florida Courts due to her Misconduct. ( Link here ) Affirmed by the Appeals Courts of Florida.
    The Orlando Police sent a Felony Arresting Affidavit to the State Attorney’s office in Orlando
    ( Link here ) This can be verified with the Orlando Police Department. The only liar is Melanie Welch, who is harassing both me, and your website with her slander and libel. The truth is easily verifiable with Police, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I encourage you at your discretion to delete and further false and vile postings by her. She fears the truth and the Courts, and they will deal with her, that is why she is throwing tantrums here.

    Thank you, and again, I am sorry you have had to deal with her and her malicious attacks.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Rogers

    • The Link to the Orlando Police Felony Arresting Affidavit is here

      • Do you see what a liar Mark Rogers is? He is trying to fool you into thinking that an arresting affidavit, based only on his lies, means anything. The affidavit was rejected: no warrant has ever been issued. He also tried to get the family court to issue a warrant for Paul as a missing minor, and that was also denied. His custody reversal/child pick-up order is not valid because it was issued ex parte with no notice to the custodial mother. No one will enforce it. The appellate courts just refused to deal with it because it is invalid on its face with no notice at an ex parte hearing with no notice to the custodial parent or her attorney. Look at the UCCJEA and PKPA: no custody order issued without notice ex parte is valid under any federal or state law in any state. You are going to be sued if you do not stop exploiting Paul on your website.

  9. This is retarded nonsense Nadine, per the Courts, the Abductor was properly noticed and her Attorney was present on 11/1/11. The 11/1/11 Order is Valid and the Orlando Court’s decisions were AFFIRMED ( Upheld ) by the Appeals Court. On 3/30/12 the Appeals Court DENIED a Motion to Quash it. See official link here THEY lost in Court but she thinks she is a Supreme Court Judge calling everything she disagrees with “illegal”. This is not her Courtroom, this is not a Courtroom at all. Let her sue, we will win damages for slander and libel and malicious frivolous prosecution. She is a delusional liar. I’m not going to waste my time on her baloney postings here further. She will be dealt with in a Court of Law, where they already know what a Stalking toxic menace she is. Once again, sorry you have now become her target also.

  10. Do you see? Look at the amended order dated 11/1/11. It says right on it that is was issued with no notice to the custodial mother. It is also invalid because it was issued without any jurisdiction to do so: you cannot amend an order that is already pending appeal, as it was. Mark Rogers is a pathological liar. He has been diagnosed as a sociopath. He concocted all this internet exploitation of Paul to make people feel sorry for him and get people to send him money. He is an expert conman who has been conning people for many years. He is 49 years old. He changed his last name from “Oger” to “Rogers” as an adult after he left the US Navy under dishonorable circumstances and so that his criminal records as a minor would not be seen in background checks. He may not fear a lawsuit since he hides his money to evade paying the over $30,000 in back child support he owes, but you are the one who is going to be sued: Lighting Their Way Home and those who run it. Paul has always been “home” with his mother. He has not lived with Mark since he was a baby and the courts took away all of Mark’s contact with Paul because he injured him, causing a black eye on a baby, in one of his violent rages. Mark Rogers is the stalker, using the internet to stalk his victims. He is obsessed with getting possession of Paul to shut him up about the sexual, physical and emotional abuse he has committed against Paul. It is a well known tactic of the fathers rights for pedophiles movement to make fraudulent “missing” reports to stalk their victims.

  11. Mark Rogers is a computer tech who fabricates and alters documents on computers to fool people. So, if the copy of the custody order does not state that it was issued without notice to the custodial mother, he has edited it to fit his lies. I can send you the authentic copy.

    • An ex parte order does not have to notify either parent. Its per the judges decision. Your a liar. Stop with all your lies ms welch. May god have mercy on your soul!!

  12. Nadine, notice her backtracking already, caught in her own lie? If I fabricated anything, the Appeals Courts would not uphold it, and I would be in jail for criminal conduct for the things she accuses me of. She is playing games thinking she can both tie me up and provoke me. Neither will work, she has tried for three years and shown her own true colors. She is an obsessed delusion with a superiority complex thinking she can tell Senior and Appellate Judges what to do. You have no fears, but I would recommend you contact the Orlando Police Department, the Fremont California Police Department, the Charlevoix Co MI Sheriff’s office, and the Ann Arbor MI Police department to report her harassment, which is NOT protected speech under the 5th Amendment, she is under multiple Restraining Orders. She can write whatever babble she wants now, she’s already incriminated herself. Violating a Restraining Order as she is doing is Felony Aggravated Stalking, and she has just arrogantly and negligently provided even more evidence.

  13. There is no court order preventing me from exercising my First Amendment rights to correct the lies you have posted on your website about members of my family. Mark Rogers keeps trying to shut me up, just like he wants to shut Paul up. No court has upheld Mark’s ex parte orders without notice to Paul’s mother who has had sole custody of Paul his entire life. She allowed Mark visitation with supervision until she learned that Mark had been molesting and physically abusing Paul during his 6 week abduction of Paul in 2009. (Mark has never had any visitation rights due to his domestic violence including against Paul.) You are supporting a child molester and batterer, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  14. Melanie,

    I have read every comment you have posted and have had enough of the lies, harrassment and slander you have been so quick to put forth. On my site I do NOT allow comments attacking victims, and Mr. Rogers is a victim in this entire situation. Normally I would just delete all of your comments and block you from thm the site. HOWEVER, due to the circumstances and the further evidence your comments provide to support the entire premis for which your restraining orders have been granted, I am going to leave them up. Having said that, any further comments will be unapproved and forwarded to law enforcemnt as well as Mr. Rogers. I am not in the business to play games with small minded people such as yourself that have no concern for the ONE person this is all about, the ONE person you continually fail to mention, PAUL. I am also not in the business of simply posting random facts which have not been cooberated. If I, for one second, felt that Mr. Rogers may be a danger to Paul in any way, I would be advocating for Paul’s removal from both parents. The picture you are trying to paint of Mr. Rogers is so ridiculous and false that no one will even give you the time of day anymore. I will not allow you to continue to attack a man who is fighting with every ounce of him to keep his son safe and supported, and brought HOME, HOME being with his FATHER.
    Mark, my support for you and Paul remains unwaivering. Despite the accusations people would like to try and throw into the mix, I will not be deterred from continuing to support you and Paulie in a public forum. I have no fear of hollow threats made by a simple minded, angry little person. My thoughts are with you and Paulie every day, and will continue to be. I will make an ammendment to Paul’s page, (sorry it’s taken so long), but I will continue to advocate for Paul to be brought home, as I said above, HOME being with YOU. Paul may no longer be with his abductor, but he is still a victim of her and her ‘family’s’ crimes. Until this is solved and you and Paul have been reunited, I will maintain my commitment to bring awareness to Paul’s case.
    Please feel free to call or email me at any time.

  15. Obviously you do not want to see the truth that proves you have been conned by a master conman. Just send me an email address to use, and I will send you the proof of everything I have written. lightingtheirwayhome@hotmail.com is not a valid email address.

  16. Thank you Nadine, and Annie, for all that you do. Bless you both : ) I can withstand this, for my son’s protection, I can withstand any attack “One Day Closer” : ) Hang on Paulie, dad’s doing every thing he can.

    • One day closer is right!! May god bless you and your little boy 🙂 I’m with team bring paulie home!!

      • Thank you Becky 🙂 we’re praying for a reunion very very soon now. Thank God Paulie is now safe from this toxic deceitful person and her access to him and harm she was doing. She will tell any lie she can to try to trick people into believing her. But her lies are easily disproven. Initially, when Paulie disappeared, there was an Ex Parte Order. Why? The Kidnapper was gone, disappeared with Paulie. But the Law provides for a return hearing and the opportunity for the accused to be heard. The Kidnapper refused to show her face. There was a full, long, evidentiary hearing held on 11/1/11, the Kidnapper was Legally Noticed through her Attorney at the time, who attended the 11/1/11 hearing. Interestingly on 8/4/11, 3 days after Merrie Welch disappeared but BEFORE it was known to anyone else, the same Attorney filed an “Emergency” Motion to withdraw. I objected. He stayed on until mid Dec 2011, when he was finally released. Please anyone who reads this non-sense that this Stalker above has tried to peddle on the public, and insulting LTWH and Nadine and all the good she does, please follow this link to find out the facts and see the actual Court Orders and rulings in my son Paul’s Abduction. Thank you all, and thank you Nadine for all you do. Please everyone keep Paulie in your prayers, his journey home isn’t done yet, he has a long road or healing ahead of him. Sincerely, Paulie’s dad, Mark “One Day Closer” https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=179195552200162&set=a.179188758867508.38371.140494029403648&type=3&theater

  17. Mark Rogers, can you please address your history as a domestic violence offender and your abuse of your older son, Daniel Rogers, from your first marriage that led to you losing custody of him after you beat him so badly that you caused permanent hearing loss and his ER doctor reported your abuse of him to CPS? I have looked all of this information up in public court records in Florida to confirm the facts. Why would your son Paul be safe with you given your history, denial of what you did, and lack of remorse, which indicates you have not been rehabilitated and continue to be a batterer.

  18. “Concerned” MichiSlanderer is no doubt one of the Abductors camp or family. No such
    Information” is available online, because it’s false. I did not every lose custody of my older son, the Court records show that I either had primary, or shared custody until he became an adult, and dragging him into this is despicable. The only “History” is a History of the Abductor attempting over and over, more than half a dozen times, to get Restraining Orders based on lies. Six Judges after hearing those lies in open Court, Adjudicated that there was no “DV”. This is more of the Abductor’s camps smear campaign, and I will not be drawn into the gutter into their nonsense. The Courts have heard all this and the Courts know they are liars and child Abductors. They are simply throwing public temper tantrums because they did not get their way. After being rescued form his Abduction when he was found being forced to live under a fake name ( Like Jackson ) and dragged though at least 4 states, he now returning under Court Order that found that Merrie Ann Welch “Absconded” with him illegally. Stop making excuses and lying and accept accountability for your Misconduct. Child Abduction is Child abuse. Everything that has happened to Paul because of his Abductions has harmed him, and everyone that aided in the Abductions is responsible.

  19. The arrest records of your domestic violence against Daniel Rogers and other incidents of your domestic violence against Merrie Rogers are public record that you cannot erase despite your denials. I have not only carefully reviewed the online Register of Actions that clearly reference the Domestic Violence Injunctions obtained against you, the Guardian Ad Litem appointed by the court, and the pysch evals that were ordered, but I have also viewed the Guardian Ad Litem report in the publicly available court file in Florida, which was written by the attorney who represented Daniel Rogers, which recounts your abuse against your son. Anyone can access these public court records, and I encourage everyone to do just that rather to take what anyone tells you or shows you on faith. The guardian ad litem report also recounts your abuse against your first wife Carmen Oger. They spoke with your son and Daniel’s ER doctor to prepare their report, and also factored in a psychiatric evaluation of you by Dr. Deborah Day that determined you have antisocial personality disorder, more commonly known as being a sociopath. Your disorder, in and of itself, probably is not enough to lose custody since it is a mental illness protected under the law, but your lack of remorse for the abuse you have committed and inability to be rehabilitated was. I personally am concerned about what your denial and lack of remorse continues to do to your son Daniel and your other victims. He knows what happened, as do all the witnesses to your abuse, as did the CPS investigator and the Guardian Ad Litem and the ER doctor and the judge. It is also interesting to note that your second wife has no such similar court history with her first husband. You are the only one with the pattern. Additionally, courts do not order people to attend 52 week batterers programs unless the court finds the person to be a domestic violence batterer. I do not need to debate fact, and all of what I have posted is fact based on public record.

  20. http://myclerk.myorangeclerk.com/CaseDetail.aspx?CaseID=377574

    I carefully reviewed the Register of Actions on the above website, and I obtained a copy for myself of the publicly available Guardian Ad Litem report from this court file.

  21. I do not need to debate your lies. You have no facts, only lies and smear. If you are supposedly being truthful, why hide your real identity? Use your real name, I do. I was never arrested for assaulting my son. You LIE. I always had primary or shared Custody of my elder son Daniel with his mom. You LIE. You have not seen any Parenting Eval that was done re : my son Daniel’s parents, records such as those are sealed. You LIE. ( Unless you are admitting stealing them ). No report ever has labeled me a sociopath or a psychopath. You LIE.That is you. Hiding behind over a dozen fake personalities and aliases of both genders, and spinning your Lies. THAT is pathological behavior. No Court anywhere has ever ordered me to attend any batterer’s or DV program. You LIE. What the online records show, is a repetitive history of Merrie Welch making False Accusations, and numerous Judges in multiple Jurisdictions denying / dismissing them. More of your LIES. Your dragging of 2 people who have nothing to do with Merrie Welch’s crimes, Abduction of Paul and her abuse of him during and through those Abductions, is a demonstration of your lack of boundaries, concern for anyone else’s personal lives or privacy or boundaries. Look that up in the DSM-IV, it fits you perfectly. Your lies and smear tactics are irrelevant and delusional nonsense. They mean absolutely nothing. The Courts have weighed this in and your attempts to interfere and the harmful “advice” you have given Merrie has harmed her, harmed Paul, and harmed her image in front of the Courts. You think you are so intelligent and have helped? No. You have harmed her and your advice and tactics are exactly why she was stripped of any rights to any contact with Paul. Funny you don’t mention that being in the public records. You don’t mention her leaving behind her 2 teenage children when her ex husband filed for divorce, also in the public record. Your attacks on my character and reputation with your twisted lies, show your true colors, and show why Paul was not in a safe environment with his mother, being poisoned with hatred and ugliness, from numerous people he was exposed to. That is what the Court see’s, that is what anyone that matters sees, and that is the truth. I’m not interested in your petty games, they don’t matter. What does matter is YOUR lack of any concern for Paul’s emotions and the damage you, his mom, and the instability and Abductions caused. You are not fooling anyone, it’s very obvious to even the casual observer that you are someone in the immediate center of Paul’s Abductors camp Michislanderer, for one, Florida records are not viewable online. More of your Lies. Your deceit and attacks are a recognizable broken record. A waste of time. Pathetic. You lost so you’re throwing childish tantrums like a bitter child on a playground that lost a game and can’t stand it. Well this is not a game to me, this is my son’s life that you have played a big hand in destroying the last 3 years. My focus is on him, and protecting him from what has been done to him for 3 years, and your smear garbage is insignificant. My Justice for Paul will be decided in a Courtroom, by Judges that have seen your true colors and will look at the Misconduct of Paul’s mother, and the detriment to him that has already been included in Court Orders that have been reviewed and upheld on Appeal and which the Supreme Court of Florida has ruled that they have no reason to disturb. Those are the facts. Your tantrums do not matter a bit. You just keep making yourself look worse and worse over and over in front of everyone that matters, while I prove myself to be calm, reasonable, and not let you provoke me, over and over. In truth, what I feel for you is that I feel sorry for you. It must be very hard and unhappy being you, and obsessing daily over something which you can not control, and being so desperate as to troll websites under fake names spreading slander. So, I will pray for you, that one day you may have freedom and recovery from your delusions and obsessions.

    • Kudos to you for ensuring your son is safe. Her whole family sounds like they were spawned in a Froot Loop factory.

  22. The Guardian Ad Litem report of Daniel Rogers in Florida is public record. Please exercise your rights and get a copy for yourself like I did. There is no disputing the facts once you have read it.

  23. Where exactly did you acquire the ideas to compose
    You Need To Know Lighting Their Way Home”? I appreciate
    it -Wolfgang

  24. Thanks a lot for posting “FAKE MISSING CHILDREN REPORTS – What You Need To Know
    Lighting Their Way Home”. I personallymay absolutely be
    back for far more browsing and commenting here in the
    near future. Thanks a lot, Erwin

  25. The children Alexander Reyes case is a fake, because his father known very well where is the child now, and Spy the children Family in Buenos 365 days the whole year and also pay the police from there to spy the children, this man have to be in jail, he wants take away the children from his mother, to get money from Family and Children and accused mother baby kidnapping and all he said is false, he use false documentation from a friend who is notary public to make all this mess, somebody must have to stop this criminal, he have more children take away from his mothers to get money from government. and also he married with Argentinian lawyer who is his partner now to make this crime. How he got new pictures from the children? because he know where is the children. He trying to stolen from his mother many times in Argentina. He have Chilean Passport, USA, and Argentinian passport and taking money from many organization to have a good life, no because he wants the child, because for him, his own children is to make money, have children to make business, such a evil man.

  26. There was once a few years ago a site dedicated to exposing alleged fraud and justifying the disappearance of children who had a US Citizen parent called Fake NCMEC EU,but it erogenously did more harm than good. Unfortunately my younger sibling and self appeared on it due to a dispute, between our parents(mother a US Citizen&father a Russian Citizen) and paternal grandparents with whom we lived, that was by then 13 years ongoing. Plastered for the world to were our exact whereabouts as well as court documents and intimate details pertaining to the legal battle that had spanned 5 countries. Not once did the site administrator,E.Lazaridis,ask any of the involved parties for permission to share this sensitive information. I would much prefer, bad as I hate being talked about online by anyone,to be on a site like yours than on Mr. Lazaridis’ expose.

    • 5 countries?! Is that even possible?

      • Yes it is possible.
        Country 1:country of involved children’s births and initial residence of parents.
        Country 2: country of father’s birth and citizenship which he has passed on to his children and enters using issued passports in order to hand over the children to grandparents. Later also a safe haven for children and grandparents fleeing vigilante extra judicial actions.
        Country 3: country of residence of grandparents,father’s childhood home,and children’s agreed upon residence for the time being (no time limit specified). Later sues father for maintenance on behalf of the children and claims exclusive jurisdiction.
        Country 4: country of mother’s birth and citizenship,that intervenes upon explicit request based on outright lies, but has never issued the children any identifying documents such as passports.
        Country 5: 2nd residence of parents after economic issues for a flight from country 1 as well as the target country that parents want children ordered to.

  27. https://lightingtheirwayhome.wordpress.com/fake-missing-children-reports-what-you-need-to-know/kayleighskyezopfi

  28. 12 year old Alexandra Taranto was abducted from her front lawn last seen with two other young girls please keep an eye out for her! Stay inside until further notice!

  29. Hi,Although I don’t know about case mentioned above,(best wishes for real missing and in danger kids!)
    NCMEC doesn’t have all open missing child case.
    For some reason,NCMEC erases cases when they cannot contact family members.
    Also,there are lots of cases which didn’t made it to NCMEC.(You can find those cases at “For the lost”)

    Now you have namus and it’s definitely reliable source.

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