How You Can Light A Child’s Way Home

Here at Lighting Their Way Home, our primary campaign is our ‘Lights For …’ campaign.  Every time a child goes missing, we ask that everyone leave their porch light on or a light a candle in their window from 7:30PM to midnight each night until the child is found to help light that child’s way home.  Our goal of this campaign is to raise awareness in missing children cases.  All to often children are taken from the ones that love them and never heard of again.  As time passes, more and more people tend to forget about these children, yet their families live the same nightmare everyday not knowing where their child is or what has happened to them.  We do not want a single child to be forgotten.  We want people to see our lights on and candles burning and remember that somewhere out there, there is a child that needs us to help bring them home in any way we can.  We are often asked how we expect turning a light on or lighting a candle will bring a child home.  We don’t think these actions in and of themselve will find these children.  We do however want people to think of these matters every tme they see our lights and candles, and then turn on their lights and light their candles.  We want to reach as many people as we can and say, let’s stick together to protect our children.  All it takes is one person to see a porch light, become familiar with a case and happen to have the resources to physically help locate the missing child in some form.  All it takes is enough people to join our campaign, before the world will sit up and take notice.  One voice may go unheard – but many voices rarely do.  The more we demand that society pays attention to the plight of our children, the more we remind our friends, neighbours and colleagues that this is a cause worth fighting for, the more important this will become.  We want to raise awareness of these cases.

So please, the next time you hear about a child that has been stolen from their home and loved ones, don’t just shake your head and say that’s terrible, go home at night and light a candle, leave your porch light on…

Help Light Their Way Home

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