Judge Julie Genovese

Judge Julie Genovese

Mike Vega’s petition calling to Impeach Judge Julie Genovese has opened the can of worms on this Judge, bringing to light the NUMEROUS cases in which she has allowed child abusers to walk away with little to no punishment, and it is shocking.  I am including the link to Mike’s petition below, and I strongly urge each of you to sign it and pass it on.  Mike is fighting to protect more children from never obtaining justice on account of this woman who has been assigned more power than she clearly deserves.  I am sure once you read about her history that you will completely agree with Mike and I, and become as passionate as we are about stopping this woman before another child is brutally victimized, with their attackers allowed to walk free.

So we all know how Genovese sentenced Chad Chritton, Melinda Drabek-Chritton and Joshua Chritton to 5 years each for TORTURING, STARVING, RAPING, AND HORRIFICALLY BEATING a young lady, (their daughter, stepdaughter and stepsister respectively), who was held captive in their basement for SIX YEARS.  For those of you not familiar, disgusted and completely outraged with this case, here is the link to the full story.

All of you were completely shocked, and most very verbal about how the sentences were received – and it mimicked exactly how Mike and I felt.  It is completely shameful, insulting and DANGEROUS.  Knowing about this case is hard enough alone to process, but now let’s add another case to Genovese’s line of criminals set free to victimize children again and again.

James Letcher

James Letcher

James Letcher Sr. is the 24 year old monster that saw fit to beat his 6 week old son causing the baby to suffer a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain, 8 rib fractures and develop seizures.  Letcher, a heroin addict, told detectives that he was watching television and working around the house when he became angry that his son was crying, and reacted by picking the baby up “the wrong way”.

Letcher, who has about the same amount of humanity as Genovese, stated “I know what I did to my son was horrible, and I know there is no excuse for what I did.”  As he addressed Genovese at his sentencing, he then went on to claim that the ‘incident’ made him focus on becoming a better person, a better parent and to remain drug free, “I really do think that, as odd as it sounds, this incident has saved my life, and that I wouldn’t be where I am unless it had happened.”  WOW – JUST WOW.  There is nothing I can say to this, this is just the epitome of a narcissistic mind set and Genovese has done nothing but encourage child abusers and rapists by not holding them responsible.  I don’t know how this woman can sleep at night.  WHAT ABOUT THE VICTIM???  WHAT ABOUT THE 6 WEEK OLD BABY???  Did this ‘incident’ make this baby boy a better person, make his physical trauma a reasonable price to pay???

Apparently Genovese believed it was a reasonable price to pay, as she sentenced Letcher to 2 YEARS in prison for beating and breaking his newborn baby.  That’s right, 2 YEARS.  Now here is where I lost my cool, after sentencing Letcher, Genovese began talking as though she had just sentenced him seriously, as a morally and ethically responsible judge would, which we know she is not.  She stated that the injuries the baby suffered were so severe that she couldn’t put Letcher on probation.  “I just feel like this offense is too serious for me to do probation and no jail,” she self righteously stated. 

You know I have seen a lot in my time, I have spoken to many judges, have read many verdicts, and have watched many monsters sentenced, but this – this is by the far the worst.  What Genovese is doing is creating ramifications for far more children than those whose cases she was directly involved with.  Not only has she allowed child rapists and child abusers to get off with a slap on the wrist and commit the same crimes against new victims repeatedly, but she has also sent a very direct message to other monsters that harm children.  She is telling these people to do whatever they want to a child, because in her court there is no accountability and there is no justice.  She is perpetuating this epidemic, not stopping it and not addressing it with the seriousness which it requires.  Considering that many judges are the last in our lines of defense to stop these abusers, this is not only revolting, it is terrifying.  If those that are tasked with ensuring justice is served are doing anything but just that, what are we left with?  Our children deserve better.

Please sign Mike’s petition and speak out for these children Genovese failed to protect.  They need someone fighting for them, and they need people like Genovese to be called to task.  We as adults with compassion and humanity need to step in, and we need to stop this now.  It should never have gone this far.



  1. She is without a doubt one of the Untouchables, just like judge+ prosecutor in the Indiana case, the “mom” busted for meth lab, THEN, they Take her Other kids?!

  2. Judge Julie Genovese is also a family court judge , Which means she is corrupt , Why ? Child support agency and all of its workers Family court Judges and Commissioners have a Financial stake in what is actually a Franchise , Money for Profit and gain .Dennis D Hoke Jr

  3. The Sheriff’s Department also share stake in the CPS Franchise For Profit , money gain and incentives

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