Thank You To My ‘Gang’ Of Girls!

 Thank You To My ‘Gang’ Of Girls!


I would like to thank all of the ladies who helped to found the organization Lighting Their Way Home. Without you girls, this dream would never have become a reality. Your support and friendship is invaluable to me and I could never say Thank You enough in this lifetime to do how I feel justice. Each and every one of you has contributed so much in your own ways, and it is because of you that we are becoming the success we are today. All to often people will be moved by missing and abused child cases and then never act upon it. You all have made the difference by standing up and saying we will do whatever we can to help bring this children home and bring them justice. You are helping to show every day people that there is something each and everyone of us can do to make a difference. With the support of others – nothing is unreachable.


Thank You Girls! Thank You for being exactly who you are. Thank You for all the LOL’s and LMAO’s! We have hurt together, cried together, but most importantly we have LAUGHED together, and laughed pretty hard at that! Thank You for doing what you do each and every day to show these children that we do care. Your names will go down in history one day as the ‘Gang’ that stood up and said we will take no more. Your children and your children’s children will look upon you with awe and tell everyone they meet that their mommies and grandmas fought to make this world a safer place for them to live in. Stand tall and be proud – You are truly making a difference in these children’s lives.




2 Responses to “Thank You To My ‘Gang’ Of Girls!”

  1. Nadine you are so great!! It has been a pleasure to work on this with you and everyone else. We will all stand proud and tall and we WILL make a difference!!

  2. Thank YOU Nadine!!!!

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