We are always looking for volunteers to

help raise awareness about missing child

 cases and child abuse. If you would like to

 volunteer, please contact us at

lightingtheirwayhome@hotmail.ca for

 more information. There will always be

 something for everyone to do, whether

passing out fliers to bringing attention to

 current petitions.


We truly appreciate your interest in joining

 our organization! THANK YOU!



  1. nice sentiments all around, may they all find their way back to us. The case of Michael D. has stayed with me(i’m 52) as i was a resident of vancouver island for some time. All the best to you, and to what your doing . God speed. sadra charney

  2. I looked for you on facebook. I did not find you there. I would be honored to open and manage a page for the group.

  3. What can I do help?. I’m in Prairieville, Louisiana.

  4. What can I do help?. I’m in SOUTH INDIA

    • The best thing you can do to help is to circulate links to our missing child cases. Information is key. A child can not be found of there is no one looking. Also, being from South India, we do not normally feature a lot of missing child cases from there, so if you have some cases which you would like to help with, please feel free to email me the information and we will post the cases to our site. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.
      Thank you for your interest!

  5. what can I do to help I’m in Ottawa, ontario

    • Hi Stacey!

      Thank you for your interest in helping these angels and welcome to the LTWH family!
      The best way you can help is to share these children’s stories! Using social media to raise awareness and circulate these children’s stories is so very vital in the fight against child abuse. We can’t stop what is happening if we are not even aware of it, so please, share, share, share! You are truly making a huge difference by sharing the stories and essentially recruiting more folks to help end child abuse!

      If you have any questions, would like to do something a little more involved, please feel free to email me anytime at lightingtheirwayhome@hotmail.ca .

      Thank you so much for your support!!

  6. I encourage people with experience in spreading information regarding missing persons cases to look into Toby Ray Coleman, missing from New Caney Texas. Maybe you can help in finding more information, as there is very little currently online.

  7. what can I do to help/volunteer? I’m based in London UK thanks

  8. I would love to help and volunteer in any way!

  9. I would love to help and volunteer in any way!

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